Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos Review

Android: For some days, Daddy told me to search for a phone which is within the range of 15,000 and the strongest criteria should be the transparent screen, having the larger display. I am not tech enthusiast but

 I have the pretty good technology-related knowledge and for this, I am pretty excited about this to search and buy for this nice smartphones and this could make the entire browsing experience seamless.

After intense discussions and other aspects of its attributes, we have decided to go for Samsung Galaxy Duos, which costs just below 20,000 and it seems that it is one-time purchasing experience.

I have compared most of the high range phone and only to find it out that. It has the transparent screen of five inches and it is really a big phone and it sits nicely with hands. Those persons with less sized hands should not use it as they will fail to hold it back easily.

The second most glaring aspect of this phone is its touchscreen and it is not capacitated, unlike my earlier smartphone of the Symbian operating system from Nokia, the C-6 mobile has the resistive touch screen and for this the response time is delayed and many a time making the confusion of clicking the icon two times and more.

With capacitate touch screen the response time of the screen is faster and there no confusion of touching the icons it goes no smoothly without any awkward situations. Pixel density is low, but surprisingly the picture quality is on the higher side and this reflects the real boon for Galaxy Duos users.

The perfect for me is that, when I find it out that it is perfectly fit for most of the internet types and it is best for 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi and other types of Internet use. It is a perfect tool for creating virtual private networks and you can tether to share your internet with other compatible devices.

The only problem I find with using this device, in Windows XP SP3, as still it is not recognizing this mobile phone and I try to install Kies after the first installation failed, the second installation is successful, but sadly the used drive is not being recognized by the desktop operating system.

This phone has Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi directly. EDGE and GPRS connection compatibility and it is a fast phone with scarcely visible delay time. It has Blue Tooth 4 and USB 3 supports. While viewing the video through android video player, you can go for the right touch screen left to the home button and thereby setting.

Three options are there and you can choose from these options to get the high degree of clarity. Samsung Galaxy Duos have a front facing two mega-pixel high definition cameras. It is giving bright self-portrait and the back side it has an eight-megapixel camera with stunning high-quality picture presentation.

Besides it, there is proximity and ambient light sensor and due to this, you will not feel any eye strain and there is the seamless viewing of pictures out there.

While viewing videos one can take the screenshot of images and the files will be there at the image gallery, if you are using it for the first time, then the phone will ask you, if it has a memory card, to store the images there and it is advisable to store the images there at the memory card locations.

This phone has built-in eight GB internal memories, but almost four GB has been for its operating systems and additional files in the phone locations and this. It is a better idea to employ the memory card for extra saving purposes.

There is a huge home button at the bottom of the screen, which is usually common for Samsung Android phones as it can be used for unlocking of the screen, though at the left side there is a dedicated key for phone unlock, it is better to implement the half touch screen method. On the left side of the home bottom, there is a menu bottom and on the right side.

The return button, which can be used for sending the application as there is no end key to stop any application from running there. This phone has the micro-USB slot at the bottom and from there the charging cord is inserted and it is for dual purposes as with it you can charge from the wall socket and on the other hand from there, you can insert at the USB port of the personal computer to have data transferred seamlessly among computers.

The 3.5mm audio jack is very nice and the sound quality is not Dolby but the output is brilliant. The built-in stereo of the phone does not have 7.1 stereo output on the other hand with earphones jack.

It does have this feature, and the sound output is brilliant. The volume rocker button is on the left and it is hidden if you are using flip top cover and the power button, the reset button and the keypad lock button on the right.

The rear end camera is of eight megapixels and it has lenses, which can extract pictures in low light conditions. It offers brilliant images and most of these images come with high volume capacity and there is an option to minimize the size of images. The picture quality is on the higher side.

The loudspeaker is on the posterior side of the panel and you can see that the LED flash is beside these and the cover is slightly dotted, a distinctive feature of this phone. It is bit heavier but it does fit as decoration with hands and it shows the greatness of this phone.

The plastic rear cover is easily removable, but if you have inserted the flip cover, there, you have to try for some time in order to remove this from there. The main swim card is above the battery slot and the memory card are inside the battery slot. The primary aim card slot is below the LED flash.

The battery is about 2100 and it is expected from Samsung to update and add more battery charge to it as it can be 3000 for a pleasant user experience. The phone uses the customary sim card slot and it is a boon for users who do not want to cut their sim card and restricts its use to a particular stylish phone.

The rear camera is of eight megapixels and it is autofocus camera, with a rectangular will be visible, and if you are taking the screenshot of person, then try to size it to his face so that, the perfect picture of that person will be possible. There are many possible options for you. Camera loads within a second and it feel that there is no shutter lag in it.

There are different photo options inside your camera, one is buddy photo share, and the others are inevitably affected and screen modes. You can also change image resolutions to lower ranks and also in the setting section you can edit the photograph.

The phone does not have any hardware camera button, so you can set any of the desktops, here more than five of them to show the camera option on the default screen. The video mode has the manual touch to adjust focus and autofocus you can record high definition videos and run within Samsung Galaxy Duos for a full-time experience.

You can have seven home screens. The desktop screen has a google search bar and due to the Android operating system, it runs quite fast, but I have seen with 2G connections the chrome browser is loading slowly that the default WebKit browser.

In the Google Play, there is an update of chrome, I have to update it, as it is almost 27 MB and then see how it work there. Default desktop lives wallpaper has a beautiful ripple effect and it works nicely.

From the upside touch and run straight to down to see the recent notification, and from the upside, mild touch to show the most prominent default workaround, here, you can switch of the data connection, switch on the blue tooth and the turning view, apart from many applications.

This is called the drop-down notification shade and from here one can switch off and on the default GPS and other settings.

Galaxy Duos has a multitasking feature and you can press and hold the back button located at the right side of the home button to go to multi-window mode. The smart stay feature is useful in the outside as it employs the front camera to detect you and the screen lighting stays there as long as you are watching and doing work with your phone.

The power setting mode is there for you to get the optimized power settings that can work fine for your CPU and also battery as it stops the battery drain out there. It reduces the screen power rate and if the brightness setting is set to auto, then, it automatically reduces the screen brightness setting for lower CPU usages.

It decreases the CPU performances and it is a perfect stage for game playing within galaxy Duos. This phone comes with several are installed applications from Samsung as well as from Google.

You will get 50 GB of free online Dropbox storage to back up your data, and if you have Wi-Fi connectivity besides there is one option for you to synchronise automatically to your Dropbox account so that, everything gets backed up instantly.

For Internet browsing, you can use default website browser and precancelled chrome browser and apart from this, from Google Play, you can search for web browsers to find out Firefox and Opera versions of Android and install it to use it within your Smartphone.

You cannot move applications to micro SD card and so be sincere while installing the application as you have only less than four GB of internal memory to install applications.

Within music player, you can have the healthy Sound Alive equalizer and also music square which scans music library according to emotions and categorizes them and produces them to play the music according to your emotions for healthy mental satisfaction.

The phone has an FM radio with RDS and recording, you record the songs of FM stations and then listen after it or add it to your music library. The phone has a marvellous loudspeaker and the sound is so good that even within home after five to six meters it sounds respectable.

You can pause and record later, in order to delete the announcement on the part of radio jockeys to have a smooth sailing in the listening environment. The phone has a quad-core processor with GPU to boost gaming performances.

The phone has 12.7cm large screens and the screen is larger viewing video is fairly entertaining here. No compromise on portability is the actual benchmark of the phone as it stays within hands quite nicely.

With the latest Android build jelly bean inside the stylish phone, with lesser frames per second the phone gives the faster screen switching to perform some of the most significant functions that are related to multitasking. With multitasking, eight-megapixel camera and dual swim bestow this classy phone a perfect boost to fill your thirst for a flawless life companion.

The camera has a better image and good colour variations and it shoots even in low light with zero shutter lag in it. The camera starts within seconds. The camera is exceptionally responsive and of high quality. Inclusive with this pricing, with a year warranty, this is the smartphone you are looking for.

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