Mobile Phone Safety Tips

Nowadays the mobile is essential for all of us and it is vital for our life. When ours near and dear ones go for tours outside, then we tend to be assured that he has a mobile and so that we can stay in contact with him all the way throughout his journey. Whenever we feel the absence then we can turn to them and they will contact us immediately.

Nowadays people used to say that everything can be done smoothly with the advent of mobiles as we can contact with each other through it immediately without any such of glitches. So, in short, mobile phones have been attached to us completely without any glitches. In today’s world mobile is the darling of the people. Each sphere of human beings are now connected with mobiles with ease and due to this small device yet essential one, we are now able to connect with many persons with the touch of the keypad.

It is right some years back people ridicule of using mobiles, according to them they are behaving like that of without this nothing cannot be achieved but ultimately this notion changes with time and now people are realizing they are now gaining more with the use of mobiles and with it the essence of mobile is continuous on the rise. It is now part of life but this is also true that mobiles should not be the only carrier that needs to be undertaken as we should be careful of its excessive us usages as we know that excess of anything ultimately going to spoil the use of mobiles. People should aware of the anti-bacterial treatment that mobile is carrying with and also the requisite safety precautions need to be undertaken with time. Mobile users should clean and clear keypads of mobile regularly so that clouds of dust should be cleared from it.

In a recent survey, it is seen that the mobile is dirtier than the toilet seat. It is true as this is discovered by researchers. According to them, each time we use the toilet, we clean it thoroughly but this does not happen in the case of mobiles. On the other hand, after prolonged use of mobiles, we are not going to clean it as for this reason mobiles are dirtier than ever before. With the accumulation of clouds of dust, ultimately, many micro organized bacteria stay there and that could pose possible hazardous situations.

According to researches, the bacteria which causes vomit and lever problem are ten percentages more than that of toilet sheets. This is an alarming and terrifying figure considering that we always use mobiles with hands and that hand also been used to provide food to the mouth. According to Charles from the University of Arizona, who is studying deeply related to this matter said that generally, mobiles phones came into contact with our mouths and hands. When someone lends his mobiles to his friend or relatives then, bacteria that have been there with him also came to him as with use that bacteria stayed with that phone and then it is transmitted to you when you use that phone. So, due to this many diseases transmitted to us and that make us more and more prone to diseases.

On the other hand, mobile phones are electrical gadgets and devices and for this people fear to clean it as they feel it requires professional attention and for this, it should be taken to showrooms and for this it delays and when they have the time, then they take mobiles there to showrooms to clean them. So, in short, it is not our daily routine to clean mobiles and for this mobile becomes dirtier and more and more dust particles accumulated and then it becomes more contagious than one could think of it. So, for this mobile company and telecom regulatory authority of India should caution users about such drastic contagious diseases that have been transmitted here and there.

An apple a day keeps a doctor away, they say but it is still a better idea to refresh and brush up your health statuses so that, you can check your health parameters and other essential health checkups so that ultimately it should not ruin your health. According to British scientists and medical specialists, in cash machines and automate tailoring machines’ board’s many bacteria’s exists and that can put forwards much skin diseases other diseases. They also said that in computer keyboards the percentages dust is higher than that of toilet sheets. It is said that these percentages are five times higher than of toilet sheets.

Many birds and animals many times have been attached with very serious health concerns when they close contact with humans they tend to transmit those diseases. Now scientists opined that when we touch notes that can transmit many diseases unknowingly. As that notes you received, could travel through many routes, and ultimately reached to you. If you receive these notes from vegetable shop owners then that notes could touch many soils and other bacteria and ultimately it will reach you and that can prove to be more hazardous than you ever think of it. It has been seen that Indians when they count notes they tend to touch their finger into tongue so that they can count notes clearly, as the saliva of mouth can help to count the notes clearly.

So, all the bacteria that has been with the notes so far as most of the times if that note is older one then it could have travelled more distances than ever one man could travel off and due to this when you put your finger into your mouth and then return back to the notes the saliva comes into contact with mouth and then diseases transmitted and bacteria transmitted through it and that can create diseases. According to the skin specialist, generally in notes of the denomination of ten, 20, 50 and 100 notes of Indian currency are more prone to diseases as these denominations contain more and more bacteria as these are used more compared to other notes.

In short, it is essential to learn about how to clean your mobiles and also safety precautions while handling of notes so that you should not transmit any diseases that are related to your skin and other health hazards.

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