The Dark side of Late Retirement

Recently, the state government of Odisha has announced an increase of retirement age and this has been hailed by many quarters as positive developments for retaining workforces. This has a considerable negative aspect which this article will elucidate on. In the month of April of last year, the state government had declared good measures for youngsters.

This document was of 27 pages which consist of increasing talents in education, development, training, employment, industry and health. It aims at the combinative advance of youngsters in aspects of life including social and economic stages.

This document was designed to remove all barriers facing of youngsters in finding suitable job opportunities of creating an environmentally friendly congenital atmosphere in developing inherent talent in coordinating all aspects of life in bringing back the most memorable suitable career to stabilize future.

This document underscores the need to accelerate the process of job and employment augmentation and optimization of various government-related processes. In order to build a strong and solid Odisha state, the aims of this document are to create a sense of strengthens within young minds. If there are visions than young stars will easily reach into these visions in order to create a sense of understanding of how the goal of future lies.

With this vision, if implemented properly, the young minds would have been empowered and inspired to make new inventions and observations that could make this state more vibrant and adjustable to dynamic scenario all across the globe. They could utilize inherent talent and power when they would perceive a better future ahead of them and for this, they have utilized the sense of attachment and understanding all across sensing a better and stronger future ahead.

After learning about this young visionary document, people of Odisha feel that from now on young talents would not be wasted further and they would find suitable job opportunities in order to create and manage their talents in developing comprehensive decision-making processes.

Inherent talents of youths will not be wasted and they will find a platform to showcase their talent and in this way, it will supersede to make Odisha state all powerful. After almost one year, India’s Prime Minister Mr Modi has won this general election comprehensively on the issues of developing and inculcating young talents and maximize their potential in order to create a deeper vision for society and a stronger India. It is a welcome step and a golden opportunity for the state of Odisha to cash into this situation in order to make this place most vibrant and more opportunity could be reaching here within lesser times. In this scenario, this article reflects about the state of Odisha where we could find a deficit of teachers, doctors, lecturers everywhere inside government institutions.

In many offices, the requirements for more officers are there but due to lesser appointments fewer officers are there and it reduces sanctioning authority and delays situations further. The more absent of posts of officer’s means. There will be more and more delay in the decision-making process and lesser development.

For this, it is always essential to have full employment and there should be most officers in an office environment. Similarly, in colleges it is the need of hour for more than ten lecturers in one department but sadly most of these seats are unoccupied and students have to read from small set of lecturers and this pressured both students and lecturers in a great way and this causes more and more disruptions and young minds never ever find a suitable opportunities to prosper.

In the government hospital, at outdoor patient centres where there is a need for more than five doctors one always finds the presence of one doctor there and most of these seats are vacant and for this, it gives more strain to doctors and provides lesser health care systems. All these create an appalling situation and there are many unemployed doctors and lecturers are there who can be employed in order to fill up these vacancies. If one doctor is pressurized to attend so many patients in outdoor departments, it is bound to be error happening there and for this, it is essential to remove heavy workloads in order to create a congenial atmosphere in every field of service sectors.

To err is human and if such humongous pressure of work is loaded with a single person in the work sphere especially in medical health care, one bound to see the error of judgments and then with this the patient dies and then relatives of patients create mayhem all around. This creates disturbances and if someone looks from a bird’s eye view one can understand how all these situations can be attended beautifully with the rich appointment of doctors all around.

During pre-independence times, father of nationalism has devoted and prompted all to create educational opportunities through institutional training system. But in most of these institutions have no directors or have directors who have shared responsibilities.

All these create mayhem and difficulties all around. Most of these institutions are now headed by people who have lesser experience in work-related educational systems and they are now more prone to have governmental or administrative affiliations.

These results in large scale negligence in administrative offices and this amounts to bad work-related educational environments all around. This goes not to show. The problem in every sphere is less in human resources all around.

Then, why not new employment with a bunch of students who have good merit career in order to make these institutions work further in good for many people. On the other hand, the retirement age of government employees is increased further and this government has saved the treasury in paying out retirements pensions and also avoided the new appointments. With this move more than five lac workers are benefitted.

On the other hand, in their salary government can give employment to more than 25,0000 to 30,0000 young ones and this can create vigour and energy all around at different institutions. From a salary of one experienced employee, five to six new and young minds can be an appointment. If we catapulted families of 25 to 30 lac newly appointed workers we can find more than one crore people will have a safer life due to all these jobs.

All these new measures have been just before elections and one can say all these measures have done to lure young voters to vote for the party but after the elections, there is no such advent of this young developmental programs.

If this policy was adopted successfully, in the coming years, young minds could be utilized successfully for comprehensive and constant progress of Odisha. It is time to ponder upon and revert back such decision of late retirement of five lac government staffs.

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