Security Vulnerabilities of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are common. It now completely integrates with laptop, televisions and other smart digital assistants. With the advent of the mobile operating system such as Android, there is every possibility of the creation of mobile computing environments. Most people are used for personal, professional or smart office and home office environments. There has been consciousness to utilize computers. Most of the mobile users do not have such level of knowledge expertise and that proves to be the sole point of prime medium for hacking of mobile devices.

The speed with which the flow of data comes and goes within mobile devices, has been enormous. It has been full of applications and most of these applications do have a huge repository of data and those data synchronized in the faster way through cloud servers and hackers always look out for such cloud mediums to find out more personal information to hack these accounts. Most mobile devices operate with the principle of no encryption. Even if the latest Android operating system does send and receive data in terms of encryption but for pure encryption it is important to do the users.

The sole problem with Android devices is that these provide every possibility with users. Even if some users do implement encryption of data but still those are extremely poorly implemented that it could provide ways and means for hackers to enter your devices easily. Most of the Android operating system does provide huge amenities for settings of making it most secure but it is also important for users to learn everything about it so that ultimately it is up to users to decide upon at which level he or she wants to deal with security options.

Most of these passwords are easily guessed and in the guise of the friend in social media link hacker could understand and get the idea of these and this could prove to be an extremely dangerous phenomenon and that makes entire security options of mobile very difficult to manage for users. Most of the android devices have to depend heavily upon the original equipment manufacturers to provide updates to the system. For this, it is important that certain updates even if android maker Google releases but still not being updated to many devices as most of these android devices are customized android devices, and most of the original equipment manufacturers have off late only concentrated on releasing upon new devices instead of updating older devices.

This makes the user most vulnerable and that creates difficulty for users to cope with the latest security vulnerabilities of Android devices has. Most of the Android applications run in the form of applications which are separated from the entire operating system command line environment. Unlike Windows operating system where we do find that all these applications need to be there in the same line as that of Windows system files and this make running and controlling of these applications very much easier possibility.

Apart from these internet enabled applications within desktop environments runs with these applications in specific web-browsers. For this it becomes super easy to counter these apps. Whereas in the case with android application environment most of these applications are platform-independent and does not depend upon specific system applications to run and in this, for every website such as beginning from Facebook to others we do see the presence of these apps. On the other side, it is also a boon for users as these applications are constantly updated from time to time and that makes many of the security holes that might exist within these application environments could possibly be plugged or patched.

With the advent of Android, we do witness the presence of an update of applications within a single month or even more than once in a single month. This makes it secure but another important factor is tantamount to update the application. If the user does not have any idea on how to update these applications ultimately, that could land the user in grave trouble of inviting viruses or hackers to creep into system resources. Google of late while realizing the constraints of users. Has been strengthening its application store. Google’s application store is known as ‘Google Play Store’ and it has a vast depository of applications.

It now scans every application and also checks whether these applications are being periodically updated or not. It also sees user’s reaction and responses from time to time to understand, what sort of experiences they have. It also has sandboxes application environment, where every application is constantly being scanned. Google Play services have been updated regularly with newer features to scan applications periodically and it installs these applications or downloaded application in the sandboxes environment similar to that what exists in Google’s own desktop browser.

All these tabs on Google Chrome are being sandboxes so that when one of these tabs got hanged due to some wrong decoding of website scripts still the user can use the other tabs normally.

This means each tab is completely being secluded from each other. Google implemented exactly the similar principle with android application environment. Now, each of application you download runs with a separate sandboxing environment, completely separate from system processes of Android operating system. If at all at any point in time, any virus stays within any application, with constant scanning by Google, it checks every application details and it could be uninstalled and disabled by Google automatically.

Even before complete removal of the application from android devices, application running in sandboxing environment which is the reduced privileged state, then the application would not be going to do any harm to the device. It is part of the most wonderful and sophisticated security systems which Google has implemented with android devices and that makes most of Android device completely secure until and unless user downloads these applications from Google Play store only and not from any other sources. You can encrypt connection of android so that every data that is there within Android are in the state of encryption and when hacker even if steal the data, that ultimately not going to produce any fruitful results as most of these data could not be encrypted and should be staying in the state of encryption.

Similar is BitLocker encryption of windows devices which makes hackers to pay their money and with it, hackers realize that even if they hack these devices they are not going to recognize and understand these data as these data stays in the state of complete encryption. This is another fantastic way to control hacking of devices and in this way everything stays secure. It is very important for users to move towards all such countermeasures techniques so that ultimately. These could lead towards the most possible and pervasive interests in understanding what measures the best security possibilities of your devices as after all these contain most of these data.

It is equally important to buy devices from good original equipment manufacturers so that what do they provide with their devices and management of devices could be stronger than that of other original equipment manufacturers. There are many aspects of disc encryptions which users do need to understand and want to be making a move. It needs to have a good password selection process so that it should very difficult to decipher by hackers. Microsoft’s disc encryption software enables users to carry their passwords with a USB drive for additional hardware security.

If hackers able to find these passwords then there is nothing value to disc-encryption and for this it is important to understand to keep these passwords in a safer place and make it thin as the most valuable entity so that you should always remember to keep it in a safer and important place. Screen lock is essential part of any disc-encryption.

If you have not implemented any of hard secure key locks then for sure it is going to be the worst possible decision making of moving towards the fallacies of complete disc encryption. It is also important to understand no disc-encryption is full proof. True crypt developers have abandoned it and for this, there could have been any sort of security holes that could have led to you to the stage of complete null state.

Similarly, there have been many faults with Bit locker security but still it is managed by Microsoft and the security holes are time and again being updated and for this it is important to not only go with disc encryption but also keep all of these safeguarding options open for all the time so that you should always be aware to keep the absolute security maintenance and alertness with every single day.

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