Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Review

Most of the Chinese made phones try hard to profit from manufacturing costs. The exception in these regards seems to be Xiaomi, which put forward quality with pricing a kind of mixed approach. Slowly, it is moving towards trendy settings for the affordable smartphone. Its first priority is quality and then it moves towards making the price affordable to customers.

That is why it has become the biggest Chinese phone manufacturers and slowly becoming a stronger challenger to other world leaders such as Apple and Samsung.

It is an early trend but the way it is gaining confidence in consumers, for sure in the days ahead it should be providing stiffer competition to major market leaders. That is why most of the features and products associated with Xiaomi come with the product and pricing comparably lesser than Apple and Samsung but, it does provide stability and the real acceptance of customers. There has been a larger segment of customers who do not willing to pay higher for premium features and for them these phones are just for them as they find such and such larger features with such nice and comfortable price brackets.

Redmi Note 4 provides mid-range to high range features but its pricing has been in the range of low range to the middle range. That attracts clients as with such the low-level of pricing they are able to find such a brilliant smartphone which does provide the same level of features as that of high-end phones. It comes with Snapdragon 625 chips which are upgraded to make it more comfortable and usable. In India, the price of Redmi Note 4 is 9999 rupees. It has slimmer designing, with 4100mAh battery for powerful performances for longer hours. It’s slimmer looks with tapered edges do provide enough ambiences for greater visibility.

With 4Gb of Ram and Snapdragon 625 processor, it provides one of a seamless operating system environment to work with and the response time is quicker than the imagination of humans. Its camera works nicely even in low-lights with amazingly stunning photography. Its outer has a premium metal body and it has a built-in 4GB memory which could be enhanced to 64GB external memories. It has five-megapixel front cameras and pricing is competitive and affordable.

In the first took its design looks similar to many Android phones but when we go deeper and learn more about it finds that its power-packed performance unity, as well as the good metallic body with curved glasses, provides awesome holding on the hands. It has 5.5-inch displays on the screen for body rotation is 72.2 percentages which are better than even costly latest models of iPhones. The fingerprint sensor is at the back and there is, no front home button like most Samsung Galaxy phones have. At the bottom of the phones, there exist two speakers and out of which one is working for a speaker and the other one are for microphones and the USB connector jack for charging and data transfers.

On the right side of the phone, there exists volume control and the lock button like the majority of China made a smartphone has and on the right side there exists the SIM card tray. At the back of the smartphone there exist two cutouts and one is for the camera and the other one is a fingerprint sensor. There is a place for dual LED flash at the back side situated in the middle of these two cutouts. In the first instance, there is no absolutely craziest thing in the model but its pricing is very competitive and the hardware model it has been providing with such street pricing has been absolutely wonderful.

Due to the presence of the Snapdragon processor, it becomes more energy efficient. In the first series of this phone, the use of mediation processor inside phone’s model but subsequently we do find more and more energy efficient products and the use of lesser powers of it justifies more efficient models. That is why for all round and seamless performance of phone it becomes more efficient and provides absolutely faster processing powers.

Due to the Snapdragon processor, the overheating is now not a problem and that is why efficient utilization of batteries comes forward. Its LCD display is nice but there is some gap between what we see between premium and normal devices. It has 1900 into 1080 pixels and it does serve the purpose well but there is some far distant from what we should expect from premium devices. The colours and graphics of the phone are not the crisp but still a good viewing performance and comfortable watch even during extreme sunlight zones. Xioami Redmi Note 4 comes with three variants and the pricing varies according to it and for the lesser price the 2Gb ram variant and for the mid-range, 3 GB RAM vary and the higher range of 4GB RAM range variants are available.

It comes with 13-megapixel cameras at the back with dual LED flash and five-megapixel cameras at the front. That makes the device to push for higher divisions due to the presence of such cameras. The main camera at the back comes with every feature that needs to be there with a LED flash camera, and its performance boost has major significant and high ratings. I perfect lighting ambiences the performances of these cameras are absolutely wonderful. Some yellow parts are turned into white but it is expected for future the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 should provide clearer clarities while keeping the ambience of lights.

It’s night’s shows with these cameras are not good enough as most of these shows come with too much of noises. Its focus becomes slower and that makes the timing of the photo shoot prolonged. For rapid shots or shots of moving objects, this makes the catching of right objects difficult and that creates the most difficult part of photo shooting. CMOS sensor works well as it provides background illumination of objects while taking pictures but the number of noises from insides photo should be reduced to make the captured image look better. This seems that it does have some sort of incompatibility issues with hardware and related camera apps and for this, some sort of application optimization and updates is the need of the hour.

In the coming months on the software side, some more improvements needed to make a good adjustment for good hardware with the phone. In the case of video shooting the performance and output are accomplished and the phone provides nice videos but the changing of focus during some intervals loses the premium values and yet this could be adjusted with more software updates. The most surprising factor associated with Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is its battery which comes with 4,100mAh which should easily get you through the day with heavier usages and this is good for long distance travelling. The charging of the phone is expected to be very slow. It is expected in future updates the first charging options should be initiated to make changes faster.

By using its default, charges the charging, took almost three hours to complete, while with USB powered charger it took almost double the time. That is why it is necessary for speedy charging option for this phone. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 comes with the fingerprint sensor. Most of the modern day mid-segment phone comes with these features which act as the alternative to the home button. Google’s pixel phone, Samsung Phones, Lyf mobiles come with such option and this makes sense as it enhanced features of securities of phones to a considerable extent.

Its headphone jack is situated at the top of the phone. This feature I have noticed most of the Chinese brands do prefer to have headphone jack at the top but still at the bottom the comfort level good but if you want to listen to songs while keeping the phone in pant pocket then headphone jack at the top of the phone is most advisable.

The principal negative of the phone is that only one speaker present at the front and if you inadvertently cover that area then there would be no sound at all. The covered grill to the phone’s speaker is not there and this it is important to watch out for those spaces not to cover so that the sounds should always be available. Xiaomi comes with its own customized Android operating system known as MIUI version 8. It needs to be based on Android 6 and there is no clear cut information regarding its update to Android 7.0. It is expected to update to its latest version sooner or later as it is the latest model and the update to Android 7.0 should take place any time after a few months.

Xiaomi’s own android version comes up with a pretty good and nice user-friendly interface which is good for most normal users. Most of the technically efficient users should look forward to using the stock android version which is available with Google pixel and other but still, the nice and user-friendly interface speaks a lot about this. The eye-candy interface of Xiaomi presents you with stupendous application performances, and its own set up of applications which are not found anywhere in Google Play store is some of the best applications to see and these provide an awesome level of entertainment with complete security.

It has developed some of the best applications for its Android surface to present to you awesome levels of security. Most android devices are pretty much customizable because of its segmented approaches to everything. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is highly customizable, with numerous themes available in its store, though Samsung in its latest mid-range phones started offering different themes. There have been a large number of wallpapers available through various sources and for this, you do not have to download extra applications or software for it.

It offers spaces for multiple desktops just like Samsung Knox system. You could change the carrier name to whatever you want to. These are some of the setting screens which is not accessible with stock android devices. Customary system settings are there with some quick fix system updates. Its battery saver settings come with high performance which makes the system more eye-candy as well as it comes with battery saving features which reduce system animations. If you want to make it stock Android interface, then you can download Google Launcher from Google Play store to make it more like a stock android device.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is a mid-range a smartphone and complete most of its specification with glaring heights. It does not disappoint in various forms and in future times it is expected to be updated for better performance and improvements. Most of the high-end smartphones do demand high prices in favour of these features but this phone works like a wonder and sufficient enough to be used for such high rates of appreciation.

These mid ranges phones are slowly eating into market shares of extraordinary range phones and that is why there has been more demand and appreciation from users about these phones. The sound factor could have been better but it still works nicely. Whatever hardware and software are there inside this phone all of their work nicely and it focuses mostly on quality which looks to excel in many fields.

This phone has an excellent display, fingerprint scanner to prevent unauthorized access, good hardware, nice screen resolution, good camera, nice RAM and excellent battery. And last not the least it is worth money as it does not cost a fortune.

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