Google Play Music will be the default music player on new Samsung phones

Google Play Music has collaborated with Samsung to bring forward smarter music management to its high-end devices which would be launched soon. It teams use with Samsung to provide the awesome music that would be suitable and right for you. Google Play Music has seen vast changes and especially with the launch of its music streaming services in India, users with very little money spent can download a store original music so that these could be played in multiple devices.

Samsung is the world’s largest Android smartphone maker and Google has teamed up with them to secure the right music for users at their doorstep.

With the launch of Samsung S* and Galaxy S8+, Google Play Music would be the default music player for these devices and it would be run with default music service so as to create one of most staggering teaming up of two great giants of smartphone industries as one is the biggest software maker and the other one is biggest hardware maker.

In this way with the teaming up of Google and Samsung we would find newer and customized features with Google Play Music that would not be found with other original equipment manufacturers and with this we could see some f the most customized and user friendly devices so that these would provide the most fascinating aspect of greater improvements with Google Play Music applications.

Now, Samsung users could upload one lakh songs within Google Play Music for free and then could stream this music and the storages capacity is twice as much s that of what others would get and with these superlative capacities to bring forward one of the most gigantic facility to store and share music the new domain of playing your own music comes forward with each new day.

This means great things for customers as now they could easily save their own collections of music into Samsung Google’s cloud service through Samsung and then there would not be any difficulties to finding these as these could be saved and shared with as many devices as it could be so that ultimately stating with cloud and reducing the distance between offline and online computing is what matters the most.

In addition to all these facilities to upload up to one lakh personal music to Google’s cloud and streaming facilities, the new users of Samsung new phones would be getting a complimentary three months of Google Play Music service, where they could download and stream ad free40 million songs and thousands of playlists of Google Play Music.

Unlike other phones where the trial period of Google Play Music is for 15 days, you could get three months for this and this should be added bonuses for new Samsung users. In addition to its, new Samsung users could get exclusive access to YouTube Red which offers and free videos and contents and of course if it is available in your locality then you can access these.

Google Play Music has seamless integration with Google’s home its artificial assistance to provide users with exclusive access for easier integration and launching of applications. In the later years when Samsung would be launching its own version of the personal assistant in the name of Bixby, that would also find good compatibility with Google Play music so as to produce one of the astounding levels of music integration and artificial intelligence to enjoy the music environment better.

It now seems the perfect togetherness of both Google and Samsung in the future we could find more and more brilliant features and specifications for users to showcase the gravity and importance attached to using such phones at its best.

Google Play Music started its journey from March 6, 2012, where it comes to the forefront and offered as free of cost to users. This application is being updated regularly to produce and maintain one of the most dynamic music applications with the excellent sound quality for users.

With the integration of Samsung mobile what would be users see in the future the active play of sound alive and its related high volume music integrations to provide one of the most outstanding musical experiences for users?

In the high-end Samsung phones we experience its own version of music player which not only works with its own music enhancer sound alive and its later versions but also it is very good to be used as of one of server or node for music streaming within one wireless connectivity.

First, take one latest laptop with windows 7 and beyond an operating system and most preferable if it has been of the same brand of Samsung then the connectivity with phone becomes easier. Then connect the same wireless connection to the phone as that of with a laptop and then open the music and search for nearby devices and then within short periods you should be finding the songs that are stored inside the laptop and could play these.

With the introduction of Google Play Music as the main music source within Samsung phones and from now on we could find that what Samsung has been doing to its music applications should also be doing the same with Google Play music to make it one of most versatile music application.

It is expected to provide easier streaming from laptop and reverse. With Google in especially offering Samsung users with the storage capacity of one lac music, it does show that mo now on there should be equal streaming options from Samsung mobile to laptops and other smartphones.

It makes complete integrations of offline and online cloud accesses. What it makes is that it creates one of the awesome levels of private cloud computing network where the songs are stored in offline cloud server of Google and then can be accessed with different mediums from different directions and from different smartphone devices even if you are miles away.

It is the futuristic forms of storages options and in a way to reduce the size of storages of different devices to single and uniform storages so that whenever there would need to access these storages you could access with it and there are options to download the links of it so that even you could access these storages in offline too.

These there would be a complete deletion of similar storages options as well as there would be a single and consolidated storage all over to provide users with the choices to find out the most suitable form of music experiences what he deserves to be.

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