How to Curb Naxalism

There should be a national will by the governments of and the Naxal affected states to fight against continuous violence and abductions by Naxalites or other armed groups.

There should be a unitary policy without delay by the against the horrendous case of kidnappings by Naxalites and it is now becoming a habit for them and it is high time with the consultations of states should create one uniform policy.

India is a vast country but the constitution of India must be abided by all the groups and and they should not resort to violence. They are killing security persons and other tribal if they are not being supported.

is high time every political party must raise their arm against the atrocities created by Naxals and also the genocide they are making at fat and wide of India where for years the administrations failed to reach but that should not be the argument for Naxalites to kill and destroy the administration and making the India state a hostage.

the Communism is almost finished but here in the distant part of India this seems to be the order and the way they are doing violence on innocent citizens cannot be tolerated.

Who has given right to kill a person this is atrocious they can not say that state administration and police are doing this but they also be protected by but here the Naxalites are making mayhem and mockery of and everywhere it is the same story the abductions, kidnapping, ransom gruesome murder.

India government at and states affected by Naxalism should learn their first lesson from recent two events involving Odisha MLA Hikaka and Bastar Sukma collector Menon.

The tragedy is that both the person named above has been doing the people services and returning from their job and they are abducted by the for reason best known to the Naxalites.

does not reveal his security persons identity and that is why they are freed but with the security persons been killed with throat is this way the civilization .

The killing of this act, and the pain at which that security person must have before dying can it be imagined by Naxalites. India should consider Naxalite as the murders and brought back to the court to be tried under judicial system.

of innocent civilians by the traitors such as Naxalites be tolerated and this must be of and state. Are we becoming soft and only doing the wars, it is high time to act , Naxal have been making high profile abductions and continues to do so and releasing their colleagues and this is high time to have a correct and appropriate abduction policy so that whenever from now these kidnappings happen all the state or will adhere to such law parameters.

It also seems that Naxals are losing ground and they are trying hard to be popular around the world by kidnapping high profiles, it is high time provincial governments should consider advancing and wiping out these traitors from of high mineral resources.

Maoists are controlling some territories of seven states and now they are getting the arms, the million dollars is where they are getting these and how they are operating, who is backing them is there any influential persona behind this.

These need to be going to the root cause of the problem and by reaching at the solutions you can get enough derivatives to solve this. It is true that government has been absent from these areas for many years and mainly due to these are tribal lands and need to be preserved from outside invasion.

But now the Maoists and Naxalites are taking this as their opportunities and making most out of it and taking the tribal in their side, these are very minuscule number of tribal who are supporting them and making the worst of all things and worry factor for India state.

What is the root cause of these problems?

While I was stating at Nabarangpur in the early part of this century, I was there for three years and ours domestic help was a tribal named Laxmi and she was very devoted to work and honest. One day she said to my mother, that Laxmi father joined Naxal. Mummy asked why Laxmi, yours father joined Naxal, as her father was selling the (Tribal ) to people now with Naxal.

Laxmi said her father wants dress, meat and (Tribal ) each day and due to poverty he cannot afford and that is why he Naxal and they are giving them these all days of the week. This is the story why the innocent and poor tribal are joining the Maoist.

They are not joining them to make the revolution and create a state against the Indian state but they are simply joining to get food, dress (Tribal ). This is of thousands of tribal who are joining Maoism and making the murder the order of the day to day life.

mummy called Laxmi’s father and talk to and then mummy gave him the job of and he left Maoism and stay cool and believe in Indian state and now he is enjoying life even after we have left Nabarangpur and he is now driving the bus and earning money.

Whenever he came to Bhubaneswar he used to meet us and thanks us for saving his life, he is happy and cheerful as ever. This story can be by state governments and central government and know what is the root cause of this.

The root cause is the poverty and if government can reach at their place by breaking all the obstacles and then apprise them with various government welfare measures by not fighting what is for centre projects and what is for state , make the unified face and then it can fight this Naxalism with strong hand.

It is the poverty which drives poor tribal to this and to break that part as Naxal compete with wealth of and try to give more funds to tribal and make them more and more opposite to Naxal and then with their support attack Naxal and kill them at , do not compromise and take to them as it is the battle within the state and the India state oblige to the mere concept of Naxalism which is dead one and of world population rejected it so it is high time to act and succeed. Find good talents from tribals and make them the adequate to play for hockey and for India fast bowling option and you never know one day they can bowl nearer to one hundred fifty per hour at a pace.

Make them go to by bringing the cult of education and with quota and reservation for them they can get job and make the world happier just like the legislator Hikaka. Naxal trying hard to isolate the tribals so that they can control they are taking them to the age of middle ages by destroying mobile towers, schools everything and this is high time India state should act , the guys at the and at the states must realize this is time to destroy Naxals from its roots so that it will not be reviving again and again.

Naxal parasites and they should be uprooted and also the person who is supporting Naxals must be taken house arrest as it is getting me pain to see that Naxal supporter are being invited to television chat shows and they are getting more and more time to talk and making their nuisances.

The electronic media must adhere that these supporters of Naxals must not be advertised. It is time to take hard decision and live with by that decision to save India and make our future more and brighter and happier.

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