The Puri Sea Beach

India, Odisha, Puri is situated on the eastern coast of India and it is in Odisha State. It is famous for religious tourism and sea beach. Lord Jagannath Temple is situated at the heart of Puri town. Sea beach has some

unique properties such as its tide come to the shore and then goes back towards the sea. It is one of the most interesting aspects of the sea that makes most of the tourists excited to reach near to it.

Almost 90 percentages of the sand area are being covered by temporary shops. It makes it impossible for tourists and local people to seat at some suitable place out there as most of these places are being covered by so-called commercial vendors.

Some vendors sell light breakfast and they charge double money to tourists. The water they use comes directly from the sea and these are almost polluted. In this ay, availability of healthy foods is quite not there. In this way, it is like selling some sort of slow poison to visitors.

On the other side, they occupy most of the sand areas which is natural and make it dirtier. It is definitely against keeping the environment safe. On the other side, most sea beach areas were covered with trees and those are cut and in the place of these trees now there are many cement structures such as hotels.

Recently with the advent of cyclone ‘Titli’ though there is not so much influence on the side of Puri town it definitely comes under cyclone danger zones.

For this, for most of the times of the history, we have seen the presence of a large number of trees to protect Puri town from imminent cyclones. Now, in the place of those trees now there are numerous standing hotels and how they are permitted to construct structures Lord knows.

That is why in the event of cyclones or super cyclones, such as Phailin or others we see how the sea-water does come out from the sand area and then move towards these hotels and if those continue to be done, then there might have been the advent of floods to the citizen localities.

In the event of normal days, many hawkers of those hotels which are standing at the sides of the sea, tend to move with their bikes and try to contact the tourists who might have been reaching there from Puri Railway station through vehicles.

What it makes entire route is to crowd with such hawkers and it makes, moving into these roads extremely difficult.

Due to the construction of hotels in those areas, the width of marine drive road becomes extremely narrowers and that becomes absolute narrower due to the presence of hawkers of hotels running beside incoming vehicles.

Just think of such situation and how difficult it would be to roam around there for jogging and walking. There is the narrow footpath out there, and that would be covered at some places with temporary shops and that makes even walking within those footpaths difficult.

Just think of this situation as natives of Puri town faces such mayhems and how would be difficult such situations for tourists.

When one goes nearer to sea, through sands, in between there would be some sellers who used to put chairs and allow tourists to seat there for an hour or so for the cost of ten or twenty rupees and thus covering the entire sand area and it becomes extremely difficult to walk through.

At some places, there would be sellers of teas and bread and that place becomes very difficult to walk as if one pass through nearer to water, the sea would wet your feet.

At some places, even after getting no from the administration there would be boats of fishermen and that would stop entire walkable roads in the sands. From the distance it would be seen even at sometimes there would be provided to make shops in water then it would that be and the shops would be there too.

This is not the only place of Puri town as when you enter into different territories there would be so much temporary shops and covering entire walkable stretches of distance.

While talking about the beauty of Puri sea beach one would find the incoming and outgoing of tides and this is indeed one of the most surprising features. Whatever you throw on the sea water that would be reaching towards you.

It is one of the most surprising features of Puri sea-beach, and most of Hindu devotees think it as divine grace and there is no answer and logic to spiritualism.

. When you want peace, just move to the sea-beach in the morning, walk through beside the sea, and watch the dancing tides and look at it peacefully.

Look at the morning sun and it would be so big that you would be enchanted to sea and just dipped into purple colour and you can watch it and take the snap of it.

While walking through sands at some point I saw there are some dead Olive Ridley comes from within sea and might have been died due to illegal boating in those areas.

It makes you feel sad but helps you feel helpless. It is sad that some people are not saving the environment only for the purpose of earning.

Most of the sand stretches are covered with temporary shops and most of the sea beach areas and the trees are now cut and only cement structures are standing still and to overtakes the sea from the horizon.

When humans try to fight with nature then ultimately nature have it last say.

No one would know at what point nature would come with might and destroy man-made structures and until that day human would feel that they are the most powerful but is it true as humans need to learn at what size they look at the entire universe.

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