Chennai Express Movie Review

It was Sunday, the boring time, due to leave at the office, as far away from home, I was feeling bored at the state of things and I decided to went to market and to have glimpse of what the marketing situations were and what are the items being purchased and how the market is performing in stiff economic times, to have a complete glance of this, I forward my bike and then reach to the famous market there, and try to have the complete glimpse of it and in the process want to have a complete realization of marketing orientation and also planned to have dinner at some reputed restaurant there so that I did not have to worry about preparation of dinner at official residence.

In the meantime, I glanced at cine centre to see what are the movies posted there, and on one of cine centre, I found that it was “Chennai Express”, from the newspaper review, I found that it was a good movie, generally, I did not like the review of electronic media as most of them are deemed to be lacking the depth of subject and in the process though unintentionally it seemed that they were biased but in reality it might not have been to think of it. In the print media, the reviews are positive and excellent, and I did not believe what electronic media are boasting about high-value business as all seemed to be a bit of advertisement.

I decided to watch this movie, if the ticket is available, I went there and within minutes purchased the tickets and then after some time, I entered into there and purchased some snacks and other consumable items so that these could be eaten thoroughly and then I reached to my specified seat guided by cinema hall representative inside. In the meantime at the specified time the movie begins, before it there is the information of sponsors who are promoting this film, there is special thanks to Rajanikanta, the legend of the south film industry and also chief minister of Goa and after it, the story begins.

The film seems to me a bit of “Jab we met” inspired and the only difference here is in the “Jab we met” the lady actor ran out from her home, as she wants to marry some other person and she is from Punjab, north India, in this film the lady actor also feeling similar, and she is from south. Deepika Padukone played a brilliant role in this film, she has single-handedly carried this film on her firm shoulder with a brilliant display of original South Indian acting. She has epitomized the role of South Indian actor and the way she has spelt Hindi has been phenomenal and the way she looks with brighter eye styles has been one of the most wonderful performances throughout the movie. The movie is nice and the storyline is dynamic and it runs within every second, though after intermission for some minutes it seems to be stagnant then it flows with a nice and perfect movement of enjoyable comedy.

This is an entire comedy movie with each second you will find the movement of actors nice and wonderful. In the entire movie, the role of Shahrukh (SRK) can be better, as his expression is not with time and theme of the movie all the time. It seems that he has become slower with his dance movements, perhaps he is on the other side of age and Shahrukh ten years back while dancing and seeing it was an enjoyable entity but now it all seems to be gone as he has become slower. The predominant use of Tamil words in films has been chosen with nice narration so that you will not feel left out from this movie at any point in time at all. With a no-nonsense storyline, the treatment of situations and movie forwarding is brilliant, the way the first meeting of Deepika with SRK reveals has been phenomenal, inspired from DDLJ the great train scene, but this time how it becomes the real worry of helping to ride on trains.

The way Deepika and SRK have been corresponding with each other with broken Hindi verse has been phenomenal and the approach Deepika sings the song is a treat to watch and realization of something special inside the acting talent of her. The chain pulling scene and the immediate actions and reactions followed thereafter gives something important scene situations and the treatment of the scene is being inspired by South Indian movies, the actions and fighting scenes at the end of the movie, is good, but at times, the audience can catch the duplicate in use so editing at the end of movies needs to be properly taken care of. The helpful police officer at the village, and also another village which helps to build the love relationships between Deepika and SRK has been treating to watch, for the first time the author comes to know about the rule, that, there is a temple in the south where the husband used to carry his wife to the top of temple. This film is all about two strangers meeting suddenly owing to their luck and in the process how their luck becomes the tangible asset for both of them and in the end, they marry each other.

The use of common Sanskrit etymology like that of “Kalyan” means marriage and also the common South Indian Hindi speaking has been phenomenal. Though SRK is losing his face value but he tries hard to sustain to show it better and also helps to build the movie to reach its ultimate conclusion and all in this process the entire film is very enjoyable to watch with.

There are many different actors in this movie, probably from the south and they fit with the character and also the movies and this the treatment in this movie has been phenomenal and wonderful. I like two songs in this movie, which is nice and can be listened for some time. As in this era most of the songs have been nasal and for this the author has a stiff time in searching for a nicer song all along, as it is a difficult state of things for Hindi movie industry that still to date melodious songs are lacking all along though there are two good songs in this movie, but both songs are not all time super hits, these are songs that need to be buzzing for some time. The title dialogue song of “Chennai Express” has been phenomenal and it adds to the dynamic and speed of this movie.

All along I rate seven out of ten for this movie, as one point is reduced due to SRK decreasing performance, but that does not mean to say that he is not a good actor, but he is losing his face value rapidly due to age or any other reason, but apart from it his presence within scene is simply phenomenal. The final fight scene between SRK and his competitor is good but adds with some unbelievable hitting scenes, sometimes reminds about how a person can survive after being heated so mercilessly by the opponent, means some are fantasy scenes but the spectator can take it into his confidence. Overall it is a nice movie, complete family entertainment and seems a very good movie after a long time.

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