Black Sea Movie Review

Black Sea movie, is the hidden search for lost treasure in the Black Sea. This movie is about how the intense desire to become rich through some undesired ways still the man forgets that is it the life and death and after that nothing is there.

This is a fictional movie but still, provide enormous intense learning and education for people that one should always stay within themselves.
During the casting of this movie, there is some undesired sequences were during World Ward the submarine filled with gold is attacked and destroyed.

The protagonist of this movie is a submarine pilot and he is removed from his job as in the modern day the work is no different as there is no place for contemporary and traditional sub-marine pilots.

The protagonist of this movie is a submarine pilot and he is removed from his job in the first scene of this movie. Throughout out movie, you could find the roles of actors involved in this search for lost treasure inside the submarine has been brilliant and very practical.

In the process of working with submarine the protagonist lost his family but still, the company removed him with some money and this means he is now jobless, and becoming poorer. Then, the protagonist the name of the character is Robinson wants to find the submarine dipped inside 1941 inside, the Black Sea with full gold.

That submarine is believed to be dipped inside the Black Sea and it is probably, their untracked and Robinson wants to build his team so that they could go deep inside the Black Sea and search for the submarine filled with gold.

They managed to get the submarine from the private party and some Russian crew as the submarine is Russian and they will be moved into the Black Sea secretly.

The roles of all the players out there have been full of practical acting and the way the movie progresses provides the important segment of how the process of life inside the submarine goes on to show the practical aspect of this storytelling.

Finally, the team is now ready and the submarine which is old but still has the power to move into seawater, as well as Robinson, has enough knowledge to take it proper care into the water.

The first task is to repair it as it has not been running for some days and the crew began to work it in its various zones to make it run again. The team has one member who happens to be the agent of the organisation who is adding this secret trip to the Black Sea.

There is only one humour side of this movie when the youngest person in the crew is from cleaner to clean t windows and chimneys of submarines.

Then, Captain Robinson told him about the real truth of the submarine that there are no windows and chimneys inside submarines. That was the prank build on the youngest member and then for some seconds, he becomes the laughing stock out there.

Otherwise, there are more intense scenes inside submarines and at the end of this movie, I do find that more and more intense scenes. At the beginning of this movie, there are three escape suits available, but surprisingly captain Robinson hides those three suits and told all of the crew members that there is no escape suit is there.

The agent of the organisation who helps them to search for lost treasure is a banker but he always denies that he is a banker.

He will be staying with all of them till they return and he is a new to submarines as and when one crew member told him that there are no escape suits, battery is in haphazard condition and then there are some leakages inside diesel engines and turbines but still the location remains untreated so it is like the going to hell.

The banker frightened with it. Crew members jokingly told him that this summarized that we all will die inside the submarine and they laugh at it but the banker is again serious about it.

At one scene they call themselves as penguins as and when they are inside water. They are beautiful but when they are out of the water they struggle to stand and that is why they are inside of water.

Most of these crew members are former work experiences at water, and most of them have loans and they expect to get the good amount of share as the captain Robinson told all of them that the share would be equal with all of the member irrespective of their stature and the banker objects to it as this could lead to killing of one or other member in order to increase their share.

Throughout the movies we saw during some unexpected turn of events while the submarine faces still the determination of captain Robinson while detecting the fault and inspire them to make them believe goes on to prove wonderful acting oriented by the character as well as some of the practical aspect of it and that makes flowing of this story wonderful and the viewers want to see it for some more of time.

Finally, they find the golds and despite repeated argument from the banker that such a huge trail of gold cannot be taken with submarine but the rest of crew including the captain decides to take with them and then the banker told that this mission is supported not but the man which he told them but by the former organization of the crew especially of Robinson works and they want to take the submarine when they reach the shore.

The banker desperately wants to stop taking the gold otherwise all of these crew members would be drowned, and the banker Daniel advice other crew members to kill the main technician and that means that it is now difficult to take the submarine under water.

When the youngest member advised Robinson to go upwards as they all want to live then Captain Robinson becomes worried.

At last submarines leaks water and the crews move here and there as the flow of water into submarines. Due to some subversive activities of the banker the entire submarines are going to sink.

At last, there are two persons who become loyal to the captain finally provides escape suits to two persons but he provides them and Captain Robinson stays inside of water so that these two persons would be out o water.

When the younger member asked how captain Robinson would come out of water he told that inside this tube there is one emergency lever but the other crew member knows that there is nothing that sort and the ending of this movies has been filled with so much contrasts and wonderful events and when the Robinson told the younger member that, he has to live and alive and the emotional moments that come up with this movie in the final phase has been so wonderful and heartwarming that one wants to see it again and again.

The movie ends when another escape suit comes up with gold and photos of Captain Robinson’s family.

This means there is the escape route but he prefers to stay inside the submarine and send the gold instead of escape suit and this provides one of the most memorable moments of the movie and I could not find such endings of any of the movie I have seen so far.

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