Mysteries that science has failed to explain

Science performs a study of physical and natural world with consideration from theoretical models of data experimentation and observation. There are many possible instances where we do feel that science failed to explain natural occurrences.

The earth is a special planet of this universe where we do find plenty of existences of life as well as one of the most beautiful atmospheres where there occurred everything and every possible idea that continuously provide awesome ways to see this world.

Most of these physical and universal happenings did have relation to various natural happenings.

The brain is the part of the central nervous system of humans where every decision, storages of memory and execution of ideas comes from it and the command comes from the brain itself. It consists of higher forms of the nervous system all around and constitutes the part of the brain and all remains within the skull of humans.

Brian is the faculties for all reasons and it is responsible for all thoughts and reasoning of life we do face from time to time. It is caused by this complete reasoning capacity we humans are all being exceptions and separate animals.

So far medical physics failed to understand what consists of the brain and what is the structure of atoms that constitute for systematic thinking processes out there.

There has been numerous scientific developments and observations but still-to-date we have failed to analyze and understand, the trends of the brain working in simulative manners as we have understood how such and such vast number of atoms within brains works in what so ever was.

There is no doubt as we have now of the better understanding of the how the brain works and how the functions involved with brain runs but still, we have not understood the exact processes and the manners it runs and in order to understand entire processes in complete entirety we should understand basic premises in which it runs.

It is true we have developed deeper understanding of how brain functions but the processes and the entire nerves and its behaviors of brains are so complicated to understand that many times it had been most difficult to synchronize entire process in which it functions and that creates the most difficult understandings of entire set up atmosphere in which it is able to run.

That is why still-to-date we have not been able to understand, the way brain functions and for this, we could not simulate the entire state of events in which entire functionalities of brain runs and that is why it is almost difficult and impossible to construct artificial intelligence system of the brain.

The main difficulty of detecting the running of grain is that how could we analyze the brain with the same brain of ours. Is it possible to understand how the brain runs with the help of the same brain and the nervous system and its configurations of it is so large enough that.

We have yet to understand one percentage of the brain configurations. This goes on to provide the evidence that there had been many such instances of life we still failed to understand and still there are numerous such unsolved mysteries concerning the earth where we still not being able to understand and comprehend fully.

There has been the greatest scientific minds in the world in every age but still-to-date many such instances of unsolved mysteries of the world that remain mysteries for longer times.

Another mysterious phenomenon which had been seen by many and experienced and feared by many is the presence of ball lightning. It occurs mostly during thunderstorms and it lights up the sky even in the darkest days.

There had been many fearful stories associated with it but still-to-date the complete reasoning behind the occurrences has not been disclosed fully. These balls lightening comes over the sky but what it surprises many that this ball-lightening do stand illuminated and pass through metals, concrete and other stronger metals and materials with complete ease.

How come strong sulfur odor comes from these ball lightning and their lifespan is in between one second to one minute.

Experiences have shown the emitting of the stronger odor of sulfur could be found while the ball-lightening process is on and the reason behind this is still not clear and science had not yet found its reason behind this.

How comes such humorous presence of lightning and the power and stronger odor of sulfur comes about with such high intensity within one to 60 seconds had been the most mysterious phenomenon to understand and that makes entire understanding of the processes of ball lightning completely difficult to imagine and comprehend.

Where science has failed?

There had been many attempts to understand the entire processes dealing with this phenomenon that insists on performing such and such state of events but that becomes absolutely difficult to understand but one scientific invention concerning the processes dealing with vaporized silicon hypothesis provides some elements of phenomenon dealing with ball-lightening but that also did not imply immediate effect of understanding the actual process of it.

Another scientific phenomenon which is completely not understandable is the presence of earthquake lights. We do know earthquakes are devastating in nature and it continues to do reap havoc in the areas where it is meant to be.

Many a time we do find that there had been lightning in the sky while the earthquake had been there at the same place.

This is surprising but true as many people think that these were the lights emerging from UFO or other invisible presence but in truth these are the lights that had been emerged due to earthquake and beyond of it science had not been able to understand these phenomena and that was the most surprising aspect of dealing with the lighting system of the sky.

These flashlights could be seen just before the onset of the earthquake and even during an earthquake and these are completely mixture of white and bluish lights in the sky.

These seemed to be the part of flashing lights and it comes with high intensity. Instances had shown its span ranges from one second to ten minutes. Earthquakes and the presence of volcanoes many a time did present the shreds of evidence involving the most possible presence of flashing lights.

There is still a lack of substances which could lead to proper scientific investigations into the phenomenon involving the enigma of the presence of flashlights.

There had been numerous presence of such material elements inside of earth and its atmosphere which continue to provide awesome ways to understand the vivid present nature of the earth and also reminds of our continuous secrecies behind such mysterious and compounding presence of such wonderful state of nature.

It continues to provide the most difficulty understanding complex earth structure is how little we do have knowledge about it and how mysterious the entire universe and its corresponding surroundings is all about.

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