Rohit Sharma back with a bang in test cricket

Rohit Sharma”s splendid performance in ☝One ☀day international cricket🏏 with having three awesome👏✊👍 double century ♏🅰🎋📧makes 👦him 👑king ➡of ☝One ☀day international. After 🇮🇳India”s never ending search🔍 for test opener and ➕ after KL Rahul”s not❌ so impressive performance Rohit Sharma given the chance ➡to 😄open test innings.

Earlier for some tests 👦he was playing👬 at the number🔢 six ➕and scored over 50s for quite sometimes. During those phases second 🆕new 🏀ball were due and ➕ he 👦 played there with awesome👏✊👍 grit ➕and determination ➕ and in addition to ➡ it 👦he is also regular opening batsman in ☝one ☀day international and ➕ twenty twenty matches.

In earlier matches non-regular openers became permanent openers such as Shewag in the past and ➕ scored two triple centuries while opening 🇮🇳India’s test innings. So we do hope for Rohit Sharma ➡to perform similar in tests. Rohit Sharma in vizag test match while opening scored century and ➕ remains unbeaten at the 🔚end ➡of ☝first day☀ which was curtailed due ➡to heavy rains☔.

Now we should hope that ultimately 🔛on the day ☀ two Rohit will score a ➿double ➕and Mayank Agarwal after scoring three fifties ➕and crossing 👦his earlier best👍💯 of ➡ 77 and ➕ now on 🔛 the verge of ➡ reaching his👦 first☝ double➿ ✊. After so many innings 🇮🇳India 👀saw emergencr of ➡ century partnership which now reached ➡to double century partnerships.

After so 👨many ➡of innings a good😛 partnership providing a 🗿rock-solid base with which 🇮🇳India can construct their innings. it does provide ☝one of ➡ most outstanding innings ➡to 🎮play at as 🇮🇳India will 👀look forward⬅ to consolidate and ➕ stay in upper hand 👉🙌👈through 📤out this test match against South⬇ Africa🌍 in the 🏡home series.

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