How might cryogenic sleep become a reality?

Long-term hibernate sleep is the reality behind space voyages. It secures the rest of human life and that enables the journey for farther distance deeper into the universe possible. It is also known as cryogenic sleep which is there in science fiction but making towards absolute reality is the great leaf towards making possible towards moving towards deeper into space is possible. Nothing is impossible and science proves that one that was the fiction slowly science removes these barriers and makes them a reality.

It is a fact that the human body is not suitable for space voyages. While moving through different intercontinental galaxies, our body demands too much of space and maintenance to bear the brunt of changing atmospheric conditions. Our body depends upon oxygen, water and food. That too constant supply of these basic elements of life.

In space, most of these elements are not easily available. Human body always searches for warmth not the cold. In normal space, the element of temperature out there is no congenital to the human body.

The normal temperature in space is beyond minus 270 degree Celsius which is beyond the tolerable temperature of humans. In real space flight, we will be living inside the vacuum and without distractions and mostly without sociable nature due to the presence of the similar number of people during and beyond the space journey. We need to do constant exercise in order to keep a body in kinetic motion.

In the experiment performed on some people when they stay for longer hours inside the vacuum, it showed that after many days’ people who are living inside that vacuum slowly became cramped and lazy and they hardly performed exercise and slowly move to space where they are entering to search for their own privacy. Some people became depressed and unhealthy.

What it conveys is that the passengers moving for a long journey or shorter space journey towards Mars is to stay healthier and do workouts regularly. The two difficult dimension of space flight is confused between cargo and weight of the space shuttle.

Food, water and exercise equipment are heavier and it makes space shuttle heavier and in these circumstances, a bigger space shuttle means the higher amount of fuel and a large amount of fuel means costly and fuel is volatile and it is going to hurt the space shuttle during the journey.

The more weight towards space shuttle means the more and more fuel we need. The old idea of making astronaut sleep or extended sleep leads to solving these puzzles of making the space shuttle lighter. We see many movies where astronauts are going for cryogenic sleep and thus reducing the overall weight of the space shuttle.

Recently we saw in the movie ‘Passengers’ the deeper thinking of how come during the half of the journey some persons got up from deeper sleep or hibernation and how they feel about the rest of the journey very vividly and dramatically featured.

Prior to this movie, there were so many sci-fi movies and television serials where we found the use of extended hibernation or cryogenic sleep for astronauts during space voyages. The entire movement of space shuttle stays in the hands of robots and automated processes.

If extended sleep comes to the reality then for sure the weight of the space shuttle is to be reduced to a considerable extent and then the demand for lesser fuel and so at lesser costs of space journey is to become more and more affordable.

It is about to make people unconscious for weeks at a time and then wakes them in the just state in which they come back to the absolute reality. For this look back to the past as well as the mixture of modern technology in medical science and engineering to make it a reality.

When the crew comes to this state then almost half of the essential system inside space is to be removed and space and its essential equipment is going to be cheaper and the lighter space shuttle is going to see the rise of the sun.

The psychological tendencies of remaining for the farther and longer time inside space shuttle are not going to affect the crew during space voyages. To reach Mars on the first account of the astronauts and the crew is to stay inside the space shuttle for 140 days. In the experiment, it comes that a person is not going to stay inside stasis or closed space shuttle for not more than that of 14 days.

The real solution is extended hibernation while moving to space or Mars was for most of the time crew is going to be in the state of cryogenic hibernation in order to remove the psychological aspect of a space journey.

Some researchers believe that cryogenic hibernation is easier with some common medical phenomena such as ‘therapeutic hypothermia’. In layman terms, it is better known as targeted temperature management.

It is related to the deliberate reduction of core body temperature in the range of 32 degrees to 34 degree Celsius to regain consciousness in the person. It stabilizes the brain and brain need lesser oxygen and stops destructive brain mechanisms and brings back brain to normal condition.

When there is a decrease of temperature or advent of cold we found that the basic functionalities of the brain are reduced to a greater extent, and it is observed that it is lesser than what normal person needs for a healthy life.

Here, each body is considered as that of one of hardware and inside space shuttle who is controlled centrally will provide basic need of personal and nutrient so that crew members find enough water and nutrients to keep their body and mind in sound condition.

Some medical scientists and engineers believe periodic mild electric shock is to be given to these cryogenic sleeping crews to keep their muscle in good shape. Though there is some confusion over these aspects too.

To reduce the process of metabolism the advent of cold therapy is an ancient procedure and it is to be used with these extended hibernating crews. According to some this hibernation, technology is like that of a patient going into anaesthetic for surgery.

Then again when they get up after reaching their destination they will not be as fresh as normal people and they need some time to be refreshed as they are in the state of anaesthetic which means they are deprived of their sleep and they feel the same sleep deprivation. The process of the crew is the need of the hour.

Proper water recovery system makes that not much water is to be taken and the recycle of drinking water from humidity inside space shuttle and urine of crews to reduce overhaul weight of the space shuttle is to be done to make the space shuttle lighter.

On the other hand, medical scientists are contemplating in creating this suspended hibernation state for two days for patients to keep their blood pressure, blood sugar to normal. The test and the process of observation are going on.

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