How to stay safe while connecting with work from home?

Prime factor of modern day computing is tantamount to stay safe. While you are on the go the primary safest factor is how to secure corporate data? It becomes of prime importance to secure it. Bad mobile applications, insecure wireless hot-pots could invite trespassers to steal or stale data. Corporate tends to provide the movement of data to users so that the work always stays on and the process of attending clients stays throughout the years. Most workaholics want to continue their work even they are on vacation.

They wish to always attend work even they are out of office. Most of them look for wireless hotspots in nearby areas and connect them to check out for their work. While checking email in an unsecured connection could lead to divulging details of username and password of email and could there be many chances of hackers lurking into it and steal your personal details.

Some even jump over to attain important video calls while staying in such an insecure internet connection. That should be the most critical point of such workers of organizations who need to ponder upon and think more about it on overall parameters of security. Most of the public internet networks available within coffee shops are open and can be accessed by anyone and that makes seriousness about security in such places.

Open wireless networks mean, in those wireless networks you do not need to provide access token authentication, firewall protection and connection to these networks comes first and that should provide the first level suspicion to users of not connecting to such networks.

If the attackers are on the same server then it is possible to see and snoop the transferred packets of communication as well as by looking at log files it is almost easier to access and find out more about what you are doing and what the information sent and receive and so on.

In this process, the attacker could gather massive information and then pose a serious threat to the organization by creating one of the most identifiable administrative accounts and that could send the direct entry to the server. Then, the attacker could possibly gain access to candid and sensitive corporate data.

Those companies which do include a large number of financial data, as well as data from the public, could be very much in danger to expose to such attacks. With due course of time, with the increase of large number of presence of advanced technologies we could find and determine that while a company officials browse corporate emails on open site and the attackers with a simple technological innovations could pose and provide serious attacks of stealing credentials to open an administrative account that could prove to major worry and concern for most of corporate.

It is important to browse secure sites while connecting with broadcast networks. Secure sites start with https. Like which starts with https and in these sites the information sends and receives from client computer stays in the end to end encryption so that while reaching the destination, no middle person such as hackers could trespass such information. Do not browse unsecured sites while you are with public networks.

If you wish to browse the unsecured website or secure even secure websites it is better to browse with a virtual private network which provides end to end anonymous connectivity. If you do not have a virtual private network subscription, then it is better to use the Opera browser and its incognito or private mode and then enable virtual private networks so that your browsing information stays secure and secret even public and unsecured internet connections.

Corporate and enterprise should from time to time education and encourage workers to learn more about such impending risks and help them to learn about it and provide confidence of facing such situations through the implementation of secure browsing habits.

Keep your laptops and mobile devices up-to-date with the latest updates. Update applications before using those in public computers. Most of the time it is wise to disable auto-playing of movies inside social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ so that these should not download any malware or ransom-ware without user’s knowledge.

Use good device lock and if your device has to finger point security then use it so that without your notice anyone should not browse your device. Enable device detection and provide the location so that even if it lost or stolen you could find and detect its location and remotely lock your device and wipe out the information embedded within the device. Do not reply to unsophisticated email and do not respond to unwanted and unknown email recipients.

Most unsecured locations for hacking and trespassing into the user’s data is the open-ended location of the coffee shop and it is important to observe security network policies while dealing with these open networks. Most of these corporate employees find their topmost choicest location is about coffee shops as they tend to relax and at the same time like to use internet connectivity. It is important for companies to ban the use of devices in such places out rightly or use some sort of governmental controlled software so that users could not be using devices for internet connectivity in such locations.

That is why it is more important that corporations have been using more and more secure mobile operating system that could provide and use with some sort of administrative controlled mechanisms so that ultimately, unknowingly connected to such open-ended networks should stop outrightly.

Hackers also try hard to steal mobile through various means. It is important to secure your mobile with a stronger password. To encrypt data and activate it for the remote lock so that ultimately when the hacker got the mobile through thieves yet until then you could remotely wipe all of its contents so that it should not be very much useful for the user. Use stronger passcode for lock screen and enable touch activation so that hackers could not enter into the desktop screen of mobile.

It is important to use apps from the official download store such as Google and Apple. Some organizations, tourist destinations do offer their custom-made apps in the form of apks and it is important not to use these apps as the authenticity and security of these apps are still not known. While you are on the move some apps such as Facebook updates and others to get your location information and these should not be used as these could pose the serious risk of your location and for this, it is important to avoid such apps or disable location in settings of the application menu.

Google and Apple when scanned for apps they look at the malware or for other risks but they do not see how much internet traffic the app is dwelling for and it is important to use essential and secure apps and avoid unnecessary apps so that these should not contact to internet and send and receive your valuable data to their server without prior knowledge of user. It is important for corporations to provide a valid virtual private network or roaming international connectivity so that data within corporate stays absolute security without getting being caught in the wrong hands.

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