Michael Jackson Is Dead: Long Live Michael Jackson

I remember I wrote an article way back on the month of June 2009 about Death of Michael Jackson. The famous rock star who died due to acute intoxication. He died in his own home at Los Angeles. Later on, it was found that Jackson’s death was the cause of homicide, that is a person killing another and his personal physician Murray was held guilty off this and served four years of jail sentences.

Jackson’s sudden death sent ripples among internet users and his song and videos been streamed all the while and internet becomes heavy with users out there.

Dr Murray was released two years prior because of his good behaviour. In the meantime just after his death, Jackson’s body was flown to Los Angeles with a helicopter and three-hour long duration autopsy was conducted which signalled there could have been foul death issues out there.

After the first autopsy, the chief investigator said there was no foul play. In the autopsy, it was concluded that his other major organs including hearts were normal and behaving properly.

However, the total autopsy report was kept private considering the status of Michael Jackson had.

In the first instance, there were no reports of foul play but the health conditions seemingly moving towards normalcy but the findings of so many different types of stress drugs could have been the cause of death.

Los Angeles police department started their probe into this high-profile seemingly so murder case. The drug enforcement agency (DEA) investigate the series of prescribed drugs or medicines to Jackson and they found various types of dissimilarities in it.

This also provides a learning lesson for the entire Los Angeles security department to store all statewide data of prescribed medicines.

All the departments are finding out every possibility of homicide or accidental dose of high medicines and they closely watch all of these developments to reach out conclusions of it.

Authorities open series of entire medical records of Jackso and try to find out any chance of homicide involved with it. Even in this case, there is also the very difficult for authorities to reach out on a conclusion due to the presence of too many drug abuses in the life of this great singer.

After his death, police found several antianxiety agents at his home, and some drugs are unnamed. Even some experts feel that these trends of the drug overdose by personal physicians of famous celebrities need to be stopped in order to save such vital lives. Many intellectuals had called for the state of action after seeing the states of events unto Michael Jackson’s death.

Some physicians who had treated Jackson on earlier occasions have revealed that he wanted stimulates medicines so that he could survive in the vent of demanding stage performances.

He was also using some skin-whitening medicines and that could have provided overdrive in the use of medicines.

It is imminent that the predominant findings of propofol in his home as well as in his blood seemingly suggest that Jackson found difficulties in finding his a good sleep. The use of propofol the powerful anaesthetic agents, which normally in use while in surgery seemingly overdose and that could have been the danger to his life.

It is evident that Jackson’s family was very worried about his health. He had become underweight and lean. It was probably the high dose of use of painkillers that has now slowly shown the sigs of its after effects.

When the first reports of Jackson’s death come to the forefront it was said that he died of cardiac arrest. Such was the strength of Jackson that people wanted to search about it and at the first hand, Google felts that their server probably on the attack of denial of service(DoS) attacks.

Twitter probably crashed. Google in order to stop probable DoS attack it stopped search term related with Michael Jackson.wanted

From these events, the importance of Michael Jackson show Michael Jackson (MJ) is dead and long live Michael Jackson (MJ) is in the minds of his supporters and fans.

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