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In this online world, everyone wants free space. You can buy domains and let your imagination fly within it. On the other hand, there is one site known as about [dot] me which can assimilate all of your online activities and then compile them and then you can use it on your website or blogger.

So, in free you can use this website and then you can configure according to your wishes. At about [dot] me and after signing up and opening your account you can have one of the most search engine friendly web page at your disposal.

Then it should automatically link all your social networks that have been present there. After signing up it should ask you for your email authenticity. You should log in to your email address and then click the link to authenticate that your email is genuine.

So, in this way you have verified your email addresses. So, here it is advisable to put one genuine email address so that, your blogger and all other accounts should be linked with it.

So, in your email inbox, you should find that please click the link to verify your email address and then, refresh your inbox as you should within few seconds, you would find the confirmation and then you are done. This is the preliminary stage and in the next stage goes to about [dot] me and then log in with your id and password.

Then you should be reaching to a beautiful wallpapered website and there your name should be seen. It is a beautiful setting, as in my case it is a long towered scene with the view from down to up and at the upside, on the left-hand side, my name is written there.

Go to the right-hand side upper corner and then you should find the dashboard and there click on the dashboard and within few seconds if you have a good internet connection then you should be reaching to a page which can be customized to your best of resources.

At first, you can customize this place, here you can upload the picture and you can employ your favourite Instagram shot and can even make one collage of photos, a brilliant freedom which you should make your imagination work around it.

Click on “Add a background” to reach to the next stage to customize your personal web space and its appearances. Within few seconds one new rectangular box should open, which consists of backgrounds, biography, colour and patterns, fonts, apps, links, contacts, promote and choose from these host of options and customize your appearances.

From accounts tab at the upper right hand side of about [dot] me web page, here you can change your name that appears to outside world and then, ‘the email address used to log in and also here one privacy control system is available, that is you can tick in or tick off “Allow others to find you by your email address” so in this manner you can control your privacy here easily.

At the bottom of your account or by going in here (https[:][//]about[.]me[/]account[/]#deleteaccount) you ca delete your account permanently. In this account setting you can change your password and then in the next tab you can control the notification you should be receiving in your email inbox, so in this way, about [dot] me gives you the opportunity to control your privacy setting at your fingertips and it is very easy to find it and then can manage it.

Then go to your upper right hand side corner of this page and then click on edit page and then, click on “Add App” to reach at one rectangular pop up of App centre and here you can have the host of opportunities to create your nice page.

What it is more, you can add your Twitter recent updates, Twitter account, Facebook account and page, Linked in Google +, Tumblr, Word press, Blogger, Instagram photography among the host of other social networking presence.

You can watch screen shot to know it more. Here, you can find almost each and every prominent social networking feature to add and assimilate at one place. In the second page of App centre, there is the app like that of Flickr, type pad, Four square and a host of other options. Till this time there are 31 Apps there at the App centre.

Now first click of Twitter App and then it one big window should be there , Adding Twitter will allow any visitor to see your tweets on your page, unless you have a protected Twitter account. Then click Add this app to add it to it.

Then it should be redirected to “Authorize About Me to use your account?” page and there you should be clicking Authorize button and wait for few seconds as this should be according to your connection speed , then if everything goes all right then you should soon find that yours Twitter account should be linked with your page .

There is one option available where you should be able to put your link there, and there you can insert, your blog link, and then it should show you normal feed as well as the rss feed and choose what is the best suit for your blog and then, after few seconds, in this manner your blog’s rss feed should be visible now.

The only problem is that you can have multiple about [dot] me pages but you can not attach the same twitter account or other social networking website so in order to link to one account you should delinked your Twitter account from one about[dot]me page and then link it to other about[dot]me page.

In fact, in the previous year I have opened one account and attaché my Twitter account with it and later on, when I was starting complete overall about [dot] me page, I had to remove Twitter account from the previous account to attaché account here.

In case you forget your passwords, then at the log in page of , you should find below user name a link to forgot your password , there you should be asked about your email address which you should have used for registration.

After putting you email address you should click on the link and then on the next tab go for your email and then in the next box you should see the link in “Change password for” . And after opening the email you should find “You can reset your password for by clicking this link:” and by clicking on the link, you should reach at about [dot] me page and there, you should put your new password and you are done with it.

If you want to add your blogger blog to About [dot] me, then here is one easy way to add this. Go to App center and then click on Blogger icon, you will reach at the page, here it should be written that you have chosen to add your Blogger blog and then add your blogger blog there and after that click add and the system should check your URL and after a few seconds, it will show message as “You can add a direct link to this site or import from the RSS feed.”.

You have two options one is Add text link and the other is Import from Blogger, I chose the second one, then click on Confirm and it will take you to the main page of about [dot] me. There, you should see the beautiful blogger icon and in clicking that icon, it will pop up with a beautiful summary page of yours, this was a great example of how a blogger blog looks beautiful with a summarized view.

By Mohan Manohar Mekap

Business Blogger, Webmaster, Digital Content writer, Freelance writer, SEO specialist, android specialist, Social media writer.

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