Advance tips for Google Adsense Optimisation

It is true, the life of a blogger to write down good and meaningful article so as to attract more and more readers engaged with articles so as to make your blog most popular. It is important to create and write the most engaging articles for readers so that ultimately more and more people reach out to my blog.

The second part of a competitive blog continuation is to create and build a strong sense of revenue boosters so as to make your blog most popular. There are so many options are available and out of the one need to choose it from and the other option is to whether such advertising options are there for your or not.

On the first account I applied for Adsense but it is there but after showing the advertising place, the advertisement is not showing and this means what is that perhaps the ad slots is not showing at all, and this makes me think to the finest possible way to change the advertiser so that, the earning possibility of blog could be more.

Every blog does not come free of cost as the cost price of hosting and the domain has been there and in addition, to adding other earning opportunities makes it more and more costly. The search for a good advertising option continues and it has been seen that the good alternative is info links and | One of the largest ad-tech companies worldwide.

For some time bloggers knew about the presence of ads.txt files to be inserted at the root of the server so as to demonstrate advertisers about the standards and the specific advertisements they are using. That is why one needs to use such advertisers who are allowing to show ads.txt files on the root of their server.

It all closes on very few advertising specimens and as I knew it correctly even adding Chitika ads are no not a possibility as I have not seen the presence of ads.txt files on their account and that is why Chitka slowing removing from my preferences advertising choices.

So, I mostly concentrated on | One of the largest ad-tech companies worldwide and then info links. With | One of the largest ad-tech companies worldwide I saw one ad show the multimedia contents and the other two ads only showing the links for advertisements.

After I found the ads.txt files, I conclude that they are providing one multimedia ad from my Google Adsense code and other ads from their own sources.

Now, I am able to know how Adsense ads are displaying as in my case perhaps it is the business to business (B2B) model where one Adsense ad is showing, through | One of the largest ad-tech companies worldwide ad partner. If you are interested in how these advertisements are working then you can go through this link to find out more.

What it makes most interesting to learn is that once there is direct Adsense link it becomes the reseller for other partner accounts. For this | One of the largest ad-tech companies worldwide is the reseller for the same Adsense account as well as it is also the reseller for info links account.

In order to make this perfect, one need to login to Adsense account, and add these partner account such as | One of the largest ad-tech companies worldwide, info links and other options such as Chitka or so.

It is important to add as many accounts as possible so as to find out more and more options and it is not perfect that you could find more and more options of monetization in the times to come till the time you feel that this is or that is yours right options for complete stabilization of blogs.

Before applying for the reseller advertising program it is one of a good ideas to go for, setting of your Adsense account with these partner accounts such as | One of the largest ad-tech companies worldwide, info links, Chitka and it is not the idea to add these accounts which are going for reseller programs but it is a good idea to add as many as advertising partner account possible which Adsense possible so that you do have multiple choice option.

Whether you use those reselling advertising option or not but the important factor is to reconsider how these perform in these situations. Go to Adsense account and then optimization and then opportunities. Here, you can easily set up site authorization to protect your Adsense account from serving ads on unauthorized traffic by declaring domains you want to monetize.

According to Google Adsense, site authorization means:

“Site authorization lets you specify your verified sites as the only sites that are permitted to use your Google ad code. Any ad requests coming from sites that haven’t been verified in your account will not accrue any earnings. If you’re particularly concerned about the malicious use of your ad code by others, you might want to use this feature as a precaution.

In addition to protecting your account, setting up site authorization also allows us to show more relevant information elsewhere in your account.

”If you have multiple sites then you can add and remove from My Sites from Adsense so that any unauthorized sites will not show ads from your account. After verification of your accounts, it is a good idea to apply site authorization by clicking on site authorization blue apply icon.

After applying site authorization,” This will make sure your ad code only serves ads on sites that you have verified.”

It is a good idea to check the opportunities panel from time to time any additional site optimization modules and after applying optimization the message will be,

“Don’t worry, as soon as we discover opportunities that fit your site, we’ll post them – This website is for sale! – Resources and Information. the meantime, try running an experiment to improve the performance of your ad setup.”

Then you will have various opportunities for creating advertising experiments such as adding ad unit settings which experiment with different ad types and text and style settings, then ad balance which strike the right balance between ads and the experience of your site, and finally, allow and block ads, which helps you out to do experiment with different ad serving opt out and categories.

Finally, if your pages are AMP enabled then from labs setting of Adsense enable AMP Auto ads-Text and display which is an

“A great new way to monetize your AMP pages. Switch to this lab to place text and display ads on any AMP page that you’ve tagged with the AMP Auto ad code.”

This will provide two bits of code the first code to be placed inside <head> or header.php from host setting and the second-bit fo code to be placed right after the <body> tag.

This will enable your site to show amp enabled ads whenever your page shows up in terms of amp formats. AMP formats are mobile optimized site formats to speed up web browsing to a considerable extent with mobile and smartphone devices. In a way, you have now been able to earn more with amp enabled pages too.

Slowly, most of the advertisements on your website is optimised and more and more concentrated towards single domain management, and most of this different advertisement options are slowly integrated into single domains to provide services of advertisements options for your site and in a way most of the sites that are being broadcasted, in a single unified manner and that will make your sites to surpass all of these difficulties in terms of advertising management.

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