Places to Eat Food in Puri

In marketing term we know that customer is king. Since the days of management days I found in the course of marketing the most important part is that in marketing the most significant player is customer itself. For any food hotel customers are visitors who reached at hotel. It is important to look deeper into it as when a visitor who is the perspective customer reached at your hotel it is important to look for well-behaved waiter and provide food in clean and to the customer satisfaction so that ultimately, you could find that the same visitor would like to reach to your hotel time and again so that it is the marketing fact that wins here.

This means for hotel or hospitality industries the prime factor is to win customer satisfaction so that when the guest returns to your city time and again he or she should come to your hotel either for food or for stay. Now, we can talk of food hotel of Puri such as the behaviour of waiter and the owner towards visitors. In the area in and around Puri main Government Hospital there have been many people come from nearby areas to this hospital for treatment and then wish to have good lunch and in and around this area two renowned hotels for lunch are there and this article aimed to review those hotels.

One of these tow hotel is Hotel Mandakini and the other one is Hotel Noopor. Both of these hotels provides lunch and the cost factor in between hotels is that Hotel Mandakini provides cheaper price for lunch that Hotel Nupur. Hotel Mandakini does not provide mutton in non-vegetarian lunches. It provides vegetarian meals, and in non-vegetarian meals it provides fishes, chicken meals and it cost is lower than Hotel Nupur.

Hotel Nupur provides in most of eating days of week the mutton, chicken, prawn and fish meals. It costs slightly higher side than Hotel Nupur. Nupur now provides air conditioned environment and it costs are on lesser side when compared with other air conditioned hotels but in terms of spicy it provides on higher side and it is also one of most popular hotel because of provision of mutton as well as most of its dishes are highly affordable.

One minus point of Hotel Nupur is that its owner is boastful and its talk like that of he is providing all of these meals for completely free as in realty, his behavior such that as if he was a don and providing meals completely free of cost. On the other hand when you reach at hotel Mandakini which is of course no air-condition but still the owner provides a smiling face and very humble personality and the host provides smiling face and always sees that if any person have some additional item needed then he shouts and call the waiter to attend immediately.

The cost of lunch at Hotel Mandakini is on lower side and preparation of Hotel Nupur is good and bettr than the predecessor. Hotel Nuppur provides air conditioned environment and also have card payment system and in a way it also have the good food but if you are person when you do not want to eat spicy foods then you can reach to Hotel Mandakini where there are many vegetarian dishes are provided with low price and good for customization and if you want to have a smiling welcome then it is Hotel Mandakini and not Hotel Nupur.

Choice is yours as I have elaborated in detail and both these hotels are situated in and around areas of Puri Government Hospital. If you are from outside then you can search these hotels in Google Maps and find these hotels nearer to Puri Government Hospital and then you can choose out of these two whether to go to Hotel Nupur or go to Hotel Mandakini. If you want to find out my opinion then my choice is Hotel Mandakini as I prefer good host as well as good variety of vegetarian dishes.

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