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Living with nature is one of the most pronounced forms of living with life in the natural environment. From the standard one, we have been living with the existential presence of nature and how to secure and ave nature from the human erring behaviours.

Sometimes we humans are turning into the trends of demons and trying hard to move away from the presence of good nature. When we see the presence of nature and its surroundings. Think of the times of rainy season where the presence of rain and the coolness of climate makes us feel at home.

Sometimes it is always harder to feel when we create most of the cemented structures in the land areas where there is plenty of sweet water zones out there. What it makes is that it reduces the number of water zones, and this makes living standards of people worsened.

As we have seen we do see and heard about advertisements of the times when the glass of water would cost almost 2000 rupees and then people will learn about the vitality of the presence of sweet water.

Should we not concerned about this at the earliest and should we not protect water-zones which are drinkable and should provide one of the most glaring information about public consciousness.

When we do consider the presence of land arena of coastal areas such as Puri the eastern coastal town of India where we do find very few land areas where there are sweet water zones. While considering the presence of those zones that have been secured since the time immemorial and now it has removed and new and wider cemented structures in term of hotels are cropping up.

In the lure of earning more and more money in order to have the luxurious lifestyle, we tend to get selfish and thinking only for oneself. In this way forgets the presence of all people in total and that makes the environment bad for us.

It is high time to think about such environments and also for future generations so that the availability of a good amount of sweet water in plenty should be there for all of us.

In Puri town, the distribution of water through household is good through Municipal pipes but the problem is that whenever there is plenty of rains out there, the flooded water comes in and out and could not go out from the already difficult drainage system.

I hope people understand about the sense of importance attached to the improvement of conditions of environment and that would be great if all people think about it in complete detail. It is a good idea to stop all sorts of use of plastic in Puri town, and that would be for sure stop the drainage blocking system.

If we carefully look after drainage system of Puri town there has been plenty of works in this regard but the presence of a large number of hawkers who sell on the roadside tend to use a large number of plastics for selling their food items.

Now, the tension over these shops is imminent as they are facing the heat of not using plastic at all. Now they advise people to come with some utensils so that they would be providing foods with that.

They knew in buying the cotton bags would be costlier but they will have to change as the administrator has given them plenty of time but now the proper enforcement of this would in the coming months completely moving away from the use of plastics.

Today, at nine am after returning from my jogging schedule from Park, I went to the Municipal Market of Puri Town to buy sacred threads. On that shop, another buyer was asking for some plastic carry bag so that he would take the buying materials with it.

The alert hop keeper told him that from now on the use of plastic is going to be banned by the government of Odisha and for this, it is a good idea for the buyers as well as sellers should understand and should etiquette on that manner.

This sort of alertness from the buyer as well as from the seller is important and for this, we all could make this earth a great place. I hope you understand about the efficacy of this topic in the larger sense.

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