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Odia is a classical language. It changes its styles every two kilometres. It’s phonetic nature changes. For example for what in English, in Puri Odia boli it is called as Kanna, in Ganjam it is Kianna, Kissa in Balasore and Koraput and so on. The history of Odia language:

  • Inscriptions at Konark Temples have Giraffe of Africas which proves there is the direct trade of Odisha with Africa in those times.
  • There is evidence of sea-route trade of Odisha with Java, Sumatra, Africa, Thailand, SriLanka.
  • If you flip Odia letter it will become Sinhalese letters.
  • There is the close relationship of Odia language with old ancient Java language.
  • Coins recovered from the first half of 7th century in Brahmadesh or Myanmar.
  • It shows the similarity between Nilachakra of Lord Jagannath Temple of Puri.

About Odia Language:

  • Odia Language is the official language of the eastern state of India namely Odisha.
  • It is eastern Indo-Aryan language. The vocabulary of Odia language consists of 70% of Sanskrit language. It has 28 % influence of Austic or tribal language.
  • Hardly 2% influence of Persian or Arabic influences.
  • It continues its evolutions and adaptations to various neighbouring languages. This makes it alive language.
  • It continues to add so many diverse words and continue to evolve to have one of the largest databases of the vocabulary of phonetics and linguistics in modern Odia languages.
  • Odia language has every letter for the word spoken.

The direct influence of Sanskrit language in Odia language:

  • Sanskrit is the oldest language of the world.
  • Most modern languages borrowed influences from the Sanskrit language.
  • Throughout the history of Odia languages, it becomes highly Sanskritised language.
  • Modern Odia language has gone through the mixture of some foreign influences.
  • Spoken Odia language deals with many Sanskrit words and vocabularies.
  • The ‘Motherland’ word in English is ‘Matrubhumi’ in Sanskrit as well as in Odia.
  • The word ‘Mothertoungue’ in English is in Sanskrit is ‘Matrubhasa’ and in Odia too it is spoken the same.
  • The word ‘Lord of the Universe’ in English in Sanskrit it is ‘Jagannath’ and it is the same in Odia too.
  • The word ‘Water’ in English is ‘Jalla’ in Sanskrit and same in Odia too.

Odia to English Names of Nuts & Oilseeds, Condiments & Spices:

Nuts & Oil Seeds Badam Almonds
Nuts & Oil Seeds Kaju  Badam Cashew Nut
Nuts & Oil Seeds Nadia Coconut
Nuts & Oil Seeds Rasi Gingerly Seeds
Nuts & Oil Seeds China Badam Ground Nut
Nuts & Oil Seeds Sorisa Mustard Seeds
Nuts & Oil Seeds Surya Mukhi Sunflower Seeds
Condiments & Spices Hengu Asafoetida
Condiments & Spices Lanka Gunda/Maricha Gunda Chilies
Condiments & Spices Labanga Cloves
Condiments & Spices Dhania Coriander
Condiments & Spices Jira Cumin Seeds
Condiments & Spices Methi Fenugreek Seeds
Condiments & Spices Rasunna Garlic
Condiments & Spices Ada Fresh Ginger
Condiments & Spices Lembu Chopa Lime Peel
Condiments & Spices Jayatri Mace
Condiments & Spices Jaiphalla Nutmeg
Condiments & Spices Golamaricha Pepper
Condiments & Spices Tentulli Manda Tamarind Pulp
Condiments & Spices Haladi Turmeric


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