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I do hope someday the administrators would look closely these state of affairs of encroaching into sea, sands and the destruction of natural jungles that has been there for millions of years and at least removing those cement structures which should not be considered as the marvels of modern times.

Then move towards the recreating of jungles in order to make that place safer for people of not only Puri town but also of the commuters and travelers who reached here from time to time for taking leisure.

When the world is speaking louder about the presence of climate change and how this is affecting climate and atmosphere of earth for series of times and at the same time we do find that in ours part of the world the winter is now prolonged and even at summer we do feel and find the presence of nice and cool climate.

When the world is singing about the tune of the advent of hot summer in the midst of winter and in this part of the world we do feel that reduction of heat of summer is out here and the winter is prolonged and this means in a way this is also affecting us and in a way more positive side.

When we do see that nearby sea-beds many trees are cut and many cement structures in the form of hotels build up, there has been a hue and cry about the weather situation.

Still, those hotel without a simple form of fear continue to be there and stand still and there is no such restrictions on them for the time being as their presence is there and the entire stretches of land, is now barren and despite order from courts these hotels continue to be there and this needs to be implemented hurriedly in order to preserve the basic environment attractions of eastern coastal town of Puri.

Obviously these hotel associations especially those located in and around new marine drive roads have stronger influences on administrations and that is despite clearer court order these hotel continues to be there in the free zones as well as the most valuable sweet water zones in these locations.

It is important to get rid of these hotels and then plant the trees there as the presence of such natural trees not only aims to preserve environment but also this is one of the most important way to stop the advent of water in the case of tsunami and other cyclones and by cutting those trees and standing hotels and then connecting their waste water into sea this means that the holy water of sea is continuously polluted.

Sea water of Puri sea has the most brilliant significance as people thinks it as the holiest water and for this it is important to make it clean but on the other hand we can see how the waste water is connecting to sea and then those connecting to sea water and make the water polluted.

If one moves along side of footpaths of sea beach of Puri and towards marine drive roads and more towards new marine drive roads, in the sands there is the cement structures and inside it comes the wastages management and more so it could lead and connect to the sea and this means the sea is continuously being polluted there day in and out.

Why there is construction of wastage management nearer to sea sands is still an unexplained phenomenon and continuously the answer is not out there and in this way the space leading to Puri sea beach is continuously on the decline as the civilisation is moving towards sea and reducing the sands and that could be dangerous for generations in times to come.

There are so many of hotels in those areas and that to those hotels have perhaps stronger association with each other and perhaps some sort of stronger administrative mechanisms is the need of hour.

What it does poses to us the threat looming towards us which makes living in those space becomes extremely dangerous as the natural defense against cyclones in the form of trees and jungles in the form of dense trees are now almost wiped out and this means there is no one to prevent Puri town in the case of extreme cyclone in the form of tsunami if at all at any point of time it is directed towards Puri town.

It seems slow the implementation of decisions is important and if it is for the sale of citizens who are living in Puri, then it should be implemented with proper guidance and strong motivation.

If someone walked in and around with the sand of the sea towards the area of Golden Palace hotels and beyond one could find that the presence of a divider in the form of wastage management that goes across towards the sea.

It seems the waste water is directly falling into the sea and that too from the big hotels that reside in and around that locations and crossing those space becomes extremely difficult out there.

If you are moving or walking across those spaces you could see the presence of a vast waste route and from there you have to walk within that waste water that reaches the sea.

It is a sad state of affairs that how the waste waters from the nearby famous hotels are flowing directly into sea and it has become difficult to walk around and if you want to go beyond that route then you have to move around in those waste waters and while walking into those waste waters you will surely find that how much dirty waters that are from these hotels and then dumped into sea.

Then, you go beyond that route and there comes the fisherman communities who are mostly from south and established here and the entire sand space you cannot walk as most of the nature’s call elements are there and one has to be extremely careful while walking in and around in those spaces.

In a way, those spaces are not so walk able in the wildest possible imagination and why such cleanliness is not there are the most vital questions. So this is the state of the environment in and around the areas of seas, sea sand and sea beaches and for this one has to be extremely careful if one is extremely health conscious.

When we do see how the change of environment is coming into us and how the climate undergoes complete head turn as we just crossed the colorful festival of Holi and this means we should experience hot summer but still there are n traces of this and the coolness continues to be here unabatedly. The colorful festival of Holi is meant to avoid the summer but the change of climate in this part of the work is amazing as many a time.

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