The New Year at Puri

Last updated on March 21st, 2019 at 10:15 am

The fantastic new year in the prospect with beautiful climate ushering with coolness decreasing slightly and slowly drizzle in between.

The people all around India flocking into Puri to see the glimpse of our Lord of the Universe. The Jagannath and his elder brother and little sister. The number of people seems unbelievable high.

There is no inch of land left where the people have not occupied. The flooding of a population can be a challenge for the administrator and the administrator has done their duty fully accomplished with flying colours.

The entire Puri town is lighted and the streets lights switched on an entire night making it a visible and well cleaned. visitors can take some precautions like go to sea in the front side of Puri Hotel, do not go to the far and wide of the sea as they are lonely places and their crime happens.

Puri Sea has the tendency of becoming dangerous; just touch the water of sea to get purified as there is popular belief. Going to the vegetable market just experienced on the new years day even at four P.M. the number of people reaches at Puri, it is unbelievable but it is true to the sense. It takes about twenty minutes to cross the grand Bajaj square.

The queue to see the Lord Jagannath and the Lord’s popularity brings a huge number of devotees to Puri town. For the visitors watch out for the auto rickshaws. The most of the crime takes place in the auto rickshaws, this is not o malign them but few autorickshaw drivers have been committing the crime so always stay alert while sitting in any auto rickshaws.

As visitors always be careful while to talking any shopkeeper as most of them are very argumentative and you might fall in their trap suddenly. When shopping tries not to give five hundred rupees to shopkeepers as they will take the money from you acting as if they are talking in mobile and after few moments they will say they have received one hundred instead of five hundred rupees.

So, it is better to avoid them and fall in their trap. Do not an argument with the shopkeepers as they are mostly criminals and back by some criminal head as you argument them they will unite and they can hit you so it is better to avoid them. So, it is better not to an argument with them.

This is not to terrify any visitors but it is always a great idea is to go with caution so that you will not face any danger or disturbances.

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