How to stop heart bleed virus of android?

Life has been somewhat misled with all undesired intentions of not writing article for today but somehow the schema of mind is propelling it as if it is one such automatic filter movement and I have to write article for sure as all these schemas of moments passing to me as if some compelling anonymously is stopping me to write for it today. I have chosen not to write an article for today, as I am feeling tired and want to have some sort of rest times, but sadly I have to write one as there is enough time for me to utilize this opportunity to its greatest.

Let us look at how this article works but for sure am not writing this article from the sense of mine, but through the automatic schema of mind which filter the passion to write more and more articles. While sitting alone and watching the sky, I have observed that there are stars all over and from there comes the moon which is brighter and bigger.

I have read moon is the smallest sub-planet still it is showing bigger even as we know the earth is revolving around itself so as the moon and this creates a complete set of the same move where the moon is being seen here at the same side for quite a long time. In the morning at the onset of sun I can watch full moon still there and as if it is comparing its power with almighty sun and try to tell the sun as if comparing my voluminously with you which is nothing but a set of underestimation pragmatic disposition and all these can be removed through the process of theory of learning.

This gives a sense of desperation as it is becoming a very hard time in detecting the actual search results from the stream of information meant for Word press. Similarly, though feeling tired and wants to take a rest but my mind wants me to write something and this allows me to perform the cognitive behavioural therapy in detecting exact writings. In the world of technology where no operating system is full proof and devoid of viruses, recently from reports there are heart bleed viruses for android and it is taking time for android to patch its most popular operating system as most of the devices are custom made by manufacturers and this enables most of the hardware vendors a stiff time to update the operating system. Unlike other operating systems,

Android is based on original equipment manufacturers handle and most of them have made it custom made tweaks in order to make their version of the operating system look nice and good. Now, Google wants them to update it and most hardware vendors take huge time to update each device. They use it on the device to device basis, unlike most operating systems are updated on the basis of online authentication and operation mechanisms.

Android as a mobile operating system becomes hugely popular because it gives free hand to original equipment manufacturers and gives them adequate space and provide them with extra liberty to customize an operating system. Android is built on open source for Linux and for this most original equipment manufacturers have been very much acquainted with it and now with android, they can tweak and add their own application and application store. But then it also removes the predominance of Google from controlling the operating system.

How to stop heart bleed virus of android?

Only Google Nexus smartphones have an unadulterated android operating system which can be updated from Google directly. Otherwise, additional forms of operating systems let us take an example the Sam sung Galaxy android phone cannot be updated directly with Google. Sam sung has to make it custom made the update and then it will slowly send these updates to different geographic areas.

This takes time. Now, with the advent of heart bleeds a virus all over the world with Android, how can these infections are controlled all at once. This is the newest problem which android is facing and still to date many Android devices is infected with this virus all over the world. Android has numerous security features, but due to the policy of Google it has opened many opportunities for users whether to use these features or not. One of the best security features is not to allow installation of the application from third party application stores.

Even I have disabled Sam sung store from my galaxy phone as no one can guarantee whether at someday it can take out viruses and can send it to my phone to be infected directly. It is a good idea to enable a security setting that will not be allowing installation of applications from other sources. Nevertheless, users enable it at some other player stores offer free application which is paid in some other application stores.

Google uses a virtual technology in its application stores and all applications are scanned for various times and also it uses some other typical antivirus methods before sending these applications to your phone. Whereas, third-party application stores are more vulnerable and there is no guarantee of virus released applications. In this way most smart, phones have entered into viruses. It is, therefore, a nice idea to install one third-party antivirus such as Norton in order to have a decent form of security if you are not following the basic principle of agile security.

Our mind is full of continuous thoughts and the flow of thoughts are not limited and for this, it is essential to keep all autonomous thoughts which are core to our cognitive content of mind and delete or filter out all negative thoughts which can make us enable to use and breach security. It is best not to root your phone as Google has always been good at giving smart or little invisible updates which you will not know until the open unique setting of different default applications.

In the morning, while taking a snapshot of the morning sun, and going into the setting of camera application of android jelly bean I have found two different tweaks of setting is there which is not there in earlier days. It surprises me but not fully to me as of a theory of learning I have learned some brilliant aspect of thoughts of mine is to think of thinking which I have currently and make it most out of it. Now, Google is thinking seriously about adding powered by Google at all Android operating system in order to have a complete and through control over all the operating systems irrespective of original equipment manufacturers.

Apple has full control on its operating system so as Microsoft, but now Microsoft is thinking about giving it gratis to low-end smartphones in order to take space of smartphone vacated by Android. Mostly Android is taking the space of middle and high-end smartphones and completely ignoring the space of stylish phones which are below 10,000 rupees. Microsoft should carefully look towards this sort of situation currently being faced by Google as in giving power to the original equipment manufacturer one can have hardly any control of the operating system. Few challenge ahead for Android and for Microsoft in the future.

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