PRAN – The legend of Hindi Cinema

Pran Krishan Sikand, popularly known as Pran in Hindi cinema world, died after a prolonged illness, last Friday. He received the prestigious “Dada Saheb Phalke” award for his outstanding contribution to Hindi cinema world. He was the best villain of all time.

With his prestigious look towards the audience and stroke-filled dialogue, he delivered an outstanding cinematic appearance for decades. People hate his character but want to see this handsome villain. He used to provide simple characteristic resolutions while at screen acting as a villainous character.

He was famous for movie villain and character actor in Hindi cinema. He was famously known by his short name. He was born into a rich family of old Delhi in February 12th 1920, British India. He died 12th July 2013, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

He was active in Hindi cine industry as a villain and character actor from 1940 to 2007. He was disappointed at not being chosen for “Dada Saheb Phalke” award for many years. His film career is extended 60 years and more.

He was satisfied with his work and he has the peaceful family life. His wife died in earlier this year. He left his three children Arvind, Sunil, Pinky and five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He was a generous, emotional and a noble peer. He was respected by everyone.

His father was a civil engineer and a government civilian contractor for construction of roads and bridges during British India. He was busy with his professional commitments. His mother took responsibility during his childhood days along with his three brothers and a sister.

Married in 1945 to Shukla, he had two sons Arvind and Sunil and one daughter Pinky. Pran was intellect in mathematics. His father has the transferable job and for this Pran’s student career span in different cities of Dehradun. Kapurthala, Meerut, etc.

He passed his matriculation successfully at Rampur. Pran was very social and he loved nature. He started his career learning photography in Lahore. He got his first break in ‘Yamla Jat’ in 1940. In his first photographer assignment, he was posted at Shimla.

There he got a chance to act in “Ram Leela”. There he acted “Sita” and Madan Puri acted as “Ram”, During those times, ladies were hardly reached to act Career. Ladies were not willing to work in movies and dramas as “Sita” in “Ram Leela” there.

He met Walli in Lahore during British India. Walli was a famous diamond-merchant. He was working under Dalsukh Pancholi diamond industry.

He was given his first break by him and he was awarded as the villainous character in Pancholi’s film “Yamila Jat” in 1940. Durga Khote, Noor Jahan was co-actress of him in this movie. The film was a super fabulous success all over throughout British India.

After this movie, he acted in two movies with small characters. In 1942, Pancholli started a movie called “Khandan”. He acted as protagonist character in a romantic mood in this movie. In this movie, he romanced with Noorjahan, 15 years small in height lady actor.

Pran was tall and lanky and for this Noorjahak had to stand upon brick to match the height while acting in romantic scenes in this movie. He signed in 22 films during 1942 to 1946. 18 movies released during 1947 out of 22 movies he had signed into. After independence, his career suffered a jolt due to the pain of partition.

He faced the storm in his career for brief moments. He took the best decision of his life of leaving Lahore and reaching to Mumbai, India along with his wife and three children. He was busy in his movie career in Undivided India (British India).

After independence, Lahore film industry faced the sudden jolt. As most of Hindu movie makers shifted their base according to two nation theory independence accord.

Pran had to completely revive his movie character at a newer place. He reached Mumbai on August 14, 1947, along with his family. He waited for over a month for a break in movies. He was not getting into any form of movie productions.

He worked in a hotel in order to run his family. He worked in Delmar hotel, Marine drive road, Mumbai for eight months. Two of his earlier films done between 1942 to 1946 during undivided India, released in 1951 and 1952 in Pakistan only.

He got a role in the Bombay Talkies film Ziddi as a negative character. Premiere protagonists in this movie are Dev Anand and Kamini Kaushal. This movie became an instant hit and within seven days of the release of “Ziddi,” he had signed three more films.

He had acted as the character actor in many films. People were so involved in his villainous character that they fear their children in the name of Pran to stop them becoming naughty.

He was renowned as the bad man. Later on years, he showed his talent character actors in film Zanjeer and Upkar. He was a versatile actor with all-around capability. He was a true legend in Bollywood movie industry.

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