What is new in Opera 54?

Last updated on December 15th, 2018 at 10:52 am

Opera 54 was released on Jun 28, 2018. It is one of the fastest and most preferred web browser ever. From time to time it introduced so many different elements in browsing which most of times rest of web browser follows.

In its blog, post-Opera announced that it introduced its latest update to Opera namely Opera 54.

  • It has two new updates namely, delivers the latest headlines from countries and language of your choice directly downloaded to your’s browser home or start page.
  • Secondly, it added a new manu page neamly Update and Recovery.

News on Speed Dial:

  • Speed dial of Opera is at home page or start page.
  • Fifty news article would be shown below regular speed dial.
  • If you are intrested in any article, then click that article and the full article will open in a new tab.
  • There are multiple categories of news available with news from more that 40 countries and with different language sources.
  • If you have fluency over more than one language then you can choose that too.

How to activate News on Speed Dial:

  • Connect to internet
  • Open Opera web Browser update to its latest version.
  • Go to Menu and then Settings
  • Go to Basic.
  • Then go to SETTINGS and then BROWSER
  • Scroll Down to PERSONAL NEWS
  • Then reach to Opea Home Page by opening a new tab.
  • Click on EASY SETTINGS which is located at the speed dial location in right hand side top.
  • Easy settings is the adjustable settings in and around speed dial.
  • Go to APPEARANCE and then enable SHOW NEWS.
  • Then scroll down to on home page of Opera where speed dial ends.
  • There you will find news in different tabs.
  • Currently, the news feed of India is available in Gujrati, Tamil, English and Hindi.
  • In the news segment, at the right hand top side there is the SETTING icon and by clicking on it you can customise news feed and add and remove countries and languages.
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How to customised and personalised Opera news feed?

  • In the news feeds under speed dial of the home page of Opera you will find, miscellaneous news and there is now control over categories in this field.
  • Opera 39 introduces more personalised news feed.
  • Go to MENU
  • Then to NEWS
  • You will reach at PERSONAL NEWS SECTION of Opera.
  • From there ADD SOURCES.
  • You can add from RECOMMENDED or from BROWSE THE CATALOGUE section.
  • In this PERSONAL NEWS section, you will find top 50 news from yours choices.

Update and Recovery section in the menu:

  • In the menu page now Opera provides a new menu known as UPDATE AND RECOVERY.
  • Go to MENU
  • It is just under ABOUT OPERA
  • It will open in a new tab.
  • Or in the Opera browser space, just opera://update and hit enter to reach to Update & Recovery.
  • UPDATE & RECOVERY has two segment
  • One is UPDATE which will provide latest installed update version.
  • Then, it wills say Opera is up to date if the latest version is installed. Then last checked time of update will be there.
  • Then CHECK FOR UPDATE button to check update manually.
  • Another segment is RECOVERY.
  • If after update browser is not running as it should be, from here you can by clicking on the RECOVER button resset browser to a default state where it works nicely.
  • You have the option to fully refresh reinstall of Opera browser.
  • Earlier in order to check for update, one has to go to MENU and then ABOUT OPERA and in the VERSION INFORMATION version, update stream and system information will be there.
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Personally, I found Update & Recovery add is a good one. When there is difficulties of updating or VPN not working or so then there is the chance of recover.

As wrote above one can recover by preserving all of these data or can go for a fresh install.
The news section in speed dial provides the simple option and from now on I find it from lesser sources. News segment in Menu can provide for the more personalised source of news.

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