Remove money and muscle power from politics

Life never comes to a halt, as there are many persons in this world who will justifiably find earning potential with infinite ever work environment there for all to see and trace out the real earning potential. Local body elections held recently.

There are numerous side politicians who usually stay alongside numerous politicians who are contesting here, has been earning handsomely. They feel that if the day could be the bird then they could keep it inside their control and the daytime would be there forever and with this, their campaigning will be there for more and more time to continue.

For campaigning politicians used to garner money and with it they tend to give to their trusted lieutenants and with it, in each phase they used to receive money and that creates more and more potential for earning opportunities.

All these are not permanent and trusted earning opportunities for sure, though these are not called specified earning opportunities as with due course of time one can find for sure that those persons also gets the unemployment earning opportunities and other forms of earning solace still they are unemployed though they must have been relishing of thoughts of building hotels and restaurants at faraway places but still they want to be declared as unemployed so that they will continue to hold that tag and also getting definitive remuneration from the government of the day and their earning will be multiplied if they happen to be the member of government who is at the helm of affairs.

This is really a tricky situation where no one can control all these abuses of law; on the other hand, these can be described as the completely fraudulent method of earning money.

Now, there are instances when these small and petty lieutenants who are roaming around politicians has been earning more than what they expect, still, they are not paying anything as taxes to government treasury a peculiar and one such way where there is the complete mixture of using openly the black and white money transactions.

Similarly, there are instances when these lieutenants used to distribute money to voters in order to garner their vote, it is a serious dent to the protection of democracy, where, notes distributed in order to get the votes, and this is one such illegal method of earning money by citizens and these can be termed as most illegal form of earning and the way citizens and voters are using their ballots in the exchange of notes is a sorry state figure which no one can figure it out.

Why has society been falling to such a low stage with such a bad to the worse state of democracy?

Can this be averted and why the custodians of democracies are not stopping these stripping of law and order? Are they running away from their own responsibilities and why such strains of behaviour have been there for the exchange of votes? Now, our ballots are no longer the cost of secrecy as there are provisions as political parties can now know the votes in each of voters and this is not the correct way of getting a strong and vibrant democracy.

Sometimes, there are instances when these people attacked the communities as they know that after getting money these are not voting for them and these can spell a stiff disaster for the people who are voting.

It is one of the most appalling ways to control politics as this goes on to show that voters who are accepting these, are satisfied with this sum of money and in turn, they are not demanding about developmental works, as they want the only sum of money.

This surely spells a depraved taste for the success of democracy and for this as a stipulated form of control from among administrators is the need of the hour. The way all these catapulted into a form of non-developmental form of democracy is surely not going to make benefits out of it, but all total one has to think beyond one has to die out from such situations in order to find the real benefit of it.

Politics should not be about forced capturing of voting power as it should be about the proper conduct of the exercise of the franchise and for these correlated and good citizens who not only active with his courteous conduct as well as seamless utilization of voting rights.

Votes should not be bought by them. Take for example, one domestic help who has four children and all are grown-ups, so they have in total six members of family and six votes, so it is heard and the talk of the town is that some lieutenants of politician have paid them handsomely to vote in their favor, she is happy as she got the money and for her money is the real vote as she does not want to demand roads and other forms of developmental works as she only wants money and that is all for her,

In these circumstances, how can she be decided on herself to vote as per her conscience as it seems highly immoral to ask for votes in exchange for money? It is simply the destruction of democracy through money and muscle power.

How can we develop with such attitude in the long run when there are many such issues which are not so congenial development of democracy?

Similarly, in another instance from here say, one can find after the declaration of results at the constituency, some lieutenants of political leader came and reached near a small group of persons who are living inside mud houses and then ask them to come to the front of their space, and then they stood them one after another and began to beat them mercilessly, from among them there are girls, and also small kids apart from ladies, gents and older persons.

It is a worst form of democracy in actions where all these people are paid prior to election to vote a particular party though after election they come to know that these people have not voted for them and that is why they are beating them and after that they would be returning the sums of money that have been given to them and these people seem to be the people from the party in power and for it they are more merciless and more figured in attacking them with sticks and might.

The question is how they know that this particular place has not voted for them. We are supposed to cause the secret ballot but the concerned political parties know to whom we are going to cast votes, it is not only surprising but the complete blindness and chaos of ideas that have been making the mockery of a strong and vibrant democracy.

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