Odia to English Names of Leafy Vegetables, Roots and Tubers

The word Odia comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Odra’. The people who speak ‘Odra’ language belong to the era of Mahabharat/ During those times people from the state of ‘Odra’ joined the war of Mahabharat.

Traces of old Odia languages can be judges from engravings of Odia scripts in temples, copper plates, palm-leaf manuscripts. It traces from the seventh century to 1200.

Odia to English names of fruits and vegetables:

Category Odia English
Leafy Vegetables Agasti        saga Agathi
Leafy Vegetables Kanta nentia saga Amaranth spined
Leafy Vegetables Lau Saga Bottlegourd leaves
Leafy Vegetables Bandhha Kobi Cabbage
Leafy Vegetables Phool Kobi Saga Cauliflower greens
Leafy Vegetables Sajana Saga Drumstick leaves
Leafy Vegetables Methi Saga Fenugreek leaves
Leafy Vegetables Nalitha Saga Gogu
Leafy Vegetables Sorisa Saga Mustard Leaves
Leafy Vegetables Tentulli (ତେନ୍ତୁଳି)Saga Tamarind Leaves
Roots & Tubers Panni Kakharu Ash gourd
Roots & Tubers Kalara Bitter Gourd
Roots & Tubers Lau Bottle Gourd
Roots & Tubers Baiganna Brinjal
Roots & Tubers Simba Broad Beans
Roots & Tubers Phuti Kakudi Cho-Cho-marrow
Roots & Tubers Guanra chhuin Cluster beans
Roots & Tubers Sarunada Colocasia stem
Roots & Tubers Kakudi (କାକୁଡ଼ି) Cucumber
Roots & Tubers Sajana chhuin Drumstick
Roots & Tubers Sajana Phula Drumstick flowers
Roots & Tubers Beans French Beans
Roots & Tubers Pannasa katha Jack, tender
Roots & Tubers Bhendi Ladies Fingers/Okra
Roots & Tubers Piaja sandha(ପିଆଜ ଶଣ୍ଢା) Onion stalks/Spring Onion
Roots & Tubers Kancha Amruta Bhanda Papaya, green
Roots & Tubers Kadali bhanda Plantain flower:
Roots & Tubers Kadalli(କଦଳୀ) Manja Plantain stem
Roots & Tubers Kakharu (ବୋଇତି କଖାରୁ”) Pumpkin
Roots & Tubers Jahni Ridge gourd

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