Top Ten Hot Gift Lists: Movies & Music

In this festive season, the prime importance is to share gifts and that provides absolute merry for the person you share gifts. For some, they did not wait for season time as they see gifts with some sort of ideas and some sort of understanding and the association of happiness.

Tomorrow is Makar Sankranti an auspicious day for all people and especially for people of Odisha the preparation of Makar rice with an add-on of different varieties sweets adding into it making the most vibrant and wonderful made dish ever you experience.

There is the tradition of sharing this to relatives as well as they share with it others and this makes these the most enjoyable aspect of celebrating the festival where the exchange of gifts in any form makes it the most vibrant and most celebrated moments. One needs to find these aspects as well as the formation of ideas the changing nature of ideas of how to share these gifts for the betterment of all of us.

This article is all about sharing gifts of music and movies so in this article from here on we will be discussing in detail about it and how to find these and how to manage this and which gifts are best is to be discussed in detail here.

If the person to whom gift to be made is younger ones then you can think of gifting him the Blue Ray disc of movie ‘Dennis the Menace-1993’ and its Hindi and English versions are available so that ultimately the childish humor of Dennis and ultimately how he able to catch the thief ultimately and in the manner recovers all of that stole from Mr Wilson.

This movie brings about how the innocent Dennis do whatever good but it turns out to be negative for his neighbour Mr Wilson. The manner Dennis make the thief to confess and come back to police for surrender is the gladdest aspect to understand this movie and it provides some of the outstanding batches of ideas and merrymaking and this gift is a great gift if you intended to provide to the young persons.

If you want to gift movie to elder ones and mostly in his or her twenties or thirties then you are going to gift them Blue Ray disc of ‘The Martian 2015’. It is the movies which provide absolute dedication and inspiration and this brings about how to fight when all the odds are against you and how to move ahead in spite of the presence of so many adversities and still, the joy of life is to live and wait for good days to come back.

The Martian is the person who is left behind at Mars by his crew thinking about that he is no more but with Lord’s grace he survives and then the way he cultivated in these alien conditions and continue to live and wait for help from Mars to come and the way he survive and the way he continues with it showcase one of the marvels of the movie and this is one needs to see and enjoy because of its wonderful inspiration coming out from this movie.

Another worth gifting movie is that of ‘Passengers’. It is one of the all-time favourite movies of mine and gifting this movie goes on to show how human beings by nature is social. This movie is about long space journey and in between making human to stay with hibernation so that they will get up before reaching to another planet in another sphere of space and this aspect does provide some of the most outstanding aspects to treat this format of the long space journey.

What if during the course of long sleep, one gets up early and even for rest of life he is to stay inside the space shuttle alone or maybe with robots and knowingly he will not stay still the space shuttle reach to destination planet. The protagonist woke up early knowingly that he is not going to live still the journey finishes and his rest of life is to be within these space shuttle and then this for the first few days makes him feel sick and deserted.

Then he talks with office assistant the robot and then he decides to wake up another person so that he is not going to feel all alone and this creates the story and in between, one finds in detail about how such stage the feeling of robots becomes completely automated.

There is some technical snag in space shuttle that disturbs the prolonged sleep of protagonist and in the end both these persons repair that technical snag successfully otherwise from time to time each of all 400 or more passengers who are in the state of hibernation are going to wake up and that is going to have the disastrous effect on the journey.

Here, I wrote, ”During the course of movies the emotions between Aurora and Jim and the artificial intelligence in excellence between Arthur and Jim and Aurora and difference shades of emotions between Aurora and Jim and when at the climax when Aurora told Jim when he went nearer to vent tube to repair the spacecraft when the heat generated within spaceship reaches to the high danger zone, and the ultimate emotional sentiment between Aurora and Jim proves to be one of the most excellent sagas of love stories ever.

Both Jim and Aurora knew that they will be alone in this ship and for 90 years they will not be going to survive and still they went to repair the spaceship in order to save the life of other passengers and crew members who are at the state of hibernation. This story depicted excellent human relationships and its values and some beautiful emotions which can ever be depicted and when that becomes multifold in the presence of some extra bit of emotions coming out of robots.

During the course of moments when Aurora comes to realize from the Arthur that due to Jim she wakes up early, the hate continues but still the shades of love comes to her again and again and when Jim was outside of spaceship and come to Aurora for the first time to choose between ship and spacecraft the same fear of loneliness comes to her and she realized why Jim had done this to her and the story is with shades of emotions which have been shown by both the main actors in excellent ways and that makes watching the movie glorious.”

From the above discussions, the reader much has smart idea to know about which are the most valuable gifts to persons that will make them feel rejoice and wonderful. One needs to provide such inspirations gifts so that ultimately the smile in the face of persons is going to give a thousand gifts in return.

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