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While going to the streets of my local city, in the middle of the rainy season where the rain has crossed the bus and to take it out and now the direct sun ray is at its peak, it is one of the movements towards Reliance Fresh nearby. Having been one of the toughest ones I tried to move in the middle of the shadow of the tall buildings out there to move towards the right-hand side.

Most people inside the city of Puri have to park their vehicles in front of their home and in this way, the most important part of walking across the streets is one of the most important parts of the road.

Someone is closely watching the VIP street for one of the Darji Pokhri class from Puri can get most of the people in front of their home and it is time to set up hiring shops to commercialize.

What could be that most of the shops covered most of the areas near the road and said that this high traffic road makes the movement mostly difficult? This road connects the national highway along the coastline and alternate route to reach the famous Lord Jagannath Temple of Puri.

This is the reason, due to inter-state vehicles, most of the intrastate vehicles will be entered and surprisingly this road is gradually becoming narrower day by day.

The most pathetic is that whenever the civil administration provides an update on this situation, still people encroach on land after a few days. Recently, the municipal administration footpath has been constructed, but it comes with resistance to the harsh people.

In the meantime, while thinking about all these aspects I gradually reached Reliance to buy some food items and other important groceries towards Reliance.

Meanwhile, Reliance Fresh has clearly written in the counter that we can pay through Paytm and for this, I installed Paytm and then add some cash to a bank account.

To add cash through a debit card for Paytm which is one of the safest methods, Bhima who needs moderate and secured all card transactions and enable this to enable it to enable the intermediary government of India application.

Cycle Tube Repair:

Sadly, even after scanning for Paytm transactions the counter is not working well and I have not brought the debit card for payment as I have to pay through cash.

It is a clear example that even after trying to do a cashless transaction, I still landed in the cash transaction phase.

Then, as I returned from Reliance Fresh and heading towards Pari railway station leading towards the plain, most of these roads are less crowded there, as well as finish all this in the form of most of the road.

There are shadows so that walking in the afternoon can be easy on the head directly with the sun.

Secondly, while going into these roads, there is no doubt about this, a lesser chance of inter-state vehicles and this movement becomes easier on these roads.

I slowly moved towards the house, and in the meantime, I saw a cycle repair shop and in front of it was not a 16-year-old boy standing with his bicycle.

I looked towards it, as the middle-aged bicycle is busy doing patchwork on the front wheel of a bicycle and he asks the boy to go under the shed and turn his cycle to stay there and repair Wait for

I have seen from far away to remove there are many people with bicycle repair shops and want to see that the cycle of the cycle is being repaired and most of the time, I have seen, one can learn from these moves and At least it can be interesting to do it instead of moving the cycle repair shop to time and then the house.

I then choose to see how that function is working. From far away I have seen this process is easy to do and for the first time, I have decided to see it so that I can learn it and write an article on it.

This sequence is so important that whenever it is needed it is important to know everything you can do alone without any problem. At first, the boy asks the boy to reverse the shopkeeper cycle.

Now, the seat of the wheel on the bottom and the wheels so that the cycle can repair the repair is now open.

It is clear from the conversation with the owner of the boy and the wheel shop that the tube of the front wheel has to be compromised.

Two similar devices begin to open on the wheel shop owner gradually with front wheel tires.

Half of the tire is opened from the rim and then from it, it opens inside the tube’s tire and when it breaks it is necessary as the opening of the tube on the edge of it is otherwise it may have been cut or damaged to the tube.

Be careful about it. He carefully removes three-quarters of a tube. With the equipment, they talk about the breaks of the bicycle, and then slowly move out of the tube.

Then, he asked the boy to reach the cycle pump and then he gives it face with the volt-tube of the wheel and asks the boy to pump it out.three-quarters

The boy pumps the bicycle tube from it and then man is the vessel which is slow water and then dip every part of the tube in it and then brings about it, waiting for the bubbles to grow this check out and then in the end, he By finding that part of the leak and by dipping it to each part of the tube and it is about three-fourths of the part then he is taking out the best apart from the tire and then slowly checking it out After completing continues to examine with it.

At a point of patchwork, the bubbles flow out of the water where the tube was there. The cycle repair shop is the same age-old science tradition where the size of the air bubble takes shape when it comes out of the water and in such a way to capture the leak part completely with the pump tube, It is slowly coming out of it and uses it. Now it is time to remove all the air from the tube and then with the help of sandpaper in those areas where the tube is discovered Cleaned up leaks.

He said that the sandpaper in the leak area pushed and the parts of the tube became rugged and after that, the wind is blowing in the mouth to make that surface too.

Then, the gum which is red is brought out and gives it to the leak area with its thumb and then the big cycle tube which is definitely unused, it cuts in a square area and then attacks Red Gum and then He gives that square tube in the leak portion and then moving the air from his mouth to make the surface smooth.

Then, he put this part of the tube on a small iron roller and by using the equipment or iron tool he hit that slowly stitched tube and it continues for a few seconds and then the tires and that tube in the rim To include and then ask the boy to pump the tube.

Does not knowingly do it, after tube patching, he does not check again, that is with water, still, the pump inside the tube remains, and the boys are about the cost of the repair shop owner and they said that it is about 20 rupees only as a patchwork has been done and if more than one patchwork, then it should be 25 rupees and the pricing factor goes on in such a way.

What I learned from this is to work just to perform a rocket science patch on the leaking tube of the bicycle. This is the reason why it is important that every cyclist owner has to know these tips and suggestions so that in the time of need you can do it manually at home without going to a cycle repair shop.

It is necessary to keep a hand pump for the pump of the wheel tube at home so that from time to time you can do it comfortably at home, not need to reach a cycle repair shop important is.

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