The Confirmation (2016) Movie Review: The Curious Innocent Mind

The entire movie showcase the relationship between father and son. Eight years Anthony’s parents are separated. He stays with his mother and stepfather. In the weekend Anthony spends time with his father. Clive Owen acted in his father’s role and his character is of alcoholic and he is a carpenter.

During the course of the weekend, Anthony’s father is Walt (Clive Owen) and unfortunately, he comes across many sad states of incidents.

He got one major work on Monday but his tools are stolen. Entire Weekend they got to find the tools and in this process some very humorous and heart-touching series of incidents that not only binds the power of biding between father and son but showcase some of most nice moments in this movie.

This movie touches the heart of audiences and the purity attached with it showcase major principle incidents to cover it in full. The Confirmation is well directed by Bob Nelson and it is about 100 minutes. Every character is related with the presence of protagonist Clive Owen and the misnomer human feelings that revolves all around showcase marvellous generous presentations of series of incidents.

The movie revolves around the power of faith and confessions of eight-year-old and the series of unanswered questions and movement of incidents within it showcase the power of simple role and presentation in this movie. Bob Nelson wrote a beautiful screenplay and his second movie with the similar subject material of relationship between father and son.

Bob Nelson in his first movie Nebraska, where the father is the senior citizen and his son is at forty and the journey of both father and son reveals some unknown facts of his father and it creates bonding between them. In this movie THe Confirmation we saw characteristically silly moments and some of the warm moments while watching this movie.

This movie shows that money is not enough as Walt gave up alcohol and other bad habits in order to meet his son during weekends and still struggling as he could not pay the rent of house and his car becomes out of order. While his carpenter tools are stolen and it needs to be searched and in a midway some no-nonsense approach.

The performance of young actor Jaeden Lieberher is superlative. He stays in the screen predominant of time. His simplicity in answering questions and truthfulness inside of it provides some of the wonderfully crafted direction. In many instances when adults stay in the state of absolute confusions the child verbally right and stay in truthfulness in every situation

The comedy scenes are not flawed but provide much-required senses of humour in these situations. In every scene, there are sub characters which are important for this story to move along and they imprint some of the most vital aspects of storytelling.

The climax of this movie is smooth and what it is intended in accordance with the situation. Finally, Anthony’s mother comes to know about the changes with his ex-husband.

The movie is very pleasant to watch. Most of the scenes provide the feeling of truthfulness and natural. In some dangerous situations while searching for tool both father and son in the weekend faces some tough situations but the absolute carefulness in managing these situations what makes the movie best to be seen.

It provides the realistic moment to tackle some dangerous situations, where one should be honest with the other without any difficulties providing to each other.

Theis movies provide the test of the relationship between father and son and the confirmation and the confession and in between while searching for carpenter tools both father and son pair finds their relationships becoming intimate with each other.

During the course of searching for tools both father and son go through misadventures while meeting many characters sweet and sour to make this movie more cinematography presentable.

The deadbeat dad makes every attempt to be good with his child by discarding alcohol, and bad habits and try to be sincere with his work ethic and try to stay affirmative. Like the movie Nebraska, here in this movie The Confirmation we do see the life of small-town American and way away from the stary delights of intended movies where the majestic life are being cast.

The movie has the backdrop of religion where the eight-year-old could not know what is the confession but in the end, he has many things to confessions and he does it whole-heartedly.

In the end, both father and son learn about both of them and they understood each other, Walt shows some of his finest wooden artwork to his son Anthony and let him try some of it and the vision and the description of the bond between father and son grow with this movie.

He realises his son to understand the hard work that has been there with each and every instrument such as ants, shirts and the people who have done it by giving their labour.

The hard work and the modest value attached with this movie is enormous. It fits into this movie to a considerable extent. Its value becomes more when in an age where every value diminished and the morale of humanity is utterly missing.

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