Peculiar Problem at Reliance Fresh Puri

It was almost ☝one PM ➕and after buying some important ingredients at Uma Shankar 💈Store nearer ➡to Gundicha Temple🕌 of ➡ Puri, I reaches to ➡ Reliance Fresh🍃💦 ➡to 💴buy Mothers👩 Diary curd.

My mummy fond of ➡ 🍴eating this brand’s curd as the thickness comes ⬆up with more taste👅 for curd. During fasting days used to ➡ take curd and ➕ mostly with small👌 cut 🔪 fried brinjals and ➕ then with some 🏡home made masalas.

The eating🍴 of ➡ curd provides two way relief. It is good to ➡ absorb scratching 🌞🌴🏄🎇summer heat 🔥 as it makes body cooler and ➕ it should be taken in the ☀day 🕒time only. As it is believed🙏 that taking curd in the night🌙⏰💤💤 is 😧bad for stomach.

That is ❓why during just after noon I 🙋 reached at Reliance Fresh🍃💦 shop at Puri which is just at the middle ➡of VIP road. I parked my two Wheeler there as the front ➡of Reliance is preoccupied with so many vehicles unattached and ➕ unattended so a set of ➡ chaos 📤out there.

At the entrance there is always a 👌small pond and ➕ the route can be 🤞crossed with the 🆘help ➡of three small👌 bricks and ➕ go 🚦 with utmost care otherwise you could wet 💦 your 👣feet. I took Mothers👩 Diary curd which costs 20 rupees and ➕ then reach ➡ to 💵cash counter. ☝One cash💵 counter is 😄open ➕and it is filled with so many customers with plenty ➡of ingredients. This means this will take an hour or so ➕and in another counter three people are there so I 🙋 reached there and ➕ 👀saw the cashier told that it is offline and ➕ transactions ✋⛔🚫cannot be done asthe results ➡of this. Then, the running🏃💨💨 counter cashier 💬told that her 👧 counter goes 🏃 off line ➖ too.

Now almost 10 customers are ✋waiting for over 20 minutes and ➕ unable ➡to pay 💰 and ➕ returns 🔙back the Mothers👩 Recipe curd and ➕ 🔙 back to 🏡home ❌not able to purchase👛💰👐 curd for mummy. Customers would 🙅never understand😉 what’s offline or online💻 but customer service is bad 😧 and ➕ now slowly moving to ➡ worse at Reliance Fresh Puri as waiting for almost 25 minutes but still ❌not able to ➡ 👛💰👐 or pay 💰 bill at 💵cash counter testifying this that it should be more prompt in dealing with such customer difficulties.

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