Oriya (Odia) to English Names of Vegetables

Odia Language is the oldest language of the eastern group of Indo-Aryan family of language. Odia language has its unique identity due to its unique scripts and it is as old as almost eights century. Odia language has been heavily influenced by Sanskrit language and it has rich heritage and culture. Many shades of Oida languages can be seen within ten kilometres from the distance. Its unique identity and the compound forms of vivid description of this language makes it the most unique language of eastern India.

Oriya (Odia) to English Names of Vegetables:

Category Odia English
LEAFY VEGETABLES Agasti Agathi: Sesbania grandiflora
LEAFY VEGETABLES Kanta nentia saga Amaranth spined: Amaranthus spinosus
LEAFY VEGETABLES Lau sag Bottle gourd leaves: Lagenaria vulgari
LEAFY VEGETABLES Bandha Kobi Cabbage: Brassica oleracea var.capitata
LEAFY VEGETABLES Phoola Kobi Cauliflower greens: Brassica oleracea var, botryt


LEAFY VEGETABLES Dhannia Patra Coriander leaves: Coriandrum sativum


LEAFY VEGETABLES Sajna saga Drumstick leaves: Moringa oleifera
LEAFY VEGETABLES Methi saga Fenugreek leaves: Trigonella foenumgraecum


LEAFY VEGETABLES Nalita saga Gogu: Hibiscus cannabinus
LEAFY VEGETABLES Sorisa saga Mustard Leaves: Brassica campestris var. sarason
LEAFY VEGETABLES Neem patra Neem Leaves: Azadirachta inidca


LEAFY VEGETABLES Tentulli Parra Tamarind leaves: Tamarindus indicus


ROOTS AND TUBERS Pannikakharu Ash gourd: Benincasa hispida
ROOTS AND TUBERS Kalara Bitter gourd: Momordica-


ROOTS AND TUBERS Lau Bottle gourd: Lagenaria vulgaris
ROOTS AND TUBERS Baiganna Brinjal: Solanum melongena


ROOTS AND TUBERS Simba Broad beans: Vicia faba
ROOTS AND TUBERS Phuti Kakudi Cho-cho-marrow: Sechium edule
ROOTS AND TUBERS Guanra chhuin Cluster beans: Cyamopsis tetragonoloba


ROOTS AND TUBERS Sarunada Colocasia stem: Colocasia antiquorum
ROOTS AND TUBERS Kakudi Cucumber: Cucumis sativus
ROOTS AND TUBERS Sajana chhuin Drumstick: Moringa oleifera


ROOTS AND TUBERS Beans French beans: Phaseolus vulgaris
ROOTS AND TUBERS Panasa katha Jack, tender: Artocarpus heterophyllus


ROOTS AND TUBERS Bhendi Ladies fingers: Abelmoschus esculentus



ROOTS AND TUBERS Piaja sandha Onion stalks: Allium cepa
ROOTS AND TUBERS Kancha Amruta Bhanda Papaya, green: Carica papaya
ROOTS AND TUBERS Kadali bhanda Plantain flower: Musa sapientum


ROOTS AND TUBERS Bantala kadali Plantain, green: Musa sapientum
ROOTS AND TUBERS Kadali manja Plantain stem: Musa sapientum


ROOTS AND TUBERS Kakharu Pumpkin: Cucurbita maxima


ROOTS AND TUBERS Jahni Ridge gourd: Luffa acutangula


CONDIMENTS AND SPICES Rasuna Garlic: Allium sativum


CONDIMENTS AND SPICES Ada Ginger, fresh: Zinziber officinale


CONDIMENTS AND SPICES Tentuli Tamarind pulp: Tamarindus indica
FRUITS Bel Bael fruit: Aegle marmelos


FRUITS Champa Kadalli Banana, ripe: Musa paradisiaca


FRUITS Dimiri Figs: Ficus carica



FRUITS Lembu Lemon: Citrus limon


FRUITS Gangakulia lebu Lime: Citrus aurantifolia


FRUITS kandhia Lemon, Sweet : Citrus Limetta


FRUITS Pachila Amba Mango, ripe: Mangifera indica


FRUITS Tarvuja Melon, water: Citrullus vulgaris
FRUITS Kamalla Orange: Citrus aurantium
FRUITS Talla Palmyra fruit: Borassus flabellifer
bhanda (pachila)
Papaya, ripe: Carica papaya
VEGETABLES Bilati Baiganna, Tomato Tomato, ripe: Lycopersicon esculentum



FRUITS Kaitha Wood apple: Limonia acidissima
VEGETABLES Barakoli Zizyphus: Zizyphus jujuba
MISCELLANEOUS FOODS Akhu dorua Sugarcane Juice
CEREAL GRAINS AND PRODUCTS Bajra Pearl Millet: Pennisetum typhoides



CEREAL GRAINS AND PRODUCTS Mandia Finger Millet: Eleusine coracana
CEREAL GRAINS AND PRODUCTS Usuna chaula Rice, parboiled: Oryza sativa
CEREAL GRAINS AND PRODUCTS Chaula Rice raw: Orya sativa
CEREAL GRAINS AND PRODUCTS Chuda Rice flakes: Oryza sativa
CEREAL GRAINS AND PRODUCTS Mudhi Rice, puffed: Oryza sativa
CEREAL GRAINS AND PRODUCTS Gahama Wheat: Triticum aestivum


CEREAL GRAINS AND PRODUCTS Atta Wheat flour, whole: Triticum aestivum
CEREAL GRAINS AND PRODUCTS Maida Wheat flour, refined: Triticum aestivum



PULSES AND LEGUMES Buta Dali Bengalgram – whole: Cicer arietinum
PULSES AND LEGUMES Channa Dali Bengalgram dhal: Cicer arietinum
PULSES AND LEGUMES Biri Dali Blackgram dhal: Phaseolus mungo Roxb
PULSES AND LEGUMES Bara gudi Fieldbean: Dolichos lablab
PULSES AND LEGUMES Muga Greengram – Whole: Phaseolus aureus Roxb
PULSES AND LEGUMES Muga Dali Greengram dhal: Phaseolus aureus Rox
PULSES AND LEGUMES Kolatha Horsegram: Dolichos biflorus
PULSES AND LEGUMES Masura Lentil: Lens esculenta



Matara Peas: Pisum sativum
Harad Dali Redgram dhal: Cajanus cajan

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