Non Congress chief ministers oppose NCTC

This article was written on my blogspot blog on 10th of May 2012. NCTC is popularly known as ‘National Counterterrorism Center’. When the meeting was held at Capital city, non-Congress chief Ministers lead by Ms. Mamata Banarjee opposed this move by the then government of India.

Center tried hard to create a sense of consciousness among all the chief ministers but they failed in that attempt to unite in this decision making. The then Tamil Nadu chief minister also opposed this move.

According to her, this will lead to the state of anonymity with center and state. n the long run there would be conflicting situations between two take holders of democracy. With the creation of NIA most popularly known as National Investigating Agency and further with the advent of NCTC this will make the relation between the state and center more confusing.

NCTC aimed to propose amendments into the RPF Act and BSF Act which many non-Congress chief ministers thought would intrude into powers of the state by the center. Heads of state thought it would become more of a centralized structure and that would lessen powers of states over the center.
Home Minister said counter-terrorism is a shared policy. It is according to the constitution. The then, chief minister of Odisha and now the Prime minister of India said that the double said in the Batla house encounter exposes the then center’s role in acting against terrorists.

This action was taken by the Delhi Police. Delhi Police came direct control under Home Ministry of center. Still, there were utterances of dual talking by various departments of center. The then, Prime Minister of India cleared the air that center is not intending to capture powers of states and states should not be afraid of it.

Chief Minister of state of Odisha also opposed NCTC bill in its current form. He stressed the need to fo a sub-committee. She stressed the need that subcommittee should be headed by the then Tamil Nadu chief minister.

He again stressed the need for not allowing NCTC as the part of the intelligence system. All anti-terror operations should be a joint operation of the state and the center. State intelligence and the center should operate independently with each other but work with each other during such difficult circumstances.

According to Chief Minister of Odisha, NCTC should be an independent body not to be controlled by either state or the center. Then the efficiency of NCTC will be maximized.

He also said that nowhere in the world such anti-terror organization is under the center, as in most cases such organization works in a completely independent manner.

Such an organization should not act unilaterally as this would create chaos in administration in subsequent stages. If this act is against, regional sentiments then this could lead to difficult situations for administrative administration of states.

He also states that this could create convenience form of divisive power and that would be detrimental for internal security. After reviewing of all of these objections the center of the days promised that whether the posture of NCTC should not be located in IB popularly known as Intelligent Bureau.

Center also promises to look deeper into the operational power of NCTC is exceptional circumstances. These decisions come after series of terror strikes in major cities all across India during that time. Home Minister also assured chief ministers to look deep into their suggestions and promises to look deeper into suggestions with open mind and heart.

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