Salt Movie Review

Yesterday I saw a movie namely Salt and the prime character or the protagonist of this movie is Angelina Julie. Her name in this movie is salt and the story of this movie is outstanding. It is a story of about a spy who happens to be CIA agent but still the doubts looms large upon her after an agent of Russia came to CIA all by himself and reveals that she was the spy of Russia. The story of this movie is the prime importance and sometimes at some intervals it feels that, the story might have been bit of confusing but still one feels that the story at some point of time needs to be more clarity with it.

Angelina Julie with her strong character shows that it is not the power that one can overcome as the fighting option but still there is the way Angelina Julie showcase the fighting sequences but still there is some part of refreshing of the scenes as we have been seeing the story of spies in many movies of Hindi and English as most of them are from male character but in movies like Raji in Hindi and Salt of Angelina Julie.

As per media reports the movie is moderately successful and that is why even after almost decade of this movie release still the wait for its second part is awaited and but this does not mean that, movie is so bad but in actual it is a good movie and the entire moves slowly states that whether at any point of time the motion that can Salt be traitor to US or not at some point of time this will showcase, she might have been the double agent but she killed all of her accomplices, but at the other time, one could think that she might have not killed all of them if her husband was not killed by them.

This provides absolute unique level of confusion but still one think that why she not killed the detective even if he was on her gun point and even at last it was proved that she was not intended to kill the detective and even such huge attack of her to kill still the president of Russia in this movie was safe and that proves that she was not double agent. This means that there is another double agent and you will know about it when you see the movie and Salt thinks that in order to remove spies she thinks it is important to remove that actual double agent and she killed the real double agent.

She killed the double agent even if he was the only sole important key for her proof of innocent. She wants to delete and disable all of these elements who are danger to US in this movie and in this process she does not intended to provide the innocence and in this process she does not wish to proof her innocence and this means that she is the real patriot and in the end it was known to the detective the head of security as he finds out that president of Russia is safer, and she does not kill the security chief and all of these heads to let understand the chief of security is that she is not the double agent.

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