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New Motor Vehicle Act is good for Citizens of India

New Traffic rules compel people to obey basic rules and regulations as well as the basic rules to make their vehicle obey rules of environment, government rules and other identity cards. Social media abuzz with some people who have been fined heavily but this does not means that each and every people are fined. Is not it as and when we deeply look into these developments where some incidents are speak again and again in social medias.

One thing is to remember is that not all the people are fined only a handful of few who does not have real papers in accordance with rules and regulations. Most of people who obeyed rules and regulations have come up with clean from traffic police and those with all the documents that is needed have been fined.

This law is also good for environment as it also want people to obtain the environment certificates so that there will not be pollutions and this is good for ozone layers as well as it will make entire atmosphere becomes good as we have been experiencing most of spaces where there is large surge of vehicles due to affordable costs of vehicles.

Due to rise in the income of people and affordable loans more and more people bought vehicles and they in fact most of times do not obtain environment certificates and in most case the three wheelers does not have license plates and most of autos does not have environment certificates. Most of two wheelers become loaded with large number of people and they are overburdened with people and most of them does not wear helmets.

Two wheelers is meant for two people and both people does have helmets and also environment certificate is necessary as well as other relevant certificates and we should not object to the development of new traffic rules as we need to curve accidents and in most of accidents the person with good helmets can survive as well as other persons in two wheelers with helmets can survive people even in accident.

This means by obeying new traffic rules, this is for people not for revenue generation of government as if you have vehicle then obey rules and regulations as in developing countries the rules and regulations are implemented in highly constructive manner and people do obey traffic rules and even crossing red light in street they are bound to have ticket and then they are fined so it is time for people of strong and new India to obey traffic rules for their own betterment and security.

By Mohan Manohar Mekap

Business Blogger, Webmaster, Digital Content writer, Freelance writer, SEO specialist, android specialist, Social media writer.

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