India Goes for Voting

In the month of election seasons, where, every political party be it seasoned or just mushroomed at the birth of the election has been attempting their best to capture the proposed seating which people are going for voting.

Surprisingly, most of them have preferred for announcing on roads instead of contacting people to people to garner and guarantee specified vote which people want to cast it for. There are many undecided voters who are puzzled between two set of choices.

Most politicians with a vehicle roaming here and there around town and villages with a microphone from broken songs of different popular songs and making some self- proclaimed announcement of self within those songs.

It has been a string of sadness where most political prefer not to contact home instead they try to go for proclaiming to the world and creating negative disturbances in terms of sound pollution and other forms of environmental hazards.

In the age of the modern era, there is no such instrumentation to use technology in this eastern coastal city which is famous for travel, tourism and for the religious place.

Politicians are still at the side of the old guard and unable to comprehend about how to use modern technology by building applications which can remind people most specifically about themselves instead of thinking about other forms of fascination which can make them the most desirable apt to survive in cut-throat competitive environments.

When I and daddy went to market in the evening in this summertime after dwelling office work throughout the day, the market is filled with some people who seem to circle around with some party’s announcement and have been very eagerly listening about some stage-managed drama that has been performed there.

The sound emanating from that drama is huge and it is surpassing there is no such reaction from people residing there as they are thoroughly enjoying those entertainment moments without the ticket.

The most annoying aspect of this is that they are using slang short dramas to attract people to listen and also request them to vote in favour of their party. In a democracy, such type of manner to win elections is not warranted but it is still not in the eye of the media.

Whether or not the local media wants to listen to this is a question of grave concern as of where the traditional media is making deaf ears to such developments than it is always difficult for people as well as democracy to function rightfully. People should rightfully reject such parties who are indulging such unimaginable tracts to manage elections.

In this election in this eastern coastal city the prime focus is with how wicked lieutenants of ruling party are increasing price rise through share monetary value and how it is perceived that most of the small business persons have to bear the brunt of lack of benefits due to advent of such wicked people backed by law enforcing authorities as well as executive.

People here are strongly worried about recent advances of vandalism in and around this ancient city. This city always was a secure and peaceful one for years together.

But due to advent of a particular leader for more than four terms successively and he has done this due to management of whole set up of poor people by luring them small jobs and monetary advancements which is perceived by many though most of the times all have been not in the notice of common masses enable him to win this election without so much effort and care.

People are worried but most votes are negated through due to mass scale voting of poor people who always wants notes for votes as they will vote for people who will eager to help them financially and in any case this is not going to help them a bit as they are becoming poorer due to high price rise and bad social and economic conditions.

Democracy runs good with education and poor people must comprehend and understand how good practice can be done with a proper set of enjoyable understanding of long-term development. While going from Puri to Bhubaneswar, my driver in between Sakhgopal a town which is at the middle of Puri and Bhubaneswar, asked me.

Whom I am about the vote for now?

I am surprised at his questions and he simply asked me again and again and I advised him this is the secret ballot system and for this, he should not tell anybody about whom he is about voting for now.

This sort of ignorances is running inside many people and they probably do not understand to whom, they should be voting for and for this, it is of utmost importance to understand the deep sense of justification and the power of democracy to keep secret all these aspects of voting rights.

In another time, while returning from office, one of my colleagues said to me what do you know, after election politicians can know to whom one will vote and the exact people whom they are voting for.

This is completely unjust and unwarranted and this motive of people should be removed from their mindset as this can ultimately reduce probabilities of secure of the secret of ballots and in villages and rural areas most people are being attacked by political parties after they vote as politicians know who they vote and then they come and attack.

All these are horror stories and people should always be careful about and if this theory is true this is completely bad for the health of democracy.

If politicians are able to know to whom you are voting for this is going to be most disastrous aspect of secrecy coinciding with ballots and law guarding institutions should carefully look and understand all these aspects of developments to keep mindset of people secure and intact with current level of developments that has been residing at every sphere of life.

Ultimately democracy is for the people, by the people and it should help immensely to people who are building their trust and strong cosines with it and for this it is of immense importance to regard the most vital aspect of living into a peaceful society where people can find anything better with all these vital aspects of vibrant democracy.

It is the duty of all law-abiding citizens to create conscious among many people to turn into a vibrant form of democracy and people should vote in large numbers and people must go to polling stations and cast their vote fearlessly without hesitating for any such dangerous phenomena.

As voting is power and with heavy voting, one can become the most vibrant shareholder to regain prime status among different strata of society.

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