My Android Jellybean problems

This article is all about the problems I am facing with my Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos which is preloaded with Android Jelly Bean, an exceptional mobile operating system and it is working seamlessly with my smartphone. Due to five inches thick playing games have been absorbing with this and for this, I am playing Temple Run2 and fruit Ninja2 in this stylish phone.

This article is all about the difficulties which I am now facing after three months of prolonged use and these problems might have been unique in my case and this is not a complaint but it these are the bugs then Google and Samsung can resolve it, first and the foremost part of it is that I am not sure about it, but still it is for sure that I am facing these problems while using this smart device.

First and the foremost part of using this smartphone is various push notification is wonderful as it is giving the most absorbing and outstanding experience to me from time to time, as its Twitter client from Google Play is a wonderful utility to increase your followers count as it seems that in comparison with computer this device has been performing smart and also the followers count receives a steady increase than ever before.

Within 20 days, I have 1000 followers, which are unbelievable but it is true. To follow yours followers is very easy, it can be done in a single touch, though at times, one has to continue three times in order to follow persons, sometimes there seems to be rather boring but it seems that this Twitter application is behaving in such so as to stop unauthorized and automated follow by computer robots. It is good for security, but sometimes it does give you the most boring aspect of smartphone browsing.

The resulting application is from Google+, which is built with Android Jelly Bean. Google+ is the most versatile and fastest growing social networking in which you can implement search engine optimization easily. It loads slowly in 2G connectivity and sometimes one has to wait for some time before it loads completely. From here you can easily plus articles, and follow other users and also from here you can manage your account easily, as it is evident that in Google+ one cannot change his name constantly, as there are some restrictions to this and for this while opening an account it be sure to give your choices names so that you will not feel awkward and will not wish to change the name again and again.

Google+ your article is now inside the Google domain, and this you do not have to manually do extravagant things such as search engine optimization in order to make your site visible to others. In the vast jungle of websites, it is the visibility that is the single most important factor that is making your website more visible and appealing to other related websites.

Of late, I have seen there is automatically integration of my images with Picasa images of that account and the problem is that all the past photos, that have been there, as that Picasa account has been predominantly used for my blogging images purposes and with the introduction of these cloud services, all the Picasa photos are now with my smartphone and it is showing inside the image application. On the earliest instances all the photos are not showing but slowly it has downloaded all the photos into the device, though when you search all these image files from the file explorer, you will find nothing about it.

The good things is that it is automatically backing up all of my photos and videos if allowed to while I am connecting online, and it shows the notification of it, with this if you want to publish these photos to your blog, then it can be done very easily nothing difficult about it and in order to stop this automatically upload there are two ways of it, in one way you can sign out from your Google+ account or go to setting and then Google and then to Google+ to find the setting where you can disable automatically upload of your photos.

The prime factor is that your photos are uploaded automatically and it is now forever for you and even if you lost it from your desktop, desktop replacements and smartphone, these are not going to be lost as it is with your device all the time, it seems that your smartphone memory has become one of the most versatile cloud devices you ever use and you can know about its versatility, when you open the YouTube application from Android Jelly Bean desktop. If you go to file explorer and find out the video to upload from there, you will be given the response that you cannot upload this video from the cloud.

You will be surprised that how can it be, and why yours smartphone memory is in the cloud, but it is true, it seems that Google has devised a sincere plan of using your device memory as part of cloud services and it automatically uploads while you are online. In order to upload a video unto yours YouTube application, first you will go to default video editor of Android Jelly Bean video editor and find the location of video as most of the videos have been there in the preview and from there you can select one such video, and it will run and then from its setting select share or from charm menu at the upper right-hand corner select the share icon and then from there select YouTube and then it will ask you about video information, tags, and geo-tags and then click upload, and then close the video and the video will be uploading automatically in the background, and it can take one day if you have a long video but you do not have to worry about it as with it the longer video are uploaded and you continue to work and browse the internet and this is a splendid feature but it is not with Android YouTube application.

On the other hand android YouTube application lacks the upload feature as with it one can view videos easily, but cannot upload own video from it, and with the latest updates of this application, browsing of videos are surprisingly faster than it is anticipated with. Android Jelly Bean is an operating system with versatile application management and here with decent internet connectivity be it like 2G or 2.5G you can go for multiple task management that you can ever think or imagine of. Last, not the least, maybe a bug in my smartphone or vulnerability of Android operating system where default location of cameras are unable to change and this creates difficult as the storage of inbuilt SD card is very limited, but you will be surprised to find that these storages become cloud and whatever you put it on inbuilt storage the storage size will not decrease at all. This is surprising as I cannot save images to external SD card and it is forcefully saved on SD device and then it is staying with a cloud so that the storage spaces are not reduced. Is it a bug and only happen to my smartphone device or it is an update from Google or it is a critical vulnerability that needs to be patched. I could not carry out what could be the situation, it may be unique in my case nevertheless, the stylish phone is working with smartness, noting complaint at all.

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