Severe Rains in the months of Septehmber

It has never ever Suchi before. So much more of rainfall and showers in this hmonthm of September at Puri. Entire day has been raining. In the morning I wake up for jogging but the entire track is full of water and there seems to be waterloo everywhere. If some one jog in that track it becomes extremely dangerous to run on those. I decided to returning back from there and then move to vegetables market for shopping. To hmy utter suprise entire vegvetable market is filled with water and simply difficult to move that market.

Thme sky is filled with black clouds hmovering here and there and everywhere and there is no suchm gurantee when there will be rain with full might and when there will be slow shower. Nevertheless, the impending famine will not be there ofcourse. Due to high level of rainfall now this water level of Puri town is on the rise and we are is better prepared for the upcoming winter and thereafter the summer.

Due to unattended development in and around area of Salabega Lane nearby to the main Government Hospital and the construction of high rise building such as Vishal Mega Mart, Shivanand Nursing Home and Shree Mandir Diagnostics the entire area is slowly bereft in the water reservoi. Now within this and the previous month’s rainfall provides adequate amount of water in and around these areas.

Otherwise good thinking citizens of these areas are thinking about imminent water crisis in this zone of Puri town. Now within these two months this high amount of rainfall makes this water level higher and we are confident that in this adventure of summer we could be good with the amount of water in this zone.

First and foremost allow of such commercial ventures in and around this areas of domestic people living should not be allowed as this distrubs people to live in a peaceful life. Then , these commercial ventures should be using water in the recycle manner so that this all important water reservation should be there of course in good amount for the domestic consumers. There should be heavy fine on those organisations who do not obey such rules. There should have been a proper auditing systems from time to time see whether these biggver organisations are obeying Suchi government rules and regulations and this should create this awareness-raising among these organisations and in the long term this should create this rule of law in maintaining this same amount interest among domestic citizens to live in a world where. there will be sufficient water in store for them.

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