Reflection in Character Profile leaving in units of Dreams

While watching the movie 🎬 “The Thirteenth Floor” released in the year 1999 the movie brought forward some interesting😜 concept of digital 🕒 time machine📠 which provides some of 👽weirdest concept of ➡ overtaking of mind 😏 of others and ➕ move into another world.

can ours life and the 🎁present time 🕒 is the 🙋past incidents ➡ of 🔮 future events. Can people from future reach here 📍 in order to find out 📤 what ❓ changes comes upon now. Is it possible🙊 that some of ➡ people who 👤 are living with 👯us can there be the possibility that they are electronically programmed so that their replica of ➡ 🙋past is present.

We cannot✋⛔🚫 justify how ❓ the movement of ➡ time is working👷 📤out. We are living in the world🌏 of ➡ three dimensions. 📍❓Where we ✋⛔🚫cannot think🤔 of 🤔💭 what ❓ will be the fourth dimension that is all about. If at all we move into the world🌏 measurable in terms of dimension we still ✋⛔🚫cannot find the relevance of ➡ present🎁 🙋past and ➕ the future🔮.

When some 😡mad scientists🔬👨 if at all they modify the provisions of ➡ time 🕒 📠machine and then through👉🙌👈 digital electric🕹🔋🔌 conditioning transfer from ☝onperson ➡to that ➡ other at last can move to different 🕒 zones to ➡ reach to ➡ another life and ➕ escape from ☝ situation to that of ➡ others.

The ⬆above mentioned 🎬movie depicts similar picturesque of ➡ thought process whete conditioning of ➡ one ☝ mind overcome ➡of the other and ➕ then changing time zones from future🔮 ➡ the past 🙋 and create the most ❓confusion within 😏mind so that ®📧🅰🕒real entities cannot ✋⛔🚫 ever be recognized. This movie 🎬 showcases the most importance destruction of ➡ 🔬science which if not ❌ controlled properly can 🚦go ➡➡towards absolutely ❌wrong.

What we learn from this movie🎬 is that 🕒❓when we know about forth dimension which should be 🕒time as and 🕒❓when we know about it we should be conscious of ➡ these intimidation of ➡ facts and ➕ depersonalization of ➡ everything. After we 💪😄👌solve this mystery ➡of dimension then we can alter time and ➕ move from ☝one time 🕒 zone to ➡ other with equal ease and ➕ that can bring about changes as well as confusion ❓ where 📍❓ possibility of ➡ collision course of ➡ one ☝ time 🕒 zone with others and may be confusion over past, present🎁 will continue to ➡ create more ➕ and more problems😰.

This movie🎬 portrait ❓ what will Or can be future🔮 🕒❓when we deal with time zones and ➕ swapping of ➡ brains from ☝one ➡to the other. This movie🎬 shows the futuristic event of ➡ moving from ☝one 😏mind ➡to the other and ➕ simultaneously moving from one ☝ 🕒time zone to ➡ the other. This 🎬movie shows ❓ how to ➡ be immortal by changing from future🔮 ➡to the past🙋.

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