How to install WordPress using site software?

Last updated on October 10th, 2018 at 11:47 am

WordPress is software designed for everyone. It is open-source. Open-source means it is free forever. It is supported by large passionate communities. Its contributors are around the globe. WordPress started in 2003 with Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg.

It requires:

  • PHP
  • HTTPS (Optional)

WordPress powers 30% of the web. It has developer features such as:

  • Plugin System
  • Theme System
  • Application Framework
  • Custome Content Types

What do you need to build for a self-hosted WordPress site?

You need to have followings for a self-hosted WordPress site:

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Content Delivery network (Optional)
  • Third Party Firewall (Optional)

How to login to hosting?

Ask for your host company to create the ticket to able to host to cPanel directly through internet protocol.

Otherwise, log in to host company website and then each to MANAGE ORDERS and from their choose the hosting part and click on it. It must be written as SINGLE DOMAIN

Then go to SINGLE DOMAIN HOSTING and then click on MANAGED HOSTING. In this way, this is the second way to reach cPanel.

How to install WordPress using site software?

From cPanel you can choose SOFTACULOUS APP INSTALLER and then choose WORDPRESS. Secondly, you always have the option of manual WordPress installation. In this article, we shall learn about how to install WordPress using Site Software.

  • Login to Cpanel with username and password
  • Scroll down to SOFTWARE and then SITE SOFTWARE
  • Click on SITE SOFTWARE
  • Choose default domain as INSTALLATION URL
  • IF you want to have added a subdomain then under ADD A SUBDOMAIN add a name such as a blog.
  • Then your new WordPress site will be
  • Then fill ADMIN USER, here the character should have been minimum of five characters.
  • Then fill ADMIN PASSWORD and here also passwords should be minimum 5 characters and choose a stronger password by comparing it with PASSWORD STRENGTH there.
  • In EMAIL segment fill email. Yours installation information will be delivered to that email.
  • Do carefully keep username and password at a safer place.
  • Only put one email in EMAIL segment.
  • In the field of MYSQL DATABASE, choose to CREATE NEW DATABASE.
  • Then click on INSTALL button to install WORDPRESS within seconds.

In ADDITIONAL INSTALLATION option you do have the option to leave it as there and can edit it when you open WordPress administration, and then reach to the dashboard. Then go to SETTINGS and then GENERAL. From there you can edit SITE TITLE, TAGLINE and many more.

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