You can keep hackers from getting the upper hand by taking steps to secure your smartphone.

Most careful personal computer (PC) users faced at least one instance of a virus infection. It can be frustrating to be said in the least as it continues to provide more and more elements for virus infection. Due to high-speed internet connectivity and the presence of s compelled the PC users to fall into the trap of hackers.

With due course of time, we have seen a significant increase in the number of mobile users and now we have seen the traces of mobile viruses on many devices. The increase in the use of smartphones there has been a sudden increase in the advent of malware on Android devices.

If we look at the use of smartphones and especially the android devices, we could see that most Android devices as the similar patterns of configuration utilities for carefully creating the entire Android device more secure. Prior to 2004, we have seen that most smartphone devices. Have a far lesser number of users that earlier it is there. With the advent of Android, we have seen a sudden increase of users of Android. That attracts hackers to target Android devices. The Google Play store is the Android ecosystem of applications where we could find all these applications are carefully scanned, sandboxes and, well managed.

There are some of the other android application environment where we do find the presence of malware and Google also warned users about it before installation. Most Android devices have now become almost similar to that of personal computers and for. This it is essential to understand there is hardly the gap between the computer and Android devices nowadays.

A few years back with the advent of the multi-media messaging system we have seen the prevalence of spreading of mobile viruses and with the advent of WhatsApp and another social messaging system we have seen that use of the multimedia messaging system (MMS) has now slowly been gone into complete obscurity.

In the earlier versions of popular mobile operating system, such as Symbian and others mostly deals with the presentation of not touch-enabled mobile devices, we find, that there are many others ways for hacking into devices and particularly the way with which we could find that the emails and the bare basic facebook and other social media networking websites just provide the ample display of pieces of information out there.

Blackberry operating system comes with its own version of email services which became very popular amongst the professionals and that enable it to become popular. It used secular servers to set end to end encryption so as to provide the most enchanted form of the secure messenger.

Then comes the Android Mobile operating system, which became hugely popular due to its wonderful touch-enabled functionalities which continue to provide more and more conveniences for smartphone users. It overpowered the entire market dominance of Symbian devices which are good for button enabled smartphones but not so good for touch-enabled ones.

During the emergences of the Android operating system, the primary focus on it is the usabilities factors associated with touch-enabled devices. During that period Nokia failed to create a better research and development arena and continue to suffer the market as a result of this and android filled its place of most of the market share of touch-enabled android devices.

Slowly, the number of smartphone users increases day by day due to affordable prices involving smartphone devices powered by Android from Google. Then, came the proposition of serious mobile security due to its convenience as well as the performer and the power to enable the refinements of devices which should not cater into and move into the stage where we could reach to such and such situation without any slightest concerns.

Now, your smartphone has become a pocket computer. Do not be panic though one can learn to use and implement smartphone security without any concern through reading such and such article in greater detail.

Most Android devices come with Google play store and it does provide many free antivirus application. Installed it on your device to make it full proof and provide bulletproof security to Android device. Reliance Jio sim users can download its own free antivirus application powered by Norton and most of the other original equipment manufacturers such as Samsung did have its own application environment such as Galaxy App in order to provide another opportunity for users to download free applications. Choose one security application that suit you need to enable it to make it the most vibrant and the security android operating system environment.

Screen lock your smartphone devices such as put a pin or password into it or make it a pattern into it so that when it comes to the hand of unknown users or even the hackers wished to modify it then it cannot be done instantly. The modern smartphone came with many new features such as fingerprint recognition technology, facial-recognition lock, voice lock and so on.

Use Google Chrome for internet browsing, as it could block suspicious websites from loading and getting control over your android devices. Clicking on any of susceptible links could land you into some email frauds or other hackers and for this, it is important the mobile web browser you are using should recognise such and such websites and should stop these websites from loading into your smartphone devices.

While browsing a website even with the computer or with smartphone devices always do remember to download any text document or pdf files from recognised and legitimate sources and downloading from unrecognised sources could land you in trouble as it can download the trojan horses or other illegitimate files that can corrupt entire mobile operating system.

Download applications from Google Play store only and never ever download from any other sources be it should be the form of free applications. Downloading applications from third-party websites could land you in greater trouble.

Most of the times original equipment manufacturers do provide two to three updates and then it does not provide any further updates. There has always was in any way out to install the latest Android operating system updates, but it can break the clinical severity of android devices and these could and you in greater trouble.

Encrypt the file and the entire storage spaces of android devices. In this way, entire android devices became full proof and the data even if hacked into still not being seen and read by others. Generally, full encryption of phone can secure entire data patterns as well as other pieces of information that have been stored inside the phone’s memory cards. It is generally a well-defined practice to avoid connecting to unsecured networks as these could move into deeper into devices to steal every piece of information from your android devices.

If you are using postpaid internet plans then it is a good idea to check monthly billing patterns so that whenever the billing amount is on higher side and any billing coming from the unrecognised devices or applications which you do not have installed on your mobile system then it is for sure that your mobile devices has been hacked and it is time to install operating system with refresh or go to original equipment device showrooms. There is no guarantee as such even if you’re the smartphone is always with you still you cannot be for sure to estimate that it is out of any further signs of viruses or not.

These viruses could land into your phone from unsecured wireless networks or from free applications or any other applications that could pose as the normal valuable applications but still, it could wreak havoc into your devices in so many other forms. It is time to secure your android devices completely so that any signs of hacker lurking into your devices could be completely removed from the stretch. Lock your phone and make it secure always. Change the password of screen lock periodically so that strangers should not guess it right from their mind and that makes the entire device more secure.

Most of the tracker devices of android phones should be activated though it has been the most the battery chunking features but still one can find it the most beneficial to use it as this could ultimately show the exact location of your phones as well as if it is by chance be stolen then tracking the device from the distance could be much easier as well as with the addition of Google Map and other forms of tracking methods we could detect the movement of devices if at all at any point of time the device got stolen but can be located with greater ease.

Update the firmware of android devices whenever there is the notification for updates immediately so that the chances of existences such prevalent viruses could be removed from the original equipment manufacturers without any such difficulties. You could download the updates manually or could set it to install automatically so that your phone could receive the latest updates automatically without any difficulties. Most of the original equipment manufacturers do provide huge conveniences for users to download updates through its compatible version of the desktop so that it can be installed through USB cable systems.

It is generally a good idea to observe and read entire documented formats of any applications before usually installing it as sometimes the application permission can move more into privacy proportions and that is why it is important to observe and manage performances of applications in its correct and entirely clear cut manners.

Avoid leaving your phones in the market or crowded places and even if you leave it without your senses then it is a better idea to always lock it down so that even if hacker getting into it still he could not open it and the location tracking feature of the phone could point out exact locations of devices. Do not download applications from text messages sent into your phone by short messaging services, as these are signs of the presence of malware infected website and you should not do this on the first hand.

Always update most of the high internet usages websites such as Facebook, what app and others so that you could receive the latest updates without any difficulties. This not only secure Android devices but also does provide you with the wide array of the convenience of speed and the faster web accesses. If some of the applications of smartphones have been using heavy battery usually then there are signs of smartphones that could be hacked and it is better to uninstall those applications so that you could save your smartphone from completely draining batteries.

Read more on such articles and search from internet and find out the relevant contents and then read out and implement such advice. Android as being the open source operating system it does provide a huge chunk of openness of the operating system and it is for users to make it secure.

There has historically been the question about antivirus of Android and should we use it or not. Are antiviruses on Android is relevant or not? It has been observed that tapping or touching android devices could land you trouble if you are browsing website out there. It is important to make your phone run smoothly so that any such tapping on these devices could produce more and easier access to the operating system without any difficulties.

Do not enable the installation of applications from unknown sources. Do not allow device administrator status to any unknown applications. Avoid illegitimate applications that have been offered to you from any third party application environments. It is simple. Do not install application other applications stores other than Google Play store.

Most of these applications are pirated applications as most of in application purchase applications are being sold in other third-party application stores by stealing from developers state and present the users with completely free of cost and that too with some trojans or with other forms of viruses. It is important not to install applications on android any store other than Google Play store.

It is generally an arguable discourse of whether to use antivirus applications or not with Android devices, whether these features are worthy of it or not is the value argument which continues till the day and it continues forever whether the installation of applications could possibly make android secure or not. It is up to users to decide whether to use such and such application or not but still, we could find the presence of a large chunk of android efficiencies with the perfection of action-oriented security where with each and every form of the android process one needs to find the most vital aspect of android creativity.

Google also regularly checks out the applications which are full of malware and for this, it has always been the important part of it to understand that it is android that is completely different from other operating systems be it in the form of Windows computers or in the form of other Android operating systems. It is the common sense and out of the box thinking that matters the most. It is simply out here as Google has its own plenty of applications to suit most of the needs of yours and in this manner, most of these tasks and the related applications can be used from Google by downloading from Google Play store.

In this manner, the performance output of your Android device and speed of it can match efficiently it in order to produce the most vibrant and most diligent aspect of the orientation of complete android security. All these performance improvements suggest dynamic attention and well-required education implementation for flawless performance input of your android devices.

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