How to Fix Opera VPN not Connecting?

Last updated on December 15th, 2018 at 10:51 am

Virtual Private Network (VPN) in Opera is a good feature. Due to the advent of the high-speed internet, the working of VPN, accessing sites that are blocked completely in your location provides the huge way to access the website that is blocked in your locality.

The blue indicator means VPN of Opera is connecting and working. Prior to this do consider to connect to the internet and run some websites without VPN turned on in Opera.

If the VPN icon shows as orange and the tooltip of it says VPN is not accessible.If this continues to show then first check about some of the normal operations such as update Opera to its latest versions. Do check out the speed of your internet. Clear cache files of Opera to start it all over again.

Do check out whether antiviruses and firewall, you re using are blocking access of Opera web browser from connecting to the internet. Use of Opera VPN or VPN in any web browser is to have better security and privacy for your computer. You can have full freedom to use your web browser and then search for anything you want.

Suddenly when you connect to the internet the VPN stays in orange colour and says, “VPN is temporarily unavailable. Opera is resolving the problem.”

First, let us know how to fix this temporarily. Click on VPN icon and it will show the list of virtual location. Click on it and then you will find apart from ‘optimised location’ you will find about Europe, the Americas and Asia. Choose all of these virtual locations one by one and see whether VPN is connecting or not.

If that solves the problem, this means the problem involves wit Opera browser is short-term only. If all of these steps does not come good then we will look for other options. Most of the times these come from Opera itself so it is important to check for any updates from Opera then go for it.

If this problem continues even after opera update then we will look for some other solutions. Some users find it, after disabling of Avast Antivirus, Opera VPN works nicely. This means some configurations of Avast Antivirus is stopping this to activate.

Sometimes, Avast web shield blocks working in Opera VPN.Try to use Optimal location in virtual location to work. It is important to whitelist surf easy site within Avast dashboard. Add it to URL to exclude to work it.

In the case, if you use Avira Antivirus try disable it for ten minutes, run Opera, activate VPN by moving to MENU then SETTINGS (Alt+P), ADVANCED and then VPN. There move the slider to the blue of ENABLE VPN and BYPASS VPN FOR DEFAULT SEARCH ENGINES.

Surfeasy sold to Norton and it is available as Norton VPN. Then Opera makes its own VPN so that users of web browser use it for absolutely free of cost. That is why the choice of virtual locations in VPN in Opera is limited to continents instead of specific countries.

Now the user has the option to bypass VPN for search engines. This reduces the problem of moving to checkbox before arriving at search engine results.

Then move to slide VPN and most of the case this will work virtual private network to work nicely. In the earlier case, people sued to download SurfEasy extension to use VPN for Opera but now perhaps it used or bought by Opera as am not sure but it seems so.

Opera VPN is easy to set up and use. It works with most of the sites which are not accessible from yours geo-location.

If you want to keep security and privacy of your web browsing then it is a good idea to use VPN of Opera. Opera VPN is browser only product and it is not a stand-alone VPN.

Opera VPN speed has its limitations. If you use it with 4G still the speed of Opera VPN is not that high but it is manageable.

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