Know Your Samsung Galaxy Powered by Android

It is not a tame idea, of course not but a good smart phone meets your expectations and it leads to a different kind of productive ideas which is there for everyone to see and smart enough to find the extreme importance of smart phone usages.

You will be surprised to find the day in and day out of how many ways a smart phone can server for you and how can you utilize maximum potential of a nice smart phone smart use.

It gives you a variety of ways to attend unique functionalities of how a smart phone can be beyond different technical spheres to attend expertise in making and altering brilliance in this technology.

It not only brings about distinct innovative ideas and solutions but also pave the way for smart phone approach to each degree of life which you want to live and trying to cooperate with distinct spheres of living standards.

Few years back no one would ever think of such elaborative use of smart phone but it is now continuing to evolve with times and is trying hard to produce some of smartest ideas that can bring upon some revolution in terms of ultimate heights in the spheres of creating the device smarter and elegant.

Let us first consider the first aspect of smart thinking which is all about making the Internet work easier with a computer as well as smart phones. It is not such a bad idea when there is the connection of Wi-Fi.

It is created as with it comes to start sending and receiving of signals as well as proper management of the Internet which give it more secure through encryption and proper management of different connectivity.

When there is Internet share through tethering of Internet of mobile hotspot, the process of connecting with the Internet becomes easier and faster. It gives the user ultimate smart connectivity with proper sense of encryption and this paves the way for a nice and proper management of the Internet.

This enables you to make a hub of internet and if any outsides connects to your network then he can be easily identified through your phone and his connections can be managed well and can be controlled well so that nothing intrusion comes forward.

It provides a sense of pleasure to create your own node inside Google Map and Google map identifies easily yours location and can easily pin point your location without much difficulty.

It is better than GPS navigation and Blue tooth identity as it gives you a proper identification tag and anyone when search nearby areas can find you easily without much haste.

It is one such priority which you should look at and for this you do not need to spend anything on contacting broadband supplier as for this you need a proper configuration of mobile hot spot and then you are done with it without any such difficulties.

Go to setting of android phone and from there connectivity and then mobile hot spot and it is easier and with Windows 8 laptop both work beautifully which gives you ultimate freedom to configure and share mobile hot spot and it is better to use preconceived devices as allowed devices in order stop intrusions and trespassers.

With this the speed of connection becomes nice and file share becomes easier and also you can easily navigate with your computer and can browse the Internet at superlative speed and probably more that what your Internet service provider is offering to you.

It makes the Internet beautiful and wireless and you do not have to go for wired connectivity in order to connect Internet.

This is one such modern way of browsing the Internet and this gives you adequate time and easy connectivity options and that is why it is called as smart ideas and smart connectivity.

Life is not full of roses but there are thorns in between but smart phones are trying hard to manage all these difficult paths and trying hard to turn it more prone to progressive ideas of wireless computing which you could like it very much.

Technology make life of human easy not difficult, the technology which makes life of mortal difficulty in connecting should be avoided in the first instance.

Smart phone should perform different functions and ideas and it should not only function in one such way and for this proper use of technology is the order of the day.

With smart phone side, it’s settings plenty of technological aspect and innovation are there, it is for users to learn it from different websites and then try their hand at it.

It is always nice to enable developer’s option and from there browse through different newer ideas which android or other smart phone users in the future are going to perform.

One should be extremely cautious of enabling these options as these can prove to be costly for your handset and can break it so it is always good to examine smart ideas before implementing in smart phones.

In those developers setting of android jelly bean, one can find hard ware acceleration and there are two such options within these two and from among these two enable it and then restart your phone and you will surprise to know automatically one such options is disable by default.

This means one options of hardware acceleration is enabled even after restarting android and this means from now this option is safe and android is indirectly telling you this option is safe and the other options is not so safe and for this it is very important to consider this and for this it is a new way to learn which setting of developer option is working properly.

Android smart phone brings about radical changes to which general mobile computing runs. It releases operating system within the shortest specified time and as a rule it continues to update newer mobile operating systems within specified time limits.

With continuous up gradation and brilliant graphic user interface backed by world’s giant in Internet from Google, gives users additional benefits, and a fluid system to give a complete operating system from the beginning. Live wallpapers give a different variant of screen saver cum wallpaper.

Power setting is optimized for better performance in the field of limiting the maximum performance of the CPU by using low power level for screening. Reducing the time before screen times out can save battery power. If you enable smart display, then set screen time out more than one minute. It will reduce battery consumption.

Set brightness level to auto or if you want to set it manually then lower the brightness of the screen to extend battery life. Enabling auto brightness can save battery life. Switch of connection via Blue tooth whenever it is not part of use.

Disabling mobile data whenever it is not necessary can save background application from consuming battery. They will not synchronizes due to absent of Internet connectivity. Disable auto synchronization to save battery power. Switch to GPS when it is not in use.

When signal of GPS is weak, it will scan of location and that may increase battery consumption. Utilizing live wallpapers may increase battery consumption. There are many precautions which can save battery from draining and it is important to disable automatic synchronization and other network related functions to save the battery of your phone for longer life.

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