You don’t realize how little accuracy there is in network TV reporting until they cover a story in your hometown?

In the last few weeks, the media is abuzz with so many news and especially in some news media continues their focus irrespective of viewers want to watch it or not. The modern electronic media has been the most difficult medium to describe as though it depends upon its popularities to earn revenues but still at the time it seems that the opinions of viewers do not match it at all.

Recently we heard about the news of paper leaks of CBSE examination and most of the channels instead of making their own investigation of capturing culprits continue their endeavour to show the demonstrations on this subject.

When we do open news channels most of them are abuzz with how students are trying to break the barricades and trying to take the law into their own hand. The cameras of channels used to be focussed towards close shots and this means how big the demonstrations is and then it continues to show how much of big demonstrations with words from the reporter.

Should the duty of news channels is to show how many people are there in the demonstrations so that viewers have the idea about it. Most of these channels show the same footages which mean most of these channels slowly becoming and performing homogenous reporting out there.

Then, it should be a duty of these channels to find out how much of CBSE students are there in these demonstrations and how many of student Union members of political parties and not the midst of reporting they should show how many of original students are there in these show ups.

Instead of showing all of these they are showing the placards and the shouting of these members. When some of these members try to break the law, then law enforcement agencies for sure would make it defence and stop them and if it guarantees for some force then they will do it.

If that happens instead of showing how some students or so-called students or members of some political parties are breaking law, they would not show that instead, they would show how law enforcement agencies are showing power and trying to suppress these movements.

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What it makes out is that due to all of these trends and phenomenon we do see and find the presence of complete one way reporting and in these terms of sequences it is high time for news channels to find out who are real students and who do not have any sort of affiliation towards any of political parties.

As we do see when these events political parties got involved the ultimate point is to hijack the exact sequences of events and make the false picturization events at these point of times.

Should these news channels begin their endeavour to find out how many real students are there and they should pick how the students Union members of these political parties are doing harm to their causes.

For everything happens opposition parties say that it is due to Prime Minister of India but is that correct. It is a wrong and news channels continue to show these mischievous comments against Prime Minister instead of finding the real truth behind all of these they are not investigation facts but they do so what opposition parties say all of these about.

On the other hand, Central government is trying hard to rectify the system and within shortest possible of time they are reaching towards the culprits of who leaked CBSE papers and while government and law enforcement is trying to find the culprits the so-called electronic channels slowly showing their exclusive information about who are the culprits but in actual it is not from their own investigative journalism’s but it is due to hard work was done by law enforcement agencies towards reaching the real culprits.

As CBSE papers leak is through cyber media’s for this law enforcement agencies have to face with more and more difficulties and hurdles in reaching towards the real culprits but they continue to do this within shortest span of time they have showcased their abilities to reach towards who leaked the paper but some channels while taking the clue from government continue their endeavour towards making it their exclusive news.

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The Advent for so much of dramatisation and instead of conducting their own investigation journalism’s by news channels and help government to find out the real culprits in order to expedite the entire processes they continue to focus on sources of pieces of information that comes out towards them from government agencies and this means the fourth pillar of democracy should be revived and make towards a completely new form of investigative journalism’s to help law enforcement agencies to expedite their investigation.

As viewers what we are doing is to just flash the news channels and change channels to channels to learn more about what is the state of the situation of Nation but the same news continues to show and the same picture continues to flow so slowly moving towards other entertainment channels, infotainment channels, and sports channels.

In a way during leisure time while watching these I generally switched to SAB TV as most of the times I find some hilarious comedies serials and that makes seeing these events nicely and better.

Like a blogger who always wants to find out, the real niche marketing topics and from time to time building concepts on those niche topics makes it one of the best move towards complete automation and growth of the blog.

Similarly, there have been so many news channels and most of these are crowded with floods of pieces of information but if you see and find out that most of these pieces of information provided by them are mostly same and probably reaching out to the public from the single sources.

This means the real and genuine presence of niche marketing is not there. Though I found some of the lesser known channels are trying this out by showing some of mysteries news and some of the rare travel guide that would attract the viewers and catch their excitements in order to generate real. the interest of viewers.

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In some lesser known channels I do find some interesting information towards some real investigative journalism’s and in during some particular timings I have found some of the popular or so-called popular news channels continues to show the same pieces of information all across at the same broadcasting time. What are the benefits of showing the similar informative documentary at the same time slots?

That is why it is high time for electronic news channels to evolve from the perspective of only what they heard from others and show to viewers as they need to dissect this information in complete detail and then see it minutely and then show to the viewers for their understandings.

Like, recently strikes by ourselves defense forces to eliminate large number of terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir of India but still this news is not getting any significant slot for most of news channels instead they continue to show CBSE paper leaks which happened but should this news just show again and again instead of news channels make their own investigative journalism’s to find out real culprits and helps government of India and investigators some helping hand in nabbing the culprit.

This is one piece of information which I try hard to dissect and find out the real power of the fourth pillar of democracy is using it or not and I do hope in the coming days and months instead of guided by what opposition want and what they speak out just showing those pieces of information, they should dissect those quotes and show whether these are true or not and that will make learning of these channels better and provide real, valuable information to users and viewers.

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