102 Not Out (2018) Movie Review: Fun at Any Age

This year one of most anticipated movie release is ‘102 Not Out’. First, the title sounds like it is a cricket oriented movie but it is not. It is all about father and son relationship. Father is 102 and the role played by Amitabh Bachchan and the son’s role played by Rishi Kapoor and he is 75.

Despite Amitabh in this movie completed the age of 102 still the youthfulness and the feelings of happiness he is surrounded by sounds like he is at the age of 26. The buoyancy of youthfulness one could find in this movie.

Both Amitabh and Rishi Kapoor acted in single movie after 27 years. They both have some common hit movies like ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’, ‘Coolie’ and so on. In most of these movies in earlier time they both played as brothers or friends but in this movie, they played the role of father and son.

Both the shoulders of Rishi Kapoor in this movie dropped down and he used to take medicines for each and every disease and most of the times these medicines he took in the form of pre-emptive nature and he uses to go to his favorite doctor.

Even for small manageable side effects, he used to take medicines by consulting his doctor. Both of actions and the way to observe life for both father and son duo are completely different to each other. By seeing all of these negative attitudes of his son Amitabh Bachchan who is at 102 in this movie smart and energetic ad ants his sone to live there life as it I and fortis he throws forward some of his conditions to his son.

Otherwise, he said he would send his son to old-age-homes. By listening to this the son surprised and how could father send his son to old age home. Amitabha also shows the check which he intended to provide to old age home so as to accommodate Rishi Kapoor. In fact, by seeing all of these negative attitudes to life his father worried about him and want to observe some of the conditions wherein return he would not send his son to old-age-home.

His son whois at 75 compelled to agree with father’s conditions. In this way, the conditions and observance and cost of these conditions are meant only to realize Rishi Kapoor about the worth of life and how to stay healthier and smarter so as to forget the past and live in the present.

By observing the conditions, Rishi Kapoor goes to his favorite childhood destinations where he used to go with his father an thus most of the enthusiasm slowly comes back to him. He even ditched his doctor who used to provide him medicines for each and every smaller condition but now he learns to live without medicines.

Most people used to take medicines even if these medicines are not necessary to take it but still they take it. This movie showcased how such and such stages of improvement of life and surely this movie provides some of better aspects to understand the life. The role of Amitabh Bachchan is wonderful and at times Rishi Kapoor roles seem ordinary but he tries hard to make up this.

The dialogue delivery of Amitabh Bachan as always wonderful and he deliberates some of most amazing factors of acting which even after so many of years looks wonderful. This is not a masala movie as there is no heroine, item songs, and so many songs but this is all about the father an son relationships and how the father slowly makes his son to live the life as it is with happiness exactly what he is currently living for.

Froom the perspective of Rishi Kapor, all of these conditions that are being announced by his father in this movie Amitabh Bachchan seems to be difficult for him but the intrinsic values attached with these conditions and the benefits that will surely affect his mentality and that is the whole of important thing that this movie is solely relying with.

The movies seem to have very restricted characters and it is just above one and a half an hour movie but still, the intensity that will grip you throughout the entire movie is outstanding. Rishi Kapoor’s wife in this movie is no more and his only son settled in America and hardly come to see him but suddenly he wants to come to India after so many years which means that something wrong with it but simple Rishi Kapoor could not understand this.

The dialogues of Amitabh Bachchan in this movie is all about life is fantastic and the way he wants to make his son full of life and confidence. Amitabh knew he would not be living for more times as he has a brain tumour but he wants to make his son live his life so that after him he would not be feeling let down and fortis he created all of these wonderful conditions for his son which are mostly to left out most of the bad habits which are obstructing to live the normal life.

From this movie, the intensity of love between father and son is clearly visible and this provides some of the most wonderful movements where the movie moves with great care and showcased some of most amazing movements being played by father and son and the intrinsic messages in this movie showcase and refilled for it.

This movie also provides inspiration for all of us where we could see the presence of life and want to live it in full glory without any difficulties. The climax of this movie is wonderful. Whether to allow Amol the son of Rishi Kapoor or not solely in the hands of Rishi Kapoor.

Amitabh the father of Rishi Kapoor I this movie simply wants his son to win as he knew he is simple and the ill-motive of Amol the son of Rishi Kapoor he knows but his son cannot but he wants to save his sn from these difficulties so that even after his death his son would not be in the state of difficulties.

In the end, one could see and realize how the father loves his son and makes him live the life the way he intends to live with it and that makes the movie wonderful. Though it is not a masala movie the messages and the acting masterclass of Amitabh Bachan simply provides most amazing and astonishment relationships where the father takes his son to live the life with full bloom and excitement and forget the past and live into the present.

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