How to Save your Digital Life from Being Hacked?

We live in a world of internet. It is a virtual world but for internet users, it is their world and they want to stay in that world and remain there forever. The internet is a nicer place so long as one understands different pitfalls and hazards in the right manner and goes with the changed aspect of life with a constructive view towards the enrichment of various attainments.

There are numerous articles about internet behaviours and in what way one should behave as such while browsing the Internet.

This article is related to that sort of internet behaviour which aims to give full proof security and also it aims to construct different safeguards which are comparatively newer to us.

There are some quicker ways through which one can practice better internet security and this article aims to provide readers with that sort of experience of bringing back quick tools and precautions with which safe internet practices can be done.

This year hackers have been more professionals and they are not targeting individual users but they have few successes in targeting big companies and this makes entire users who are using such services at fault with them.
Hackers targeting bigger companies:

In this world of internet, hackers are employing newer measures and constantly targeting bigger companies like Microsoft, eBay of their services. In this way, in a single shot, they are able to get control over the bigger scope of internet users and retrieve different information without any hesitation.

Not to forget about the “heart bleed” bug which severely targets the better encryption security parameters which seem to have given users better privacy?

Now, it is better to safeguard digital life and it is now most vulnerable and there are simple and quick ways to make them safe from being stolen and falling prey to trespassers.

Every hacker uses the prolonged permutations and combinations method to hack into different password groups and once they are able to succeed and break those passwords it is now open ground for them to retrieve all information from the server.

The first and foremost part of any use is to have a good and strong password. the password should be secure enough not to be broken and every individual who has digital life should have been learned in length about different aspects of creating a stronger-password.

Secure Password:

Do not use the same password for different services as most hackers believe persons use some set of passwords for most of the people’s account and once they got into single password mechanisms they intrude into different part of password set and reveal entire set of mixtures form different directions and in this way the entire part of secrecy is revealed.

So, learn to create a stronger password and do not use the same password for two different websites. Enable two-factor authentication for applications.

Websites such blogger, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Zoho, Norton zone and Dropbox are offering two-factor authentication systems by attaching one hardware option for logging into services. You can attach the mobile number or computer or smartphone as authentication factors and in this way, no one could able to hack into your account.

In almost all services of Google, there are two factors of authentication is available. Whenever anyone is trying hard to hack into your website, the website, either you will confirmation code as SMS or an authenticator from your device. In this way, nobody can hack into your account as it requires a password and also your hardware smartphone device to log into an account.

Apply security bug fixes and patches immediately:

Time to time big software companies such as Microsoft. Apple and Google are releasing software patches and updates to the secure operating system. In this time operating system starting from Android to Windows is not secure. They are constantly being attacked by different hacker groups and this it is essential to update the operating system immediately.

It is not wise to root your android operating system as it total control of Google comes out and this makes your system vulnerable to external attackers.

It is not wise to ignore such regular updates and fixes and it is better to update your respective operating system be it mobile or computer for a safe and secure environment devoid of any such hackers lurking into your system.

It is always prudent to carefully read the permissions of applications and privacy policy of software while installing on smartphone and computer.

Most times, these are written on acceptance agreement and if these are not read correctly than anyone can fall prey to such wicked tactic from hackers. It is not wise to install the application from sources other than “Google Play” as Google has observed strict application check-in policies from time to time and has been checking all these applications by installing at first on the virtual server and then checking it and then send it to the device.

If you are using an application from other sources or from sources other than Google play store it is not recommended to see it as it can harm your smartphone and can break it security restrictions provided from Google.

Avoid using unknown external drives from others:

Your computer is clean, but it can be infected with viruses when you insert any third party media devices bring back from different other sources, such as USB drives or offline drives. If you do not trust the source it is better to avoid inserting these devices into the computer and it is better to go for cloud solutions from where you can retrieve those files.

Ask your friend to upload those files into a cloud and then you can retrieve those files from the cloud and in this way you are not been targeted with different other sources of hacker’s point.

Modern day computing is good for cloud services and with the introduction of Android and Windows 8, the use of cloud services are on the rise and it is better to go for such measures where one can find exceptional intimation and wonderful conversions of receiving files from cloud and there are such services which are offering these cloud as a complete synchronization utilities.

Use email with caution:

After recent “heart bleeds” virus attack, it is wise to send and receive the personal email with caution as there is no guarantee of encryption protocols are secure enough. It is wise not to send and receive personal financial accounts and its credit card numbers to anyone using email.

You do not know at what point of time your email account can be hacked into and this can have an adverse impact on your entire financial transactions.

Read security blogs and keep track of all phishing scams that have been surfacing from time to time and if you are confronted with such phishing account attempt it is wise to go and report such scams to Google or any other hosting provider so that they can immediately take actions and blacklist such domains and the emails arising out from these intruders.

If you are doing internet banking or performing financial transactions through debit cards it is wise to do with your own computer instead of going to a public computer.

Most of the public computers have no administrative rights and for this majority of times, the information you have been deleting can be retrieved by administrators after the end of the session. In this way, they can, log into your bank account and can transfer money from there.

It is wise to go with a private computer at home while performing such financial transactions. In this world of the internet where everything is open and it is very difficult to hide some facts but with few corrective steps one can negate imminent disturbances from outside and in this way, one can stay secure irrespective of dangers lurking from the outside world.

Back up and go for the cloud:

In this era of internet and smartphone devices, we have a great camera and with it, we can snatch wonderful phto0graph and other accessories and in this manner, the entire length and breadth of photographs can be clicked and most of these photographs are of higher resolution.

It is now easier to connect to the internet and automatically upload to different cloud service without any such disturbances. If you have a good internet package, you can do it to make it automatically synchronizes photographs and make it more vibrant and vivid and save it forever in a cloud from different genuine hosting services.

In this way, all your multimedia contents are in safe hands and stay with cloud and now it can be viewable and seen with different devices without any such problems. Backing up all of your documents and other essentials to the cloud remain secure can be seen and retrieved in different places and different applications.

For example with android one can find automatic synchronization of photos, videos and folders straight into Google cloud services which are offered for free for a standard image and videos. They with proper synchronization all these multimedia contents can be seen within devices and it can be viewable even without installing images and multimedia contents for free.

It is always judicious to go for secure Wi-Fi connectivity in the era of the internet. There are many chances of internet hacking in the same Wi-Fi zone. It is better to have secure Wi-Fi with password protected so that no files and documents inside your computer cannot be hacked by other users of the same Wi-Fi. In this way, it is essential to go for more secure security all around so that many such dividends of secure internet world can become a reality.

Avoid shoulder surfing:

It is wise to ignore shoulder surfing while using the computer. When you are putting passwords to your mail account many a time your friend would have been standing behind you and watching typing of passwords by you and for this, there is every chance of stealing of passwords and for this, it is better to see everywhere and use password and username securely.

Nowadays every web 2 websites require server authentication and for this, it is better to use passwords securely and use a two way authentication system so that every your passwords is stolen or hijacked it can still be retrieved through your attached smart phone.

There is an application called as “authenticator” is from Google which will give way to two factor authentication to different services from Google, Zoho and many other services. Now, even if someone has hacked into your password still that strange hacker has to hack into the hardware of smart phones in order to have full access to your internet account.

In this era of internet, it is high time to go and study about the different aspect of internet and security practices so that in the future no can care about hacking into your digital information as well as the different aspect of online information sharing.

It is very simple to observe these behavioral aspects of computing so that apart from going into different modes of security software one can have strict behavioral vigilance in order to stop bad internet practices. In the era of high speed internet connectivity and wired broad band information sharing is on super fast speed and if any such hacking into your account comes forward and do not observe the safe computing practices then information can be transferred within no time.

In this era of internet and information sharing prominence to data, sharing is important. Data is more valuable than money and it is high time save and unites all aspects of data before it is being taken over by malicious elements.


In this era of digital practices and the common misconception that good hosting companies have high value and they can store your data forever. However, it is not so true.

You are not sure when your data can be at the hands of thieves from face book, Gmail or some other internet services. It is about individual’s responsibility to create a sustainable environment for saving own data and create a safer place fo0r browsing and managing internet.

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