The Transporter (2002) was a fun action film

Frank Martin is living his peaceful life. He was earlier in special forces. He is living his peaceful life in along French Mediterranean sea. He has BMW car and now he is using it as transporting goods, humans and in return getting money to live.

In this movie The Transporter which is the first among three acted by Jason Statham, the protagonist as Frank Martin. In Transporter-1 the number of his car is ‘930 UHV 06’. He has a black BMW. It is locked with password only known by him.

Frank always observes his strict set-up of rules. He always stays with these rules. In this business of transporting, he earned a quite good sum of money. With one click of the button, the nameplate also changes to another one.

His first set up rule is not to change the rule of the deal. When someone tries to break the rule, then he would explain these why he had been observing it. In the first case of Transporter, thieves who just stole money from bank contact him to take them to the safe place.

The deal was for three persons but there were four thieves instead which frank not agree to take them. The movies go on. The dribbling of driving his car and make police to run behind them and move within barricades and ultimately stop all of them from following.

It is this class of driving his car that most of these people hired him for The Transporter. The background music of BMW car driving sound is most electrifying to hear. Then, he used to live the normal life along the coast of Mediterranean sea. After each and every job, he used to wash the car.

Inspector Traconi, the role played by François Berléand used to reach with Frank. In a way, indirectly this inspector helps him. He used to talk about French tradition. Inspector Traconi in this first edition of The Transporter, he used to talk about French Women. In the second edition of The Transporter, he used to talk about how French people used to have good cooks and used to cook for their colleagues.

Then, Mr Frank receives the call, and he used to ask for money in accordance with the weight of the luggage. His second law is not to have no names only the concerned address to reach the luggage there.

This time inside the luggage one lady is tied which Mr Frank to transport. He does not know the first time but came to know in the middle. Then, the story begins to move in another direction. In this assignment, he breaks the rule which he himself reminds of.

The times he breaks his own rule and in these manners, he reached too many troubles. The fighting scenes of Mr Frank seems to be realistic. The throwing o diesel and fighting with many persons seem very nicely crafted fighting scenes.

The appearance of Qi Shu as Lai (as Shu Qi) brings about the movement of this movie. She rebelled against her father to save lives of many. Inspector Tarconi frees Mr Frank just like some Bollywood movies and then Frank leaves to rescue 400 persons who are inside a big container.

In all of these three editions of this The Transporter he used to fight alone in the end part of the movie. At some point in time, the fighting scenes are unrealistic but there are innovations in these scenes which makes this movie moving. The background score of this movies feels good.

In between while chasing for the container, his car breaks down. He reached for private aircraft and then got hold of it. In the second edition of The Transporter movie, he took away water boat while chasing and in the first edition he took small aircraft.

The end of this movies has some tragic elements. The role of Inspector Traconi is nice. It adds the realistic element to this movie. There are some terrific car racing stunts. Most of these action thriller movies add some imagination to the plots but in this movie the action is secondary and the movement of the story attracts some intriguing moment in this movie.

The style statement of Statham as Mr Frank does impress the movie and the personification of this role as The Transporter makes this movie to move ahead. This movie has a plenty of energy attached to it and it moves along nicely. The last action scenes for last ten minutes or so seems unrealistic at times but the petrol spreading fight scene is an innovation so as, to say the least about this movie.

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