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In an early morning, where there are hardly the signs of sun, memory comes to mind about the resurgence of the article need to be written for the blog and the hardest thing is to find the topic related to the blog. Running of a seven years old blog is not an easy task at all.

Now, the domain is mine, and within a few months there will be hosting and now it is with Google. After getting the new domain and jumping to an entirely different domain from blog spot arena, the author realizes the sharp drop of visitors which are almost one thousand earlier and now it is 400.

Within a few days, it has been turning more visitors as it is now touching 600 visitors. Slowly, it is getting momentum and acquiring the well-deserved visitors which have been there in the earlier segment just before getting the original domain.

With the domain, one can employ multiple tasks as the most primary factor of it is to register with Google webmaster tools, where there is one option to register your domain with webmaster tools with domain check patterns.

There are many ways to validate webmaster tools and the domain check tool with C name is one such tool and it is always considered as fine when someone uses the domain check tool to validate website.

Why is validation from Google is a necessity? Google is the largest and biggest web since its inception. It has been crawling with various websites relentlessly and most of the times; it needs precise configuration action from webmasters in order to receive information from their website.

It needs to know whether you own this website or not and for this it is of highly essential and important to add validation to your webmaster tools and there are many options out there, one is of HTML option which can only be done if you have to host and if not then you certainly go for domain hosting by ensuring C name records.

It is easy and you have to enter into your domain registrar and their one need to go to the web link of your domain and then enter into DNS management and then you can add C name as it is mentioned inside of your Google webmaster tools.

It is easier to use and one can manage the exact point of actions as one needs to wait for some time in order to get back to the domain setting and for this it is evident from the workings of DNS management as well as other forms of actions when the connection to all these needs to be well taken care of.

There are many ways an account can be connected with webmaster tools. All these are various forms of attractions and actions which need to be well taken care of and putting relevant keywords inside each system needs proper attention as all these can give a perfect boost to your website in the long run.

There are other search engines which are actively involving, in creating and building webmaster tools for bloggers. Bing, Yandex is some fresh example, in which you can go and attend your website status and for this, it is essential to understand more index towards different websites the more visitors will be to your website.

It adds value to your website as well as it gives more functions and indexing to your website and this creates more visible as well as more prominent in webmaster spheres.

All these aspects need to be well taken care of and after that comes the second most prominent part which is the creating of the metadata as it is evident for bloggers that it is always difficult to create meta tags as well as a complete sitemap for bloggers as it is hosted on C name.

It is not a complete hosting and for this one needs to understand in full capacity in order to anticipate how it will work and in which manner the entire functions need to be functional in particular way of ideas.

Do not try to go overboard in attracting visitors. One need to wait and be patient with multiple ideas in order to create plentiful ideas in making it work as a patient should be there as well as the single most point is to write good contents which will attract the visitors to its maximum capacity.

There are numerous works of around on this and how to get the maximum visibility, as well as other aspects of work around with plenty of thoughtful actions, are there so it is not so difficult to find those out of it.

Blogger BlogSpot SEO trick is what you should be searching for and with the correct way of searching one can find the exact detail of what will be the exact search phrase and how to change the basic paragraph tags and other aspects can be known with ease.

All these are better known to plenty of people and one can find these from a decent internet search. Then it needs to see what kind of image the blog need to be taken and for this, I should be advised about the basic theme as with this you can simply change as per your own ideas and ambitions.

In this manner one can find the exact path of ideas and making it more and more prune to search engine optimizations and in this manner the entire path of flow of ideas needs to come to the forefront for a better idea generation and careful crafting of all those ideas can give a perfect sense of themed concept which not only gives your blog a better and gigantic look to see and enjoy.

Blogger has been providing a comprehensive platform with plenty of customization options and this user with a vast knowledge of HTML can employ better techniques to amend it according to the wish to make a web presence more and more beautiful and trustworthy.

It is all about attending to the people’s mind to reach into a flawless sense of vision where the theme of your blog needs to be in perfect shape so that people will be visiting your blog time and again.

With Blogger, post titles can be optimized with some codes and the individual pages will have some page titles at the title bar, and this makes the perfect settings of search engine optimization.

Blog-spot is from Google and if everything comes in right, then there is every possible way you can make it search engine friendly without any such disturbances and in this way the entire path of search engines optimization comes to the forefront.

You should be using a custom domain for BlogSpot, as blog spot is free and many spammers have taken advantage and try to spam the content.

When you use BlogSpot domain, most social media shares which bring most of traffics for you tend to consider it as spamming and try to stop these domains, but when you make it as your custom domain through purchasing domain from registrar, these names will be at the search engine optimization settings as it will not create the false sense of spam otherwise, it can create difficulty for users.

With the custom domain, one can easily share work in dissimilar social media platform without any such fearing of spam activities, and in this way, most efficient visitors come to your blog and this makes meaningful visitors for your website.

With custom domains, you are adding the price to your domain and this makes the sense of seriousness towards blogging and this gives the visitors the most requisite and premium attachment with which the entire path to search engine optimization comes to light.

Custom domain will restore your link juice as you have for the first time must have experienced about, how sudden decrease of yours visitors can lead to a sudden drop of visitors and for this one has to prepare for just the change of custom domain and then with due course of time.

When you will be changing to custom domain to your word press hosting for a full-fledged website management so that adding of ad sense enabled services will be easier for you, as when I have contacted Google about ad-sense which is already there with my YouTube account.

They have advised me to go for custom hosting in order to use ad sense account and also buy sell ads do not accept BlogSpot hosting and for this it is essential for the serious blogger to use and employ hosting in order to find about, the real tricks of word press hosting.

For sure no one will be going to learn you about how to host with Word press as time will let you learn from about it and all these are not astronomical science so that you cannot learn about it at all and for this its essential to acquire sufficient knowledge about it and garner all these in order to find the perfect blend of all that stuff works with Word press.

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