Rain Drops on Red Flower

Continuously for three days and night rain continues as the result of it morning walk failed to occur as incessant rain through out night goes on and for this I was unable to go out in the morning. For the last three days I was feeling tired due to the non walking and jogging and at last today the climate was good, though it was raining all night but still in the morning I was lucky to find that there is no rain altogether and that makes a wonderful place to go for jogging as for the last three day I was feeling tired so let us go for jogging.

I begin my journey from home to the Nalco park in and around the areas of sea-beach and there is no rain altogether and the climate is nice and good and many people are there as the climate is nice and people are walking here and there as well as some were doing exercise with equipments. As new equipments are placed inside park and people are doing various exercise and talking with each other and some also talking with each as some sort of freind get-together with each other.

While walking towards to and fro inside park I came across beautiful red-flower and there is rain drops still on it and below I will be posting it below, as the drops of rains on the red-flower, as if there is some dews on the red-flower. It is life the presence of dews on the red flower and with the cool winds swinging here and there, the red-flower swinging here and there but still the drops of rains on the flower still there and not moving out from it.

It is some wonder that even on the flat red surface of flower the water drops are still there and not dropping out of it even in the presence of good amount of wind which swings from here and there. if you look at this flower with a closer look you will find that from the distance the water drops also seen as the red color as if it is there on the flower and even the speed of winds unable to remove those water drops form flowers.

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