Create a Landing Page Without Code Or Plugins

The landing page of a website accumulates each and every link in the single and coherent manner so that, the visitor should find it easy to move to different zones of the website. Generally, a WordPress website can be a single entity or can have

multiple websites accumulate into single zones.

Generally, it is a static page. So, the landing page can be created with the help of page from WordPress dashboard. Make sure to keep landing page as Homepage or simply Home. Make it static page so that it should be easier for search engines to crawl and it increases search engine optimisation of the website.

Site Software of cPanel:

  1. cPanel has site software which helps to make landing page easier. To learn more about how site software work goes here.
  2. Open Site Software
  3. Click on BLOG then on WORDPRESS
  4. To know more about how Site Software works go here.
  5. In the installation URL of site software, put the domain name, like in my case
  6. Then in the subdomain path which is ADD SUBDOMAIN leave it blank.
  7. This means we are installing directly into the domain’s root, by leaving the installation URL that is not adding sub-domain in URL’s path blank.
  8. Then, install WordPress.
  9. Then open WordPress Admin
  10. Put Username and Password
  11. You will find while opening your website the default landing page is Home automatically. if you install WordPress with Site Software of cPanel.
  12. Then go to DASHBOARD then SETTINGS and then READING SETTINGS.
  13. There you will find FRONT PAGE DISPLAY automatically set to a STATIC PAGE as HOME and posts page as BLOG.
  14. Then save it.
  15. Login to cPanel
  16. Then go to SOFTWARE and then SITE SOFTWARE.
  17. In the installation, URL put the domain for example
  18. Then in the Add, a subdomain write the blog. Then fill all the other spaces and install WordPress. In this way, now you have a new WordPress website namely:
  19. In this way write articles on this website that is, for example, and then, copy the short portion of each and every article and paste in the HOME page of the main website that is for example 
  20. In this way, your landing page that is HOME comes when visitor reach
  21. Then, there is the link for each and every article at the HOME page and when visitor click on this link reach to the concerned article posted at for example

You can check this on my website to see this in action. You can go to This is the HOME page and you will find posted articles there. In actual all these articles are posted on this blog. h These are connected with Homepage. When the visitor clicks on any article link then he or she will reach here.

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